Tim Brown has some ideas about Dez Bryant, Miles Austin injuries

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With Bill Callahan as their new offensive coordinator, the Cowboys won’t be inviting former Raiders receiver Tim Brown to practice any time soon. But in case anyone is interested in hearing what he thinks, Brown has some ideas about how Cowboys receivers Dez Bryant and Miles Austin can stay healthy.

When it comes to Bryant, Brown said on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM that the way Bryant plays is simply too physical to be consistent with making it through 16 games a season.

This guy scares me so much,” Brown said of Bryant. “I’m just talking about the way he plays the position. It’s like a kamikaze. He is so physical and so out of control at times. The problem with that is that when you’re dealing with a guy who is 6-3, 6-4 who has a pretty large frame, it’s almost impossible to protect this guy if he is not going to protect himself. . . . You have to figure out, ‘How can I play this game for 16 weeks or 20 weeks or whatever, and be healthy week in and week out.’ Is it possible? Absolutely it’s possible. But I have to smart about when I fight for yards. When it’s one guy fight. When it’s two guys, maybe not. When it’s three guys, man get your butt down.”

Brown added that Austin needs to re-think the way he keeps himself in shape, both with his workouts and his nutrition.

“I said this to Miles: ‘Whatever you’re doing, obviously you have to look at something differently,'” Brown said. “I don’t know if it’s products that he’s putting in his body. I’m not saying it’s anything illegal. You can put too much caffeine in your body and it can jack you up, but whether it’s that or if it’s the fact that his training is not [right], because one of the things we used to do that was really beneficial was we always trained in our football shoes. I know nowadays they do a lot of track running. They do a lot of indoor type stuff, and you can’t put those football shoes on. But when you’re cutting and running in football shoes, it’s totally different than running in track shoes.”

Brown didn’t go so far as to say that Austin and Bryant are “sabotaging” their careers, but he does think they need to change their ways.

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  1. Take his advice and put it in the trash can; just like he did with his credibility.

    Seriously though, what kind of advice is that? Did Bryant get hurt being tackled by 3 guys? No, he hurt his finger laying out for a TD catch (if I am remembering correctly). Sometimes you aren’t lucky, but he should keep playing the same way.

  2. Now before Tim Brown starts getting made fun of here, I would these actually are some good suggestions.

  3. He’s right about Austin. You can overdevelop your legs while running in cross training shoes, that’s even before you get to diet. I ran track, played CB in football and played basketball (couldn’t do all three in varsity, as the seasons overlapped, so I played in city leagues in basketball), and I consistently trained in cleats for track and football. Never had any leg injuries beyond shin splints because of improper form at times in track. When you run in cross trainers and try to cut in cleats in football, you will find yourself doing damage to your quads and hammies left and right.

  4. Whiles miles austin was reading this he got another hamstring injury

    Cowboys use him wrong. He’s a slot wr not outside wr He can’t be covered in the slot just like Cruz of ny can’t. To fast n to good

    When miles Austin had his breakout yr he wasn’t going deep for 50 yd passes. He was running slot plays n just breaking free

    As for des man he is so gifted but his training is wrong if u notice he’s barely able to show up in 4th qtr of course everybody gets tired but u can see big difference in his play he can’t keep doing punt return n wr he’s too talented at wr. U need him healthy

  5. No matter what you think of his past comments (obvious, thoroughly out of place here and totally unrelated as they are), Mr. Brown is more than qualified to offer this assessment.

  6. Terrell Owens never had a problem staying in shape or getting injured except for the horse collar incident.
    Maybe they should workout with Jerry Rice or Terrell Owens in the offseason.

  7. I think these assessments are partially right. Motivation have a big role in it too. My fellow Redskins fan base is gonna chew my head off for this, but Dez has Calvin Johnson potential. If Jerry could hire a real coach thats tough as nails see Bill Cowher, make himself disappear, then the circus would be gone from Dallas and Dez will Flourish. Miles on the other hand, if you had a hamstring injury before you know the only thing that cures it is rest and with the pressure he feels in Dallas rest isn’t a option, he needs a season off , but that will most likely get him traded.

  8. I’m not an expert in these matters and can’t comment intelligently. But what I can say is that these mult-million dollar athletes aren’t worth anything if they can’t stay on the field. Whatever Brown’s point is, they should take better care of their bodies. To me, there is no legitimate excuse for Austin to keep comming up with these hamstring issues; and maybe he’s right about Dez…he needs to know when to fight and when to lay down. And no more PR. That’s just plain Jerry stupid. Finally, TB is right about running in football shoes…does an ice skater train in sneakers?

  9. Brown makes a valid point about Austin looking at the way he trains. Austin and other Cowboys with hamstring issues, need to look at how the warm up too. Their rate of injuries is off the charts.

    As far as Dez goes, keep playing wide open. Fans like it.

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