Mercury Morris rooting for Heat, says there’s work left to do

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The Miami Heat, who haven’t lost since before Super Bowl XLVII, are drawing ever closer to the Los Angeles Lakers’  record 33-game winning streak.

Recently, Heat star LeBron James, in talking about the mutual respect between some of the members of that Lakers team and the 2012-13 Heat, referenced the propensity of Mercury Morris — a member of the Miami Dolphins’ undefeated 1972 team — to be, well, not quite welcoming of other NFL teams trying to run the table themselves.

“I just appreciate the history,” James told “I appreciate guys like Jerry West and Elgin Baylor and all those unbelievable guys who paved the way. For them to say they’re pulling for us to get the streak, I think that’s cool. When you read stuff like that, it’s cool. Guys like Mercury Morris, when you read stuff like that, I think that’s crazy.”

Per Fox Sports Florida, James recalled Morris talking about the 2007 Patriots.

“He was saying, ‘Don’t step on my lawn’ and all that crazy stuff,’ ” James said, according to the Fox story.

Morris, for his part, told Fox Sports Florida’s Chris Tomasson that he is rooting for the Heat.

“I hope they break the record,” Morris said.

That said, Morris also expressed some familiar sentiments.

“As far as LeBron bringing me up, hey, you tell him, ‘Don’t call me when you’re in my town. Call me when you’re on my freaking block,” Morris told Fox Sports Florida.

Morris noted that the Heat aren’t quite to 33 games just yet.

“I would say logistically they’ve come into town and they’ve got several blocks to go. As a matter of fact, I think about eight or nine blocks to go,” Morris told Tomasson. ” But when they get to 30, they’ll be in the neighborhood. And when they get to 31, they’ll be on the block. But I ask the question, ‘Will they be parking?’’’

The Heat had a 25-game winning streak entering Sunday evening’s game against Charlotte, which has the NBA’s worst record.

25 responses to “Mercury Morris rooting for Heat, says there’s work left to do

  1. Did Morris add “They have already lost as many games as we won that year when we didn’t lose at all”?

  2. And wait….where does Mercury get off analyzing whether they are “on the block” or not, when aside from Lebron making fun of him, he has no connection to the Heat, the Lakers, the NBA or the story?

  3. “Now, they might already be a couple blocks away, just stopping by a drive-through for some fast food, but will the employee get their order correct?” Morris elaborated. “And did they consider taking the street with a round-about so they could avoid the traffic at the 4-way stop? And if my neighbors are having a party when they get to my street, they might have to park down the road, so hopefully they don’t block anyone’s driveway because my neighbors will have them towed.”

  4. is this dude named after the Roman god or the metal?

    My guess is the metal cuz he’s mad as a hatter!

  5. I live in the northeast, and I’m also rooting for some Heat. These temperatures are ridiculous!!!!

  6. “Lebron James will win more championships than Mercury Morris.”

    Sure. He plays in a league with no parity.

    Must be fun to be an NBA fan – going into each and every season knowing there’s maybe three teams who actually have a shot at a championship.

    Can’t imagine working in an executive position in that hellish league.

    Sport isn’t even great anyway. There’s no point in watching a basketball game until the 4th quarter, and enjoy the one minute of ball that takes twenty minutes to play with TV timeouts every other second. End rant.

  7. Did they post this on the wrong site? What does this have to do with pro football?

  8. You can tell when it’s that slow time of the year in the NFL. They start interviewing Mercury Morris about basketball.

  9. Hey nepatriots128154 Morris was no where near mediocre. Look up the career stats. Find some video of Morris abusing the patriots in the early 70s, who were also no where near mediocre.

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