Broncos facing trust issues in aftermath of Dumervil debacle

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The Broncos have now officially lost defensive end Elvis Dumervil.  In the eyes of some in the agent community, they’ve also lost something far less tangible.

“I don’t trust them,” said one agent who requested anonymity because the agent will be dealing with the Broncos going forward.

While the cutthroat nature of the agent industry prompts few to ever feel compassion for a competitor, the thinking is that the Broncos steamrollered the career of Marty Magid, who already has a limited collection of client and who now will have a very hard time recruiting more of them.

While it’s easy to blame Magid for the glitch that resulted in Dumervil’s reduced deal being scrapped and his existing contract being terminated, the Broncos share responsibility for letting the issue linger until the last minute.  And if, as Magid has claimed, the Broncos changed terms of the final draft on Friday, March 15, the Broncos bear even more of the blame for knocking the eleventh-hour effort to revise the deal off the rails.

Then, after the existing contract was scrapped, the Broncos reduced the offer that had been on the table, pointing to the fact that termination of the prior contract resulted in a cap acceleration.  However, given that the acceleration came from future cap dollars hitting the bottom line now, the problem easily could have been fixed by pushing more of the 2013 payment under the new deal into future cap years.

Or, if necessary, finding a way to artificially reduce the $20 million cap number assigned to quarterback Peyton Manning.  (Since Dumervil and Manning are both represented by CAA, that would have been easy to accomplish.)

The truth could be that the Broncos realized that the reduced contract was still more than they needed to pay Dumervil.  If so, they guessed wrong, because the Ravens (who were outbid for the likes of Paul Kruger, Anquan Boldin, Ed Reed, and Dannell Ellerbe) were willing to pay Dumervil more than Denver.

Regardless, agents will now be more careful when dealing with the Broncos.

“I will read documents from them 10 times,” the agent said.

That won’t help Marty Magid, but it could keep others from suffering the same fate.

41 responses to “Broncos facing trust issues in aftermath of Dumervil debacle

  1. Broncos had no “trust” to lose after the Tebow debacle. Elway did everything he could to undermine Tebow once he got his horse head wedged into the barn door in Denver.

  2. How were the Ravens outbid for Boldin??? They traded an existing contract.

  3. Why did Dumervil fire Magid if it was the Broncos that did this? Seems like he’d have been mad at the Broncos and not his agent if it were their fault. And your assertion that they share blame for waiting til the last second, do some research, the Broncos set a deadline and told him to shop around to see if he could find a better deal. Dumervil initially said to cut him, so they started getting the paperwork ready to do so, then he realized he couldn’t find a better deal so HE waited til the last second to call them and agree to the revised contract.

    I haven’t seen anything to indicate the Broncos did anything wrong, and to take an agents quote on this, come on, what do you think he’s gonna do? He’s going to back another agent. And we all know sports agents are the most honest bunch, right? (Sarcasm)

  4. Folks, I have to say it, “what do you expect from John Elway” who will do anything and everything to get what he wants? Dumerville is a quality player, old but not out, and Elway wanted a “younger” man. Shame on Elway and the Broncos.

  5. @obxlegends . . . They were. Someone else was willing to pay Boldin $6 million when the Ravens weren’t.

  6. The truth could be that the Broncos realized that the reduced contract was still more than they needed to pay Dumervil. If so, they guessed wrong, because the Ravens (who were outbid for the likes of Paul Kruger, Anquan Boldin, Ed Reed, and Dannell Ellerbe) were willing to pay Dumervil more than Denver.


    Don’t see how the Ravens were outbid for Boldin and Kruger. They traded Boldin away willingly and let Kruger walk away.

  7. Look… Dumervil went “Betty” on us. Couldn’t get past his “feelings” and pulled a b*tch move. Revenge was what he was after, never the money. It’s all on Elvis and he dragged his former guy through it. Spoiled child.

  8. Couldn’t disagree with this agent more. Since Elway took over football operations he has ran it as a first class organization. Elvis is to blame with this whole situation, he missed the deadline and screwed up. I wish we still had him but it is what it is. We will move on.

  9. Florio that’s awful logic. you can’t bid on something you already own. they got rid of him by trade instead of cutting him. he was gone either way.

  10. On the surface without first hand details of the negotiations it seems to me Magid should have advised his client to wrap the deal earlier that week rather than waiting to the deadline & putting himself in a bad position to have to manage anything unexpected, in this case alledged 11th hr shennanigans by the Broncos. It looks as if he played chicken and lost.

  11. There is no way a reasonable person can lay any of the blame on the Broncos. Dumervil waited too long and his agent picked a bad time to be incompetent/inefficient. The accelerated cap hit can be modified with a new deal but no matter what it still hurt the team. The Broncos even asked the NFL to honor the agreed upon contract and the request was denied. IMHO, the agent and/or Dumervil tried to set up a future lawsuit to recoup full value of the previous contract. The Broncos/league did not act with malice or stupidity.

  12. Thought the headline meant players would have trust issues with the Bronco Organization. The fact that agents don’t trust them is fine. The business agent should be diligent and read the paperwork.

  13. All this from an “Anonymous” Agent. Yeah, really credible. Florio can spin it any way he want but the finger of blame will always point to Elvis and his 2nd tier agent. They are the ones who missed a reasonable deadline, and the agent was fired because of it.
    The Broncos will be just fine. Elvis’ slot will be filled quite well by either Freeny or Abraham. Dumervil will be stuck with a team that’s been decimated and has an overpaid non-elite quarterback. The Broncos may well go undefeated next year and the Ravens will go 8-8. Good luck with that Elvis.

