Marshawn Lynch makes surprise appearance at Cal spring game

There was a familiar sight at Cal’s spring game on Saturday.

A running back wearing No. 10 went around the right side of the line and sprinted 22 yards for a touchdown, calling to mind memories of when Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch wore that number in Berkeley. As it turns out, it was more than memory.

It was actually Lynch, who took part in his alma mater’s scrimmage for one play as a way to give the fans watching the game an unexpected surprise. Lynch had spoken to the school about taking part and new head coach Sonny Dykes agreed to a plan involving a carry for Lynch. He made sure his team understood that they were to keep their distance from Lynch so that Dykes didn’t have to explain an injury to Pete Carroll.

“We told the guys if anybody tackled him, it was going to be a $25 million fine,” Dykes said, via the San Jose Mercury News. “I didn’t want to be getting a call from Pete.”

Lynch told the Associated Press that he was hopeful that Dykes and the new staff at Cal would be able to get the program “back into what it was when I was here.” It would help if they could uncover more backs like Lynch, even if they aren’t also adept at driving golf carts after games.

Photo via @calbearsonline.

13 responses to “Marshawn Lynch makes surprise appearance at Cal spring game

  1. And Seahawk fans everywhere declared that this TD was clear evidence that Seattle was the dominant team in the NFL for the next 10 years and a shoe in for the Lombardi trophe next season…

  2. I think it’s great when NFL players stay connected to their alma mater and this was an awesome way for Beast Mode to make an appearance.

  3. Haha Seattle fans act like they won something… He is a beast I really wish that marshawn played for a team that wasn’t the wack SEAHAWKS!!! I loved watching him at cal…but I Hate the SEAHAWKS so that killed it for me ever since he went there…

  4. Lynch has been an awesome player since coming and is very reserved personality. Doesn’t even talk to media and I don’t blame him. Mike Rob gets him on camera and its always funny. 49er fans complain about Seahawk fans but they are the ones polluting our forums every time. I remember they were talking trash before we played them at Century Link giving their classic “We’re going to smash them” lines. After the game was done they were nowhere to be found. Same as 2000-2009 I don’t even remember there being many fans. Guess the bandwagon is riding full after 2 descent years. We will check how many jump off this year after Seahawks & Rams jump ahead of them in division.

  5. Your welcome Marshawn, for the bountiful Skittles endorsement you received, thanks to our embarrassing excuse for a defense.

    Every Philadelphia Eagles fan ever.

    Such a beast. Love watching this guy run the ball.

  6. I find it hilarious that the “life long” Seahawk fans come creeping out of the post Russell Wilson/Pete Carroll woodwork to call out bandwagon 49er fans. The only team in that division without fair weather fans is St Louis because there hasn’t been any fair weather since the Greatest Show on Turf.

  7. That guy is the reason why coordinators wont ‘figure out’ the read option, at least not for the ‘Hawks. Go ahead and send your D-end after Russell Wilson, and he’ll hand the ball off to Lynch who will then trample the secondary. Not a good plan.

    Niner fan BTW.

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