Torrey Smith: In Ozzie Newsome we trust


The Ravens have said goodbye to a lot of key players from their Super Bowl-winning team, decisions that have left some questioning General Manager Ozzie Newsome’s plan.

Wide receiver Torrey Smith is not one of them. While Smith realizes what Anquan Boldin, Ed Reed and others have meant to the Ravens, he remembers similar grumbling when the team said farewell to veterans in the past and saw Newsome wind up looking pretty. He’s confident the same thing will happen this time and said it in a way that suggests he’s not just trying to kiss up to the boss.

“You just have to trust and believe in [Newsome],” Smith said, via the Baltimore Sun. “He can cut me today and I’d still be a firm believer in him. He has a track record and there’s nothing you can take from that. He’s won two rings, he’s the mastermind behind that. When a guy has that type of reputation, you just have to trust it.”

There are arguments to be made for keeping any of the players that the Ravens have lost, but none of them are as compelling as the argument Newsome’s resumer makes for trusting his moves.

With Boldin gone, Smith will be asked to carry a little more of the load in the receiving corps. That gives him the opportunity to help prove Newsome right about the moves he’s made since hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

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  1. As you should, Torrey. Ozzie’s only the best GM in the AFC.

    However, Giants fans long coined that phrase about Jerry Reese first, and with good reason, as the best GM in the NFC.

  2. It’s good to have a respected second team in the DC market since Redskins games always sell out and they only play once per week. If you can’t watch the Redskins ongoing Super Bowl dominance, might as well watch the Ravens. HTTR.

  3. Fair enough Torry, but if a Patriot player were to say the same about Belichick, all heck would break loose… especially here.

    3..2..1…let the ‘Belicheat’ comments begin!

  4. Ozzie knew this was inevitable and what better time than now to bite the bullet. Even if Ozzie is able to fill in all the slots he needs to by the time the season starts, he still is going to be short the kind of depth he needed to win the superbowl this past season.

    He’s going to need a great draft if he intends the Ravens to make the playoffs in that tough division. Cleveland is no longer going to be a doormat, Cinci is going to have one of the most talented overall lineups in the league, and Pitsburgh, while down a bit, certainly isn’t out.

  5. alecanthony says:Mar 24, 2013 1:18 PM

    In Joe Flacco’s contract, no one really trusts

    Five years in the league
    5 Playoff appearances
    3 Championship games
    1 AFC Championship
    1 Superbowl win

    There’s just no pleasing some idiots

  6. Ozzie does most of his damage late in FA and in the draft. Jacoby Jones, for example, came to us late in last offseason. Ozzie is locked and loaded with 12 picks to work magic with…and don’t forget the UDFA gold that he mines with regularity.

    Longtime Ravens fans smile at any suggestion of the Ravens’ demise.

  7. The Ravens are just lucky that the rest of the division hasn’t really done anything to scare them.

    Pittsburgh seems content on getting worse while NOT replenishing with young talent to groom.

    The Bengals actually have the pieces most teams struggle to find in a quarterback and a reliable and mature receiver… but they refuse to spend any money, and won’t fill in the necessary holes.

    The Browns are improving I think… but they were SO bad that they’re still not “there” yet.

    I can’t imagine the Ravens being a better team than they were last year… but with the division the way it is, it might not matter. They’ll probably still win the AFC North.

    Now… could one or two injuries, or one or two signings make a huge difference? Sure. I’d say if the Ravens end up signing Elvis Dumervil, they will have the best pash rush they’ve had since 2006 with Lewis, Suggs, Bart Scott, and Adalius Thomas under Rex’s schemes.

    But as things stand right now, the Ravens are only safe by default. The rest of the division hasn’t done anything to make the Ravens losses of talent an issue.

  8. Its pathetic people are actually fighting over who “coined the phrase” (ripped off but inserted their own person) “in _____ we trust” from “in god we trust,” which has been appearing on US currency for 150 years. Really, people?

  9. watermelon:
    The Steelers have shown zero signs of not wanting to “replenish with younger talent.”
    Their star defensive players — the ones responsible for five No. 1 rankings, three AFC titles and two Super Bowl wins the past nine years — have grown old together. Thus, the team is in the process of “replenishing with younger talent.” Only Keenan Lewis’ abrupt departure is a mystery.
    On offense, the Steelers have gone overboard, in my opinion, to make their offensive line younger, doing so in back-to-back-to-back drafts. A slower, more gradual “replenishing” in that area might’ve been a better way to go.
    Mike Wallace was offered $10 mil a season, which he turned down and left on his own accord. Rashard Mendenhall was released because his recovery from knee surgery wasn’t to management’s satisfaction. Plus, he was always in Tomlin’s one-dog doghouse.
    Replenishing with younger talent guarantees nothing, other than the Steelers are going to be a younger team in 2013.

  10. Coming from a Bengals Fan Ozzie is a great GM this next year for the Ravens may not be a superbowl year , but they are always contenders and thats all you can ask for . Wish the Bengals players and fans could trust Mike Brown to make good decisions all the time

  11. Why should we listen to a proven pro like Smith when there are scads of internet experts who never have had to run a team but know they have the answers?

  12. Despite being a Seahawk Fan, I am also an NFL Fan, so I applaud Ozzie and his success.

    Record speaks volumes. Anyone who says that Ozzie doesn’t know what he is doing, doesn’t understand anything about the Business NFL. It is set up so that it is virtually impossible to compete for a playoff spot much less win the SB year after year with the same team. Getting into the playoffs 5 straight years and 2 SB wins shows the players and fans alike should trust the Ravens’ Front Office.

  13. Newsome gets it. He understands you don’t win in March and that signing high priced FAs doesn’t work. He is a great GM, one of the best.

  14. This guy is the best GM in the NFL. They may (or may not) have an off year next year, but they’ll be back in contention sooner than you think. As a Dolphins fan, I wish I had a GM half as good as this guy, but sadly I don’t. Ozzie probably laughed when Miami signed Ellerbe to a ridiculous contract. If he was truly worth it, he’d never have let him leave. Please come be our GM Ozzie! Please!

  15. It is hard to believe that kid is so young. Torrey speaks as if he is in the league 15 years with a ton of experience. The Ravens know how to pick’em. Only some players can be Ravens. If Dumerville has the Raven’s interest, he must be a good player.

  16. Ozzie makes sound football decisions. He doesn’t think with his heart, hence Ed Reed is gone. For him, Harbs, Eric D. and others to keep their jobs, The Ravens HAVE to win.

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