Bucs hope to wipe out opponents’ big pass plays

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The Buccaneers struggled last year on defense, especially in the secondary.  And, as Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times explains it, coach Greg Schiano takes that personally.

Schiano got his NFL start as the defensive backs coach in Chicago, but in his first year as a head coach Schiano’s team nearly set the league record for passing yards allowed in a season.  Included in that total were 69 completions of at least 20 yards and 11 of more than 50.

The big pass plays, those are killers,” Schiano said, via Stroud.  “They not only affect the game, but they affect the momentum of the game.  When you’re at home, it sucks the life out of your crowd, and when you’re on the road, it ignites the crowd.

“Some of the changes we made are the result of people not doing things exactly how we wanted them done. We did make a staff change,” Schiano said, regarding the departure of defensive backs coach Ron Cooper.  “I’m not going to duck that. . . .  It’s even more frustrating for me because that’s supposed to be your area of expertise.”

The Buccaneers have added safety Dashon Goldson via free agency, and they continue to be in the hunt for Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.  Goldson and Mark Barron have similar styles, and that’s fine with Schiano.

“It doesn’t matter to me,” Schiano said. “We’re actually an interchangeable safety defense.  So there’s not really a cover guy and a box guy.”

The ultimate cover guy — Revis — would pump up the secondary considerably.  And it could make the Buccaneers major players in the NFC South.  Even if, in the end, the Bucs don’t have a spot in the lineup for future Hall of Famer Ronde Barber.

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  1. Goldson isn’t that good. Revis is but he’s just one guy. Where is the pass rush going to come from? Bowers and Clayborn are totally unproven. They let their top sack guy walk away and he didn’t get much $ yet the Bucs still are $25m under the cap. Typical Glazers. Julio, Roddy, Colston, Smith and company will again thrash these guys.

  2. Believe me, even with Revis, the Bucs will have a spot for Ronde Barber in 2013. It might be playing nickel CB instead of safety, but the secondary can use all the help it can get.

    Currently the Bucs have two good backup CBs in Leonard Johnson and Anthony Gaitor. Young guys with some promise, but emphasis on ‘backup’. Their current best corner is an Adderal addled clown who just voided his ludicrously overpriced contract midway through his first year on the team. I’m not even typing his name out because he’ll be out of work by the end of the draft.

    The additional of Goldson is nice. I don’t even care if he’s overpaid because 1. It’s not my money and 2. The Bucs tend to be able to structure large contracts in a team friendly way that allows them to be active for a marquee free agent, hence their inclusion in the Revis rumors.

    If post draft the Bucs can come away with a starting secondary that includes Goldson, Barron, Revis, rookie CB or Grimes and Barber with Johnson and Gaitor to provide depth, the team will be significantly improved. Remember, the Bucs had the best rush defense in the NFL and it wasn’t just because they had the worst passing defense. Added balance to the defense should help the offense be more consistent (Josh Freeman).

    Regardless of what happens, Tampa can’t go into the season with their top three corners being Johnson, Gaitor and Gorrer or else they’ll be in trouble.

  3. Schiano is a good coach. He will have the Buc’s competitive shortly. Just don’t overpay for Revis, because that would really screw them.

  4. If Ronde comes back he’ll be the nickle corner, working the slot and blitzing. It’s always been his best position anyway. And as much as offenses go three-wide anymore, it’ll almost be like starting.

    Goldson was a good signing, I guess, but we really need at least one corner. I think the Bucs are waiting for the price to come down on either Revis or Brent Grimes but I hope they don’t wait too long and lose both.

  5. Ronde has been great for the Bucs but he is one of those called “future hall of famers” that i think is a bit pre-mature. I would give it to him, but i don’t think it’s a lock.

  6. Wasnt it Red that said “hope” is a dangerous thing. Hope kills. And so will Chip Kellys 11 headed offensive monster machine tour 2013. Good luck stopping that thing. I feel for you guys. Really I do. But its a comin and theres simply nothing that you can do about it.

  7. damayan5, he is a lock. If you look at his total stats, you will see he has done things no one else has.

    As to REVIS…the Bucs don’t want him. They made a low-ball offer and have no budged since. All the Jets have gotten are low-ball offers…the Bucs were just the best of them.

    The Bucs don’t expect to get Revis. They expect to go for CBs in the draft. This is the same team that took two DTs in 1st and 2nd round one year, and two DEs the next year. It is not a stretch to say they will take two CBs this year. (though I think it will be a DT somewhere in hte 1st three rounds).

  8. Goldson isn’t that good? Lol he was an all pro. Typical Glazers? Do you forget what they did last year? We are paying for the people who actually deserve to be paid. Sure there are a lot of players we could just spend money on but that wouldn’t help us. Go back to playing Madden and act like you know what you are talking about

  9. And if the Jets really wanted to trade Revis they would allow the Bucs to talk to him at least…maybe work out a new contract ahead of time. He is going nowhere.

  10. This is annoying me now. Dom surely has a plan. Right? You just can’t walk away with one guy (i.e. Koenen) again. How about just signing Nnamdi and Winfield to 2 or 3 year deals? (We know contract lengths don’t matter since they can be cut anytime). Then draft a few CB’s and let the two vets band aid us into a new generation of solid secondary?

  11. If they dive at their opponents knees on the last play of the game, that should fix it.

  12. Whew!!! Had me shaking in my boots there for a second. I am sure glad that we are a running team first. Lynch, Turbin, Harvin. Yep, we’re all set. But don’t let that stop you, Mr. Schiano. You keep looking for them passes.

  13. Note the key word in Florio’s headline> HOPE. From my chair the outcry is deafening……Bucs need more than hope. We need football players who want to do more than play and win, they must want to crush, take no prisoners, run up every score. NOW!

  14. And our current plan to do that is:

    Pass rush with a guy coming off a season ending injury(Clayborn) and a guy with a degenerative knee and facing gun charges(Bowers).

    Desperately hoping we get Revis and also hoping that we get a CB that we don’t have to reach on AND that he’s instantly ready to play…otherwise, we get to trot out Eric Wright and Leonard Johnson.

    Yeah, it might be a decent time to form a backup plan, Dominik…

  15. [[ Typical Glazers? Do you forget what they did last year? ]]

    Came in way under the cap just as they have for the better part of a decade now?

    Oh I know … we signed three free agents. Our spending spree had us dubbed “the dream team” and we got national attention for our free spending ways. Or we just did what almost every team in the league does every now and again which is sign a big money free agent or two. Cue Chris Rock … you can’t get credit for the things you are supposed to do!

    Despite that great accomplishment we still somehow ended up with more cap room than anyone else. Again. We’ve had the most (or close to it) cap room for the last eight or so years.

    I know. They have a plan. They’ll spend when the time is right. Fortunately for them they’ve hired people unable to get us to the point where we “need” to spend money.

    I wonder if you jokers will still be defending them after twenty years of not spending any money. Ten years apparently isn’t enough.

    If the Glazers owned a team in NYC the national media would be all over them for being lousy owners (which they have been since we won the SB over ten years ago). Malcolm cared about the Bucs; his kids prefer Man U.

    By the way I used to argue with people like you 3-4 years ago. You all said it was temporary and there was no way we’d have the most cap room by 2012 or 2013. Well guess what? We do. What’s the new excuse? Wait until 2016? At what point do you admit maybe they don’t care about the Bucs?

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