Eagles pull punter swap


With the Texans signing punter Shane Lechler, punter Donnie Jones needs a new home.

He found one, in Philly.

The Eagles have announced that Jones has been signed to a one-year deal.

“Donnie Jones is a guy that we have admired over the last several years,” Eagles G.M. Howie Roseman said.  “He has one of the strongest legs in the entire NFL and we’re excited we had a chance to sign him.  We watched a lot of tape on him and he’s coming off a very good season with Houston.  We feel he’ll add a good element to our special teams units.”

The acquisition of Jones has in turn triggered the departure of Mat McBriar.

“Mat was nothing but a consummate professional for us in 2012,” Roseman said.  “He battled back from a tough injury situation to punt very well last year.  We just decided to go in a different direction with Donnie and we wish Mat and his family all the best as he continues his NFL career.”

Jones spent a year in Houston after five seasons with the Rams.  McBriar joined the Eagles after spending eight years with the Cowboys.

And so McBriar will try to supplant a punter with another team, and the process will continue, perhaps indefinitely.

27 responses to “Eagles pull punter swap

  1. Because of Lechler. Apparently they wanted him a few years ago but Al Davis dropped a ton of $$ on him. I want to know why it seems every damn ex-Texan goes to the Eagles, though…

  2. Who cares? The Eagles over under on season punts is at 5. The offensive machine is getting ready to go downtown Julie brown all over you.

  3. wjcain23 says:Mar 25, 2013 1:21 PM

    Because of Lechler. Apparently they wanted him a few years ago but Al Davis dropped a ton of $$ on him. I want to know why it seems every damn ex-Texan goes to the Eagles, though…

    I don’t mind, The Texans are nothing but class. They are a great organization with great coaches and players. It could be worse, we could be taking players from the cowboys…..

  4. I am a life long Eagles fan and I have a bad feeling about this Chip Kelly experiment. He keeps claiming that he will adapt his scheme to the team, but he is switching a 4-3 roster to a 3-4 scheme and added Dennis Dixon for his offense. Proving he is lying when he claims he is going to adapt to his roster.

  5. Chip Kelly = Rich Kotite II

    An alleged “offensive genius” who my fellow Eagles fans will make countless excuses for to avoid admitting that they should’ve never run Andy Reid out of town.

    Just like they did with Buddy Ryan after he was canned for the inept Kotite.

    My Eagles have never won a Super Bowl because the fans wear great coaches out.

  6. Rky4mayor- please find a different team to root for. We don’t need your doom and gloom WIP attitude. Maybe CK is another Kotite, maybe he’s another Belichick, or maybe he’s somewhere in between. I’m just excited about not knowing what to expect for the first time in 15 years.

  7. rkt4mayor- I wasn’t aware that it was the fan’s fault that Andy’s offense got stagnant. I must have missed the sign up sheet to call plays and timeouts.

  8. I agree with kdub79. CP hasn’t even coached a single practice yet and people are already complaining. He does have to adapt to the players he has, he can’t build an entirely different 53 man roster in one off season, and are people really surprised that he’s bringing in new players especially on defense after the season they had last year. What would it take to shut the negative eagle “fans” up? Not happy unless you’re miserable

  9. Rky- There’s nothing more pathetic then a self loathing fan. The term fan is derived from the word fanatic.Sports to me is about having fun. I love my Eagles. That’s obvious. I’m an Eagle fan my sons an eagle fan my dad was an eagle fan his dad with an eagle fan and so on. you can’t have the glory if you don’t have the pain. There’s nothing more disgusting to me than a bandwagon fan. You didn’t earn it. I have no idea what type of fan you really must be to believe that Andy Reid had anything left in the tank or any desire to still be here did you not watch that Giants game at the end of the season even his players didn’t want him? what’s it back this year in witness Chip Kelly’s world beating 11 headed offensive Machine Tour 2013

  10. kdub79,
    You can expect another sub .500 season I guarantee.

    The Eagles are going to be a mess for at least the next couple of seasons.

    Reid may have been burnt out over the last couple of seasons but you can’t blame him for blowing coverage and fumbling and throwing picks left and right.

    My point is we had a good thing with Reid. Only myopic fans who prefer “surprise” over stability would be excited about Rich Kotite II er I mean Chip Kelly….what a masculine name…Chip…

  11. flavordave,

    You may want to grab a Webster’s dictionary in between your self love sessions over your over the bed poster of Chip Kelly.

    Self Loathing would mean I loathe myself. I don’t loathe myself, I loathe the loud mouth know nothing “fans” of my team.

    The majority of Eagles fans are intelligent and classy. It is the morons who raged and foamed at the mouth about the winningest coach in franchise history who I despise.

    In short, people like you flavordave….(something tells me the “flavor” is CK’s sweat)….

  12. Why is it the fans fault…This sounds like more media/ESPN propaganda. Philadelphia If you listen to talk radio, i.e. Angelo Cataldi who bashes or questions every coach, and take it for gospel you are a fool. The media is built to create controversy, ratings, readers, etc…Not one down has been played. Let the team rebuild. FYI: I would love to know the person who called Rich Kotite a genius…probably the same posters who bow to the radio Gods.

  13. The Eagles have been cursed since signing Dog Killer #7.

    Until we rid ourselves of his turnover prone, empty headed, self we will continue to implode as a team.

    Chip Kelly struck me as a complete moron the moment he decided to bring back DK #7.

    I don’t believe for even a second that Andy Reid was behind the decision to ditch McNabb for Vick.

    I think that was all Jeff Lurie and Howie Roseman.

    And, they proved it by resigning that loser DK #7.

    Reid in KC meanwhile, made the brilliant decision to trade for a QB who is accurate and can do simple things like protect the football and read a defense.

  14. Rkt-when the Chip Kelly band wagon comes driving up your street, I’ll be the guy driving it throwing snowballs at you. So don’t even bother trying to get on board we don’t want you

  15. Prediction: Andy Reid will win a Super Bowl for KC just like Dick Vermeil did in St. Louis.

    Eagles fans who wouldn’t know a good thing if it slapped them upside the head will complain that Reid was beloved and walked out on them rather than the reverse.

    Meanwhile, Chip Kelly will be coaching USC by 2016 after bombing out in the NFL, and the Eagles will be hiring a Ray Rhoades like loser to take his place.

    And the wheel will turn.

  16. Dear level headed and realistic eagle fans who raise legitimate concerns about the Chip Kelly era, you are hurting 4getu’s little feelings.

    Please jump on the “CK going to the HOF in Canton” band wagon when posting comments on PFT so that 4getu can live in his little dream world where the eagles actually win a super bowl. One day he may deal with reality but for now, let 4getu have his little moment in the sun.


  17. when u refer to Mike Vick as dogkilller how can anything u say after b taken seriously? u obviouly are biased. he served his time. did more for dogs and animal abuse than u know. above and beyond what he was mandated to do. give the man a break already. now his football play? attack that all u want he sucked. cant defend that. lets just hope Kelly wants every chance to win now while still building a team. I hope Vick is awesome next season. Dog killer or no.

  18. To early to judge chip. its 50/50 with him right now. All I know bird fans with a 4 and 12 record and with our roster the only way to go is up the i95 to the super bowl bYtcheZZZ

  19. Ha ha! The little cowboy beotch is back. Its been awhile. What happened, did you get grounded and lost your Internet privileges? Glad to see your still the same little overly concerned d bag clown. Stay classy

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