Report: Michael Bennett has a torn rotator cuff

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The Ravens made some big news Sunday afternoon with the signing of Elvis Dumervil, but that’s hardly the only development involving pass rushers who recently signed with new teams.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that newly signed Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff. Per Schefter, the injury is why Bennett wound up signing a one-year deal for $5 million in Seattle as the projected market was stunted by the news of his injury.

There’s no word on where in the rehab process Bennett is at present or if he has had surgery to repair the injury, so his status for offseason activities and training camp could be affected. If he is, the Seahawks may have to lean on Cliff Avril and Bruce Irvin more early in the season to generate a pass rush.

Bennett isn’t the only question mark up front for the Seahawks defense. Chris Clemons is recovering from a torn ACL, which was part of the reason why the Seahawks signed both Avril and Bennett. If all breaks right, the Seahawks could have a deep and productive pass rush but all the injuries means there’s now a greater risk that won’t come to pass.

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  1. Seattle knew about this already and chose to sign him. Rotator cuffs can heal in about 6 weeks. He’ll be good to go for the season.

  2. Recovery time if he needs surgery is about 6 months. If that happens, the Hawks should have him back sometime in September.

  3. Relax Folks. The Hawks new of his condition and offered him a one year deal, not a long term deal. However, this clears up why it was so surprising he got signed for so little and only the one year.

    I thought it might have been because he wanted to play for a chance at a deep run in the playoffs. While that may be the case, it appears to be more about physical health.

    He should be okay and healed by Pre-Season, but we will have to see. In any case, it is still a good pick up by the Hawks and one that I am sure was well considered.

    Go Hawks!

  4. Talk about trying to make a mountain of a mole hill. Why would this article even suggest he won’t be back by the start of the season???

  5. Boy, all you trolling seahawk haters are probably right. He’s probably done for his career matter of fact. Torn rotator cuff? It’ll more than likely keep him sidelined for the next 3-4 years, and thats if he heals according to schedule. Either way, I’m almost certain that no pro athlete has ever suffered this particular injury, and actually made it back into pro sports. Yup, it’s a slippery slope from here, it’ll start with malnourishment and muscular atrophy, and eventually spiral into dementia following a deep, dark depression…………….. *hey haters, it’s a rotator cuff. He didn’t lose a limb. Chumps.

  6. First, rotator cuff injuries are the most common condition of shoulders. Secondly, surgery is not always used to treat the condition, it depends on the severity. If surgery is needed, recovery time ranges from 3 to 6 months.

    For all the Hawks haters, get a life. This is still a low-risk signing for minimal dollars and tremendous upside. Schneider and Carroll get it.

  7. Chill people: Seattle makes EVERYBODY go through a physical before they sign. Includes looking over the players health records. If they were concerned, they would not have done this. Correct me if I am wrong, there is no guarentee money in his deal. If he was a QB, Running back or even a WR, I would be more concerned. And if it does not work, Carrol has shown that he will cut a player lose. Both Bennett and Clemons could start the season on the PUP list and then come back later in the season, in fact with the rule change this year, close to the end of the season as replacement for banged up Def players. This is more skill and planning here than meets the eye.

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