  14. Ravens let Kruger walk with a low offer knowing that he’d be gone. Reed we offered chump change knowing he’s be gone unless he wanted to play out his career in Baltimore. Q got traded. Cary Williams didn’t get an offer. I can MAYBE give you Ellerbe. That’s it for being outbid.

  15. Gotta love people still harping on the Tebow situation, let it go! Whether it was Manning or Kyle Boller there was zero chance that he was going to come back as the starting QB of the Broncos. And based on how many snaps he got as a QB with the Jets (where he couldn’t beat out Mark Sanchez!) that pretty much tells you what his future is as a QB in the NFL.

    This whole article is based on an assumption thats made from one quote from an “unnamed” agent, who could be Marty Magid himself. Based on the fact that Dummervil immediately fired that agent and continued to negotiate with the Broncos couldn’t one safely assume that it wasn’t the Broncos who made the mistake here?

  16. This story is hysterical.

    I don’t know what’s more funny- this agent saying this nonsense with a straight face as if right up to this point, agents and teams always trusted each other implicitly and now the Broncos have forever destroyed this beautiful relationship built upon the mutual trust and admiration the two sides have always felt for each other. Or the fact that you ate it hook, line and sinker, and reported it without a scintilla of skepticism.

    I don’t know who this agent is, but I am sure this clients would be happy to hear that from NOW ON, because of this travesty, he’s actually going to be careful when dealing with teams.

  17. Like Norm said – “It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and I’m wearing milk-bone underwear.” Of course Magid will blame the Broncos to whoever will listen, but the fact that Dumervil fired him speaks volumes about what actually happened. Truth is, while I’m sad to see Elvis go, as of this year he was in serious decline as an every-down player, which is why he needed to take a paycut. Of course the Ravens will give him more “love” — what do you expect? The money was similar, but in the end Elvis’ ego wouldn’t be able to take coming back to Denver.

  18. Most sports agents are people with law backgrounds, just like Florio. Who do you think he’s gonna side with?

  19. Elway ran car dealerships so you can take it from there. He publicly complained about Elvis’s contract and called it :”out of wack “. He disrespected Dumervil in a public forum. This entire debacle is on (look at my suit) Elway.

  20. What is Elway’s address?
    I want to send him a gold plated fax machine. It doesn’t work any better than the old one, but is worth a million dollars.

  21. I am think Rahim Morris has snuck into the Bronco’s front office. I forget, how much does Rahim Morris count against the salary cap of the Ravens? That guy is worth every penny.

  22. Sad thing is..Broncos are paying Dumervil almost as much as the Ravens are this year. I hope Dumervil repays that debt on Manning.

  23. John Elway is a slime spot next too a river. He set up Dumervil from day one. what was his words? Dumervil’s contract is out of whack
    then he tried to rob the man. The players shouldnt trust Elway and they should get out of there the first chance they get.

  24. My fondest dream is that one day Elway drafts some snot-nosed punk who refuses to play for the Broncos.

  25. Here it’s where the blame lies: 50/50 John Elway/ Elvis Dumervil. Agent represents player, and gets compensated between 12-20%, so, lets call it 10% of Elvis’ half falls on him. Ok, heres what happened: elway been looking to oust him cuz of the money (see- All The Freakin Time, NFL) Thought he was gonna be able to close this deal like a used truck at his dealership. When negotiating time came, Elvis wanted book value for his services, but john was offering far less. While john was explaining about how gas prices are so high, after of course delivering an ultimatum,saying this is what we can spend on Elvis, he drove down the road to the other dealer, the one that paid top dollar for the trade in. meanwhile, elvis simply could have said yes at any given point. The offer was there, its one of two choices, yes or no. poor agent right? Not a chance, a GOOD agent would have been very capable and successful in buying a little time, and/or greasing the wheels on both sides.
    What does this all mean???………nothing really. I mean ya, good player, but, ummmm, eh? I doubt the broncos win total this year will be affected. And I don’t see the ravens super bowl odds changing any after the addition. Oh, and the agent? Ya, don’t worry about him so much, doesn’t seem to be the type with a mortgage or anything.

  26. How is Dumervil the loser in all this?

    He gets a big new deal with the Ravens and the Bronco’s get schit on a stick.

    This is all on horse face, John Elway.

  27. I fail to see how this was Denvers fault. They set a clear deadline as to when they had to hear back from the agent and the agent didn’t comply in time. If a professional sports agent can’t read a contract over (adjusted or not) in that amount of time he shouldn’t be an agent. As for Dumervils contract what we offered him was actually more (long term) then what Baltimore gave him (Even with insentives) . You can say he’s a gonna make a trillion dollars over 5 years but in reality it’s only the first 2-3 that are going to matter.

  28. Why is everyone assuming that this isn’t what Elvis wanted to happen in the first place?

    He didn’t want to be in Denver because he thought they were low-balling him. He was ticked at his agent because he didn’t think he was getting him the best deal, so he let this happen.

    Now he can let everyone beat on the Broncos and his agent, while he collects a bigger paycheck on the Ravens.

    It seems to me that Elvis made out pretty good.

  29. Elvis will be bummed when the Broncos hoist the Lombardi next year… jumped ship a couple years too soon .
    but he will continue to be a beast on the field for the ravens

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