Bills showing interest in Fred Davis


Although the Redskins don’t seem to think there’s much of a market for free agent tight end Fred Davis, that may not be the case.

In fact, it’s looking like the Bills will be competing with the Redskins for Davis’s services.

Davis had dinner in Washington on Saturday night with Bills head coach Doug Marrone, General Manager Buddy Nix, Director of Player Personnel Doug Whaley and other Bills officials, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. For all the top brass in Buffalo to travel to see Davis, their interest is presumably significant.

The 27-year-old Davis has played his entire career with the Redskins. He was off to a good start last season, with 23 catches for 312 yards in the first six games, before suffering a season-ending Achilles injury in Week Seven.

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  1. Davis is just one toke away from a year long suspension.

    Can you say the words “dead cap space”?

  2. I dont blame him for wanting to leave the Redskins. Having a one legged QB with ol Mikey calling the plays is the definition of a disaster. Then of course, add in the 11 headed defensive monster machine in Philly, and you can see why an exit to the AFC is in hand.

  3. If he leaves, he leaves. 82 played his butt off and I was surprised by the way he played. Paul could have caught the ball better, but I think the Skins will be fine with those two and a draftee. The bad part about all this is every pick in the 2nd round of the Skins draft that year will be gone. WTH is Malcolm Kelly?? HTTR!!

  4. hope you get the contract you want fred! saves us five mil a year, concerns about pot smoking suspensions, and bottle throwing incidents in the club. skins will be fine either way. you were nonexistent last year and we still won the division… so….

  5. I wonder if they aren’t seeing much from his rehab or just rolling the dice. The current batch of TE’s they have were not blowing it up, probably because of the style they ran, but I thought Davis would have more upside if healthy compared to the roster now. Perhaps Paulsen, because of his size is where they want to go with running RGIII as much as they do.

  6. Why sign him when you can draft a guy like Gavin Escobar in the 2nd rd or if you’re lucky maybe even Zach Ertz.

  7. Everyone wants guys who played for the Redskins and especially guys who got to play with RG3. After playing for the Redskins any player is like a star player-coach in one.

    Losing Davis won’t affect the Redskins Super Bowl dominance. HTTR.

  8. “the 11 headed defensive monster machine in Philly” – FlavorDave

    Ha, almost spit my drink all over my laptop on that comment. Good luck with that and enjoy the basement for the next several years.

  9. Fred Davis is a nasty tight end when he’s healthy. I would not be happy to see him on the Bills as a Pats fan, especially if they manage to find a decent QB before the season starts.

  10. Maybe Nix and co. really really wanted a bag of weed and all the guys in Buffalo were dry…

    Seriously, though, I like what Washington has in Logan Paulsen. The stats weren’t there, but he passes the eyeball test like no rookie TE since Jeremy Shockey or Heath Miller. The read-option doesn’t exactly feature huge statistical production out of the TE spot, so it’s hard to judge.

  11. A few teams have ‘kicked the tires’ on Davis because he has talent, but at the end of the day, he’s now damaged goods who also has off-field issues.

  12. I don’t think it’s the same guy I think it’s simply a copy cat, another 35 year old living in his moms basement or a 15 year old with no friends. All are pretty funny tho i must admit lol.

  13. Why must every homer Skins fan end every post with HTTR! Frustrates me to no end. Big whoop, you finally had a good season in the past 10 years, now keep your QB healthy then you can talk.

  14. I would like to keep Fred but if he goes I won’t lose any sleep about it. I would however like to see Peytonsneck18, Flavordave and our own Redskin d-bag Logicalvoice just get together and hug out their issues. Life’s too short to spend half of it on message boards showing how big of an ignorant a$$ you can be.

  15. i would like davis back but he is coming off injury and he is one puff away from a year long suspension. if the skins really wanted him he’d be signed by now. there is alot of talent at TE coming in the draft. its just we have so many needs. S,CB,OT,TE,LB,RB. a TE more like the one in new orleans would be nice. davis makes the catches but he doesn’t do anything special. he is not a gamebreaker. he doesn’t scare anybody. that and his past and what he wants to be paid i think makes him expendible in washington. if he goes to buffalo good luck. who’s the QB there? they can probally pay him what he wants but he’d win more in washington.

  16. Paulsen is a budding star, would be nice to have Fragile Fred 2.0 as he is basically a large WR but expendable nonetheless given his cap hit, injury history, and off the field antics. When you become that trifecta it is time to explore your options. Logan was an absolute beast and clutch during “the run.” The Bills need to stop being the old version of the Redskins and signing people base on their name. That Mario deal was genius, really turned around the franchise. Maybe that should hire Kelly and Thomas to see if they could replicate what was happening back then.

  17. I’d like to have Davis back, but not if we have to compete for him. He’s 27, and coming off a torn Achilles. If the Skins can get him for a bargain then great.

    With Logan and Niles the Skins have pretty good blocking at TE. I wouldn’t mind if they took a long hard look at that kid Escobar coming out of San Diego St. in the draft. That kid looks legit as far as an athletic pass catching TE.

  18. I know that Davis can ball, but will he be another injury-prone player after joining the Bills? (ex. Merriman)
    There is a couple of real promising TE’s that will be available from rounds 1-3 in this years draft.

  19. Well, its obvious the Bills are drafting a QB. The best way to make him successful is to give him as many weapons as possible. Top that off with a solid O-Line (even without Levite) and two RB’s (one possibly being a superstar) is a good move. I like it.

  20. All these free agents have “issues” or “if’s and but’s”. He’s the right age (27), been productive and if he keeps his nose clean could be a real nice addition. You have Stevie, draft Patterson at 8, draft your QB with your 2nd round pick (or trade back into the 1st), you have Spiller now add Davis. You “could”, very quickly, get better.

    I like the Bills approach this year, methodical, grab some pieces on the cheap and plug some holes.

  21. logicailvoicesays says:
    Mar 24, 2013 1:18 PM
    “Everyone wants guys who played for the Redskins and especially guys who got to play with RG3. After playing for the Redskins any player is like a star player-coach in one.

    Losing Davis won’t affect the Redskins Super Bowl dominance. HTTR.”

    “Redskins Superbowl Dominance?”Are you kidding me? Dont get me wrong, I’m not a fan of any NFC East team; actually, the Redskins are my favorite in that division. However, you’re team barely made the playoffs last year and you’re talking about the Superbowl. You guys haven’t added a soul in free agency because you can’t afford to with the cap penalties. Who knows when RGIII will actually be back. Even, if he does, he’s young and inexperienced; there’s a good chance that he didn’t learn from his mistake and his style of play could end up ending his career before it even has gotten start. What makes you think they are going to do any better this year?

  22. No cap space + no first round draft pick + the pistol offense = doom for the 2013/2014 season. The contenders in the league just somehow manage themselves better. I’m hoping the redskin’s brain trust can find an A+ draft grade rating.

  23. Shanahan says “you’d love to have a guy like Davis”, but you’d have to think the cap penalty is going to make that impractical.

    They’ll have to roll with Paulsen, Paul, and maybe Cooley this season, which didn’t work out so terribly bad last season.

    They may draft a TE this year, but I wouldn’t expect it to be in the 2nd or 3rd round.

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