Butler rebuffs Browns, heads to Philly

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The Victor Butler tour continues, with no end in sight.  And Butler’s journey has now taken him back to Pennsylvania.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Butler wrapped up a visit to the Browns without signing a contract.  He’ll now head to Philadelphia for a visit with the Eagles.

Butler, a free agent who started his career with the Cowboys, started his effort to find a new team with a trip to see the Steelers.  He also has visited the Saints.

The obvious conclusion is that Butler wants more money than anyone has offered.

13 responses to “Butler rebuffs Browns, heads to Philly

  1. The Eagles don’t need him they are loaded at outside linebacker.All of the guys they have are going to be great 3-4 outside linebackers.With that said the Eagles will sign him and then tell everybody he is the next Lawrence Taylor.

  2. The obvious point here is Butler needs to not ask for starting money, since he was all but a back-up in Dallas. Though a good one with plenty of potential, he was a back-up nonetheless.

  3. Butler is fast and can rush the passer….but what kind of money can he be looking for when all you really did was play the role of a situational pass rusher in Dallas?

  4. When you click his name (rotoworld), it says the Eagles probably are not interested. I wish the draft was tomorrow… something to talk about.

  5. We dont need this guy at all. Chip Kelly has an explosive 11 headed hybrid 3-4 defensive monster machine in place that will devastate this years NFL. I have no idea what teams will do about it. They will have to throw throw throw to keep pace with Kellys 11 headed monster offence and the 40+pts per game tha their gonna drop. Wow I feel for other teams fans, really I do. But theres simply nothing that you can do about it.

  6. Butler played at Oregon State so I doubt Chipper signs him. He has been a back up but may excel in the right 3-4 defense.

    Eagles building their defense with Cowboy rejects. Look out NFL they will be awesome.

  7. Hey Cornflorio, just because he left without a contract it doesn’t mean he rebuffed the Browns. Who know they may have rebuffed him. Or maybe their was no rebuffing at all. Always a hater steeler boy.

  8. People are ridiculous. How can anybody hate a coach ( who has done nothing but pick up a couple free agents and restructure a qb to save the team millions in cap space) so much. I don’t get it. Let the guy go 4-12 and make a couple awful decisions before you start to hate him. I don’t think that there is a coach that the Eagles could have hired that would make you people happy. The guy has come in, made some solid moves, no pro bowlers. But nothing that is gonna destroy this team. He has a fantastic personality and loves the game. Give the guy a chance.

  9. Aren’t all of these teams pretty much interested in Bultler to be a depth player, or just a role player? The offers can’t be that much different.

    He better hurry up and sign because if he waits until the draft he may end up getting a minimum contract as most teams in need of a pass rusher will draft one.

  10. This might be the most highly pursued no-name since Ryan Fowler!!!

    No one ever heard of Fowler, but that guy got millions from Tennessee when he was in 2007 FA.

  11. Sounds like he came in, did the things they asked, and went on his way. So when did the rebuffing happen?

    Cleveland doesnt need him as they are making one of their weakest points into one with some depth. If they could bring in a solid corner to compliment Haden, I would consider free agency a big success.

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