Patriots agree to deal with Sebastian Vollmer


With the tackle market slow to develop, the Patriots have finally reached a deal with one of their own.

According to Field Yates of, the Patriots have agreed to a contract with right tackle Sebastian Vollmer.

Vollmer’s signing could shake something loose for Cincinnati’s Andre Smith, as the two right tackles seemed to be stuck after Jake Long reached a deal with the Rams.

Volllmer’s back issues have been a concern, but the Patriots must be convinced he’s well, and now they’ve got their entire starting line under wraps for next season.

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  1. Nice, this guy may not be a Pro-Bowler, but if not he’s at the top of the next level. Really didn’t want to see them plug in MCannon there, or EWinston on a retirement contract.

  2. @ty46

    If the player took the offer before him and he did not receive a better offer he is getting paid his apparent market value.

    Otherwise, keep pushing the myth players are underpaid in New England. The team is required to spend 95% of the cap value like all teams and at the start of free agency they were $10 million below the $123 million salary cap.

    It’s funny how the whole ‘players are underpaid in New England’ got traction when stated by a bitter Lawyer Milloy so many years ago. In the end when people sign with the Patriots they are making the choice to put their name to the offered contract and considering they spend to the cap limit every year it seems to me the salary dollars are being paid out.

    Still, why let the facts get in the way of a good myth.

  3. How can he be underpaid if he was a free agent and no one wanted to give him a big deal? He was given an offer and he signed it. Hes paid what the market says hes worth right now.

  4. tedmurph says:
    Mar 24, 2013 11:42 AM
    Nice, this guy may not be a Pro-Bowler, but if not he’s at the top of the next level. Really didn’t want to see them plug in MCannon there, or EWinston on a retirement contract.
    Amen. As a tackle, Cannon is a really good guard.
    Welcome back, Seabass.

  5. That “Patriots are cheap” thing is getting ridiculous, like most serious teams they will spend all the money the salary cap allow them to do. What do you expect them to do? Pay their players extra-money under the table? I guess that would make the same haters proclaim that the Pats are cheating again!
    Haters are gonna hate no matter what, and the Pats are gonna win anyway.

  6. The Pats also pay their practice squad players above average. Coach likes to have quality in reserve.

  7. Nice, this guy may not be a Pro-Bowler, but if not he’s at the top of the next level. Really didn’t want to see them plug in MCannon there, or EWinston on a retirement contract.
    I love O-line play and have watched every snap of Vollmer’s career. He is a probowl player without and doubt in my mind. He’s the best RT the Pats have had in at least the last 15 years. He does have an injury history which is why he was not paid at the top level at his position, but if you look solely at his play he’s outstanding! Agree with Cannon, will make a very good guard because of his mauling ability but is not a good RT.

  8. fanfrommontreal says:Mar 24, 2013 12:27 PM

    That “Patriots are cheap” thing is getting ridiculous,
    The people that think the Pats are cheap blatantly ignore that the Pats have paid Wilfork, Mankins, Brady, Gronk, Mayo, & Hernandez to some of the most lucrative contracts with respect to their positions. I guess they want the Pats to be frivolous with their money like the Cowboys & Jets, because spending money un-wisely and missing the playoffs is better spending smartly and winning close to an average of 12 games per season for the last 12 years.

  9. @wrenches2pipes so true. I remember one time they payed one of their practice squaders a full 6 figure salary to make sure he leave for another team. I think it was the guard Brandon Gorin.

  10. Hugely under rated tackle and the lone remaining bright spot of the Pats 2009 draft. This allows them to put Cannon on the inside and they don’t have to prioritize an interior lineman in the draft. Solder-Mankins-Wendell-Cannon-Vollmer… another year of Brady nice and lonely in the pocket. Love it.

  11. patriot haters aren’t smart enough to know the difference between cheap and frugal, probably because their team hasn’t been consistently winning for the last 12 years.

    don’t they know a team is measured by how much they’re hated? The more hate, the more great.

  12. Not a Pats fan, but about this whole cheap business.

    How many of you have watched teams overspend on talent and not even remain closely competitive over the last few years.

  13. Instead of flapping your lips. Please name one underplayed player on the pats other then Tom Brady who restructured his contract to help the team.

  14. Instead of flapping your lips. Please name one underpayed player on the pats other then Tom Brady who restructured his contract to help the team.

  15. If he stays healthy, they got back a Top 3 RT who can play LT when needed to. A bunch of injury-prone signings this offseason, but could pay off big time.

