Chiefs put Sharrif Floyd through private workout


As the Chiefs continue to explore every option (or at least create the impression they are), they’ve turned their focus to the defensive line.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, a contingent of Chiefs officials are conducting a private workout today with Florida defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd.

It makes sense, as Floyd has dominant skills (although a newfound interest in football).

But mostly, with no lock top pick, and a bunch of teams behind them looking for quarterbacks, it behooves the Chiefs to create as much uncertainty as possible about their intentions for the No. 1 selection.

14 responses to “Chiefs put Sharrif Floyd through private workout

  1. “they might not wanna see him in oakland!!!”

    but that’s the only place he can go where we can be certain he won’t succeed!

  2. There is still a 95% chance that the Kansas City Chiefs still takes Geno Smith. Because I dont really think Andy Reid and John Dorsey are 100% sure if Alex Smith is the starter…They say he is…But I highly doubt it

  3. If KC traded out of number 1 I would be shocked. Then again Andy Reid is a freaking crook. Hey Andy just take Joeckle and shut up cause Brandon Albert is gone next season and you know it. Anybody trading up for Geno Smith is and should be fired as a GM. Geno is a question mark in the first round let alone for additional pick to find this out.

  4. If they’re gonna draft another defensive lineman with their top pick they’d better get it right.

    Dontari Poe, Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey have their doubts though,

  5. Anything the Chiefs do before D-day will be a combination of due diligence and misdirection. They have their franchise rockslinger, that’s a safe assumption. They will trade the #1 in a heartbeat, but will have a hard time getting true value. They can wait out any free agent lineman and buy on the cheap, or draft in the middle rounds.If they keep the pick it will be Defense.

  6. First of all, Andy is not going to pick Geno #1. If some desperate fool trades into the top 10 for him, they should be fired. Its amazing how all of a sudden come April 2X every year, quarterbacks become over-valued and everyone forgets all the proper, logical evaluations they’ve done over the past months. Anyway, back to reality. Second point, Andy is not going to trade the top pick, unless he is absolutely blown out of the water by a trade. Unless San Fran wants Joeckel or Fisher, one of them are going to Kansas City. What made Reid successful for so long in Philly was that he understood that a winning franchise is built from the line out. Yes, he recently forgot that, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he knows that’s why he is not in Philly anymore and he goes back to drafting correctly. If he hasn’t completely lost his football mind, he’s taking Joeckel or Fisher #1 overall.

  7. Coach Reid has a plan and you know this, you see who is on the roster and the weak spots. You Don,t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out its that simple, fill the spots with the best player possible, the defense needs only a few pieces now and on paper it should be in the top ten, and now he is looking for some inside pressure a big hardhitting safety and a tackle and a tackle machine to compliment the ALL PRO linebackers we have already, keep’em in the dark coach!

  8. look, albert is gonna be traded, if we pick gino @ #1 , it is for a trade that will be set up prior ,…. look for “I AM UR FATHER LUKE” to be the first pick. and a right tackel later in the draft,(because albert wont move to the right side because the money is about half) all in all the chiefs have set 2 of three prongs in the pitch fork ,…now set the third in the draft! i will be a happy season ticket holder!!!!

  9. I’m not a draft expert, just a devoted fan!!! Sure I understand the game and played football all four years in high school and went on to play college D1 baseball; however, I don’t care if the Chiefs draft “Billy Bob” from the movie “Varsity Blues” or “Willie Beaman” from “Any Given Sunday” as long as the Chiefs win and make it to the Bowl, I’m all good with that!!! It’s cool to have your personal opinions about something or someone, but when I get on here and read these post from these “Homers” that never played the game at such high magnitude belittling players and coaches that have, just makes me not even want to read about my favorite team!!! I’ll like to be a fly on one of these lazy boy chair football expert analysts’ wall, if Geno goes to Jacksonville or Buffalo and leads them deep into the playoffs or even the Superbowl, so that I can see the look on the faces of these greasy chicken bone sucking living room couch analyst!!! Just because you purchase season tickets and tailgate every other Sunday doesn’t mean you have the mind capacity of a GM or the athleticism of a professional athlete! Go jog around the block a few times and then come back and tell us mature readers and posters if you’re ready for the NFL! A pissed off Chiefs’ fan!!!

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