Foster would sign waiver of legal rights

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Texans running back Arian Foster seems to be new school, in many ways.  But when it comes to football, Foster has an old-school mentality.

And Foster is willing to prove his acceptance of the risks by signing away his rights to sue the NFL in the future.

“Personally, absolutely, because I knew what I was getting into when I first had the dream of playing in the NFL,” Foster told Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco of ESPN Radio New York, via  “I knew what I was getting into.  The game’s a violent sport.  Anything can happen.  People get paralyzed; people get hurt — broken legs, broken everything.  It’s just part of the game, and I knew what I was getting into.  So to me, it’s kind of like blaming the NFL for your injuries, and I don’t blame the NFL because it was my decision to partake in this game. . . .  So I would never sue.  I don’t have ill feelings toward those that have sued or whatever.  That’s their business.  It’s just the way I see it.  I just wouldn’t.”

Foster’s comments came in the context of the new rule regarding the use of the top of the helmet in the open field.  But Foster doesn’t believe the new rule will affect him very much.

“That play doesn’t come into play a lot with my running style, but you have guys like Adrian Peterson, guys that really are hard runners and try to create that contact,” Foster said.  “This is going to affect them more than it will myself.  But I find myself sometimes lowering my head and lowering my shoulders.  It’s just, you’re not gonna think about the rule changes.  We’ve been running like this since we were kids. . . .  They want us to change that mentality in one offseason, it’s gonna be tough.  I was never a fan of all the defensive rule changes also — where you can’t lead with your helmet or the facemask — because guys have been tackling like this for years.  I was never a fan of that, and I’m definitely not a fan of this.”

While many believe the ongoing rule changes arise from a desire to limit future liability to current players, no current player can claim that he doesn’t realize the risks or that any information about the risks was concealed from him.  Then there’s the fact that the players are represented by a union, which has the ability to push for any necessary safety changes.

Still, Foster’s mindset reflects the attitude of most players who have signed up to play football — and it’s the same attitude most of the players now suing the league surely would have had during their playing careers.

14 responses to “Foster would sign waiver of legal rights

  1. Mindsets usually change once that mind is effected. Did he say facemask shouldn’t be a penalty? That’s about as insane as the new lower the helmet rule is.

  2. No court in the country would uphold such a waiver, but I get the sentiment.

    Sadly, the pandora’s box of lawsuits against the NFL has been opened, it will never be closed, and the game will continue to be worse off because of it.

  3. Forster is an excellent running behind on of the best run blocking teams in NFL. Look at Ben Tate, Justin Forsett – they both can produce in that zone blocking system. Foster is not a physical style running back, he is smooth and elusive with probably the best vision. He actually runs out of bounds before contact to avoid hits so no the rule won’t affect him the way it does power backs.

  4. It shouldn’t be that way. Players need lifetime healthcare for career related injuries. And, if the players are willing to pay for it they could have total healthcare. It’s cheaper than lawyers, that’s for damned sure. You complete 3 years on an NFL roster and yoiu get lifetime healthcare. How is this not a great idea?

  5. @ccjcsr Nothing overrated about the Texans. We’ve been wt the bottom since the beginning of our franchise. We deserve everything we get. We work hard for every win. Further more tell your city to do what ours have done sor eleven years. Sell your stadium out for 11 straight years win lose or draw. We deserve whatever pub we get. After this years draft. The NFL better watch out because we’re coming for that trophy with a nasty streak behind us. Hate on that.

  6. Thats an Ignorant statement to make by Foster, And not fair to the players that are suing. Its a Lot easier to say that, when your making 8mil a yr…most of the former players suing most def never saw a 1/4 of that in their career. Most these guys were making 200,00 maybe 800,00…

  7. Players pay dues to the NFLPA. And what do they get out of it? A big-mouthed figurehead who sold them out on the last contract in order to maintain his personal position. It’s incumbent upon the NFLPA to see that the players get lifetime health insurance and access to long-term financial planning.

  8. Foster is a great running back, but you hardly see much of him. Not because he is not making the plays, because he is. Its because he plays for the Titans, which like many other Franchise’s in this league are UNDERRATED, not overrated.

  9. Don’t sign on the line, Arian. I get what you’re saying, but you have little say so on the type of equipment that the NFL makes you use. They have a responsibility to spend real research money on making the game safer for the players. Keep the pressure on them.

  10. Texans have been and will always be a joke with McNair/Smith/Kubiak running things.

    Bulls on CHARADE !! For 11 years running!

  11. Texans needs help on offense besides only Andre and Foster, and poor Schaub can’t make any difference. Kubiak with his so-call mastermind offense play calling is a num skull. Schaub and Kubiak remind me of Bill & Ted, without the Excellent Adventure.

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