Chad Johnson tries to resolve battery case

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The moment that essentially ended Chad Johnson’s NFL career still lingers in court.  On Monday, he tried to finally put it behind him.

According to Linda Trischitta of the South Florida Sun Sentinel, Johnson appeared in court Monday in an effort to resolve charges filed after he allegedly struck his ex-wife last August.

Johnson pleaded no contest, and he now is hoping to show that he fulfilled probation and counseling requirements imposed by the court in the wake of the plea.

“I made a terrible mistake,” Johnson told WFOR-TV on Monday.  “I’ve apologized as many times as I could.”

Both Johnson and his lawyer said he hopes to return to the NFL.  “[T]o have that taken away from me is a horrible blow,” Johnson said Monday.

Given that Johnson was struggling in training camp with the Dolphins before the arrest, and that he had struggled the prior season in New England, there’s no guarantee his career wouldn’t have ended without the incident.  But the incident didn’t help, and at this point it would be a surprise if Johnson gets another second chance.

25 responses to “Chad Johnson tries to resolve battery case

  1. Chad was NOT struggling with the Dolphins in training camp. He was the best WR they had in camp and was cut only because of the incident. He’s still got it, can help some team.

  2. This should be a lesson to all young athletes out there — Don’t marry jump offs/gold diggers.

    Johnson isn’t a saint either but clearly this chick is a headcase.

  3. I don’t condone the actions although they are allegations and his ex is crazy, but I do hope he gets another chance. Good luck, Chad.

  4. Chad you should have no problem at all of getting a contract with Cleveland.
    They love signing women abusers and keeping them in the organization.

  5. He may be too busy tweeting…and not practicing his craft. When you get old you really need to drop the crap and focus. More. I hope he gets picked up and performs.

  6. Chad is always just some face paint and a nose-bulb away from being a clown. He can’t help himself.

  7. Man, where to even begin. That being said, we all still love you in Cincinnati Chad. But, it’s time to hang it up. The game has moved on.

  8. The dude manned up and admitted his wrong, when a lot of guys in his situation might have tried to play the system to protect their career and reputation. He deserves a second chance much more than several scumbag athletes who have committed similar crimes but aren’t aging and got a second chance because a team coveted their skillset.

  9. I liked him then I started finding him annoying. Chad is a man child. I kinda feel bad for him right now coz that goldigger used him big time to get the fame she wanted..remember she is a reality tv star. They know how to make dirty publicity but play the victim which turns out good for them in the end. Hope a team picks him up. He looked good last time I saw him at espn. The anfl was lil more fun to watch back when he was a starter. You just didn’t know what he was going to do after he scored

  10. He had his time in the sun and was probably a bigger name (or names) than his stats would indicate. If he can find a GM or HC, willing to give him a try, regardless of pay level, he should grab onto it. Whatever you do Chad, don’t go out on the T.O. route.

  11. “Both Johnson and his lawyer said he hopes to return to the NFL. ‘[T]o have that taken away from me is a horrible blow,’ Johnson said Monday.”

    Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds like a red flag right there. It wasn’t just “taken away”, he lost it by (allegedly) being irresponsible. Still though, I hope he gets his life together if he hasn’t already.

  12. Chad was getting it done in Miami, and watching him get cut on Hard Knocks was the most painful moment i’ve ever seen on reality television. that moment when you have been performing well, you have your colleagues respect, you feel good, but you screwed up so boss man has to let you go to stay the boss man. the look in his eyes, i’ll never forget. The “didn’t work out in New England” thing is a bigger concern than the Miami thing, but who really cares how he tweets or promotes himself – the guy can get it done on a middle to upper middle pack, wildcard team in a 3-4th reciever role, and he’ll be making this “ended his career” thing look foolish. if TO can go through camp in Seattle last year even though he was 2 years removed from any kind of success, Chad will get a shot this year too once Evelyn “I was only marrying him to stay on reality TV and everyone forgets this” Lozado goes away

  13. The NFL is for men, a guy that hits women is no man and the league doesn’t need him regardless of how good he may play. Guess he should of thought about that before he hit her.

  14. He’s an overrated, sub-par receiver that only made a name for himself by showboating and running his big, stupid mouth. That was proven during his miserable failure in New England. I hope this jackass never gets to poison my tv screen again. He’s getting exactly what he deserves.

  15. Chad is much better than somebody like Nate Burleson, or Donald Driver this past season.

    Derrick Mason hung around until he was close to 40, and Chad has more in the tank than him.

    I think a lot of ppl look at this guy’s media persona and stay away from him when in reality, Chad is just the class clown, not the problem everyone makes him out to be.

  16. Where does Bob Bratkoski work now? That’s where Chad needs to go. He could probably get some of that skill back if he went to the only dumbed down offense he ever understood.

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