  16. hehateme2 says: Mar 24, 2013 12:47 PM

    “Pats ARE cheap. Get over it already.”

    Would you dare an explanation, Sir?
    The Pats are not cheap, talk is cheap.

  17. Umm excuse me Andre Smith it would be nice if you could sign in the next 2-3 days instead of letting your agent push you to the back burner.

  18. I love the “Pats are so cheap” argument like they’re ruining players lives! May be they should dish out huge contracts to FA and players just like Buffalo, Dallas, Washington, Miami, etc. Because it’s worked oh so well for those clubs!

  19. Sure the Pats underpay some players, it’s good business. Kudos to them for finding guys like Welker or Ryan Wendell and getting them on the cheap. Even players like Gronk or Hernandez may be viewed as underpaid by the end of their contract. The trick is to not OVERPAY, even if you let a veteran walk a yr early, or really like a FA. The Pats aren’t gonna overpay an aging, fan favorite veteran or reward a guy for being underpaid in previous yrs. They spend close to the cap every yr and acquire a lot of middle class depth. That way when injuries inevitably happen, they have players to plug in, unlike say the top heavy Colts a few yrs ago, that tanked after several injuries to key players. Or the Jets. LMilloy came off a yr where he hadn’t made any plays, was making big money and didn’t want to take a pay cut. So, they cut him and signed RHarrison off the scrap heap. Did Milloy really do much after the Pats let him go? The Pats are great at this, as well as finding cheap, UFA talent to develop. Their top players are still amongst the highest paid in the league at their positions.

  20. don’t they know a team is measured by how much they’re hated? The more hate, the more great.
    Red Sox are great then? Sorry I can’t stop laughing.

  21. Wow! I just read all the comments and 95% of the “Pats are cheap” comments are from Pats fans being defensive.

    To all AFC East and especially Pats fans….lets agree on this. Whatever strategy the Pats are using to compensate their players…. is working very well as they Pats are always competitive and one of the best teams in the AFC.

    Now, that doesn’t mean that my Fins aren’t going to sneak up on you this year.

    Oh, by the way, congrats on re-signing Vollmer.

  22. I’m always amazed when people bring up injuries linemen sustain playing.

    What do you think is going to happen when 300lb. linemen wrestle with one another 300-400 times a season, and you’re surprised that they get bad backs, tear muscles and tendons.

    I’d be surprised when it doesn’t happen.

  23. Has anyone ever seen Brady scramble? No wonder they pay for offensive linemen. I don’t even think I would call it scrambling. I would call it..looking for a place to flop to demand a roughing penalty.

  24. Pats have had a really underrated free agency period. They didn’t lose anyone significant except Welker, and in his case they picked up a better player for the long-term.

  25. Players sign on a discount in New England to win a ring, yet they choke in the playoffs once they have to face a real team, then the guy is cut loose. The cycle continues.

  26. Let’s dispense with the Patriots are cheap talk. They paid Matt Walsh a lot of money and he was just a video taper, not even a player. 3 tainted Lombardi’s later, it looks like they got their money’s worth.

  27. Wow, this is totally a Pats site. Deleting totally OK comments with facts that are hard to hear.

  28. The Patriots 2001-2004 Super Bowls should be taken away because they violated a 2006 rule in 2007.

    That makes no sense you say?

    The Haters out there lack the intelligence for rational logic.

  29. I know the logic of this will escape the average dope, er, I mean Jets fan, but it is not possible to “underpay” an NFL player, particularly an unrestricted free agent. Doesn’t the “unrestricted” part clue you in? Nobody was holding a gun to Mr. Vollmer’s head, he was free to sign anywhere else or go work for IBM. Bill Belichick doesn’t hypnotize players and their agents with a pocket watch when he meets with them. Hey I could be wrong, if someone cares to explain how you go about underpaying NFL players whose contracts are collectively bargained, I have an open mind…

  30. Stop saying this dude is underpaid. He went out, nobody wanted him so now he’s back, making what he deserves for a player who’s damaged goods. He’s lucky to still be in the game at this rate. Now…where’s that bit*h a** fool, Brian Waters at? We’d probably take his “no call, no show” pooh-butt back too. Just retire already if you’re not gonna come to work. Dallas can’t afford you, and Houston doesn’t want you! Get over yourself.

  31. Patriots have had some great offensive line men over the years. Remember Max Lane?! I wonder what he is doing these days.

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