Hawk gives up nearly $2 million to stay in Packers’ plans

When Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk recently restructured his contract, it wasn’t the type of restructuring that moves money around for cap purposes.  Instead, it moved money out of his pocket in 2013.

According to Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Hawk’s new deal includes a pay cut of almost $2 million.  Along the way, a $2.21 million roster bonus became fully guaranteed, which as Dougherty surmises means that Hawk will be in the team’s plans for 2013.

But the house at inside linebacker is getting crowded, with Brad Jones, Desmond Bishop, Terrell Manning, Robert Francois, and Jamari Lattimore also in the mix.  Then there’s D.J. Smith, who started the first six games of the 2012 season before tearing up his knee.

Competition could make the best of the bunch even better, which the Packers will need if they hope to advance beyond the divisional round of the playoffs, the level at which they’ve been stuck for two straight years.

23 responses to “Hawk gives up nearly $2 million to stay in Packers’ plans

  1. I just don’t think he’s smart enough to realize he’s taking a pay cut. Not surprising.

  2. It could be even bigger. According the Journal-Sentinel, the full paycut is a whopping $7.25 million over the next three years. Not even “restructured”, it’s a complete paycut.

  3. He has a catchy name and went to a big football school. I have yet to be impressed by his actual play.

  4. Well who’s gonna pay him more He’s coming off knee surgery in a position where u need ur knee to be strong as can be since u will be chasing rb te n rushing qb so it’s a smart move on him

    He’s playing for a winning team

  5. Finally a player who shows loyalty to his team instead of saying screw you, show me the money.this move will allow the Packers more cap space which they can use in any manner of ways to help the team,the man is to be applauded for being unselfish on the way to the playoffs.

  6. And the three other teams in the NFC North greet this news with great joy, mainly because they have a running game. And re-signing Hawk means those running games will continue to thrive at least two games a year vs. the Pack’s non-existent run defense. And since Green Bay continues to shun any running game on offense, they continue to slide to the bottom of the division. Where’s Paul Hornung when you need him? Oh wait, he’s at the casino.

  7. This is how we do it. We pay players what they are worth and let them compete for a job. Unlike, Minny, where Has Beens/Never Was are overpaid and QBs who have done very little are promised starting positions without having to complete for them.

  8. He took a hell of a haircut on his deal but it was a smart move. Otherwise he’d be cut and he’d be out there in a glut of veteran ILBs looking for a job. Who else is going to pay him more, and where else is going to be a more comfortable fit than where he is now?

  9. Hey Hawk, Why don’t you go flip off your own teammates on the sideline after making the one tackle a game that you make.

  10. Let’s get one thing straight; these guys don’t do much on their own, they all agent up. Their paying the big bucks to these guys and have them on speed dial.

    With that said, the only advice I think his agent told him was you better take their offer or get cut and take your chances no one picks you up.
    In non agent layman’s terms: hey buddy your play sucks, your way over rated and you should thank the almighty the Pack wants to keep you.

  11. At least he cut his hair last season. It was starting to look like a Swedish bikini team on that defense with those two goldilocks on the field. Wait, that’s not fair. I’m sure the Swedish bikini team could at least get a guy on the ground and not let them run away.

  12. My nephew is a major league baseball player and he laughs at this salary dance in the NFL…paycuts, restructuring, etc. Its a running joke among just about everybody in baseball he says.

  13. It makes sense. Hawk’s play has not been up to the caliber his paycheck reflects and I think he knows it. This way he restructures his paycheck to stay on the team, (aka employed as I doubt he’d get picked up elsewhere at his price), and stands a chance to get another couple of rings.

  14. Hawk is one of those players who starred at Ohio State when he was on the juice but is just another body in the NFL. There were many teams who had Hawk off their draft boards completely because of their concerns with him juicing but apparently not the Packers. At best, Hawk is a backup and special teams player.

  15. chi01town says:Mar 25, 2013 9:48 AM

    this dummie took a pay cut to play with the weakest defense in the north.


    We OWN the North, you just play in it.

  16. @Powermad,

    The other teams in the north can run all they want, cause until they can beat the Packers it doesn’t matter, look at the packers record against the division… nuff said you tool!

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