Josh Brent’s trial set for September 23


It’s still unclear whether Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent will be punished by the league before the criminal charges against him are resolved.  If not, the criminal charges eventually will conflict with his work schedule.

According to, Brent’s trial on intoxication manslaughter charges will begin on September 23.

In past cases involving DUI fatalities, the NFL has waited for the criminal case to conclude before imposing discipline.  When quarterback Mike Vick faced indictment for dog fighting and related charges, he was immediately suspended pending resolution of the criminal case.

Absent a suspension, Brent will be able to participate in the offseason program, training camp, the preseason, and three regular-season games before his trial starts.  The NFL may not be inclined to allow Brent to play with felony charges pending.

On December 8, Brent crashed the vehicle he was driving, claiming the life of Cowboys linebacker Jerry Brown.

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  1. The league should suspend him indefinitely, pending the outcome of the trial.

    I understand Jerry Brown’s mom forgave him but it wasn’t an accident. You don’t accidentally drive drunk, sorry. Still can’t get the cringe worthy appearance he made at a Cowboys game about a week after the incident occured.

  2. With such serious charges and with the seemingly strong evidence, waiting until convicted doesn’t need to occur. In fact, as long as the NFL suspension if convicted was consistent regardless of when it begins, I would suspend now.

    If found not guilty of the felony, but of a lessor misdemeanor or even innocent of all charges, what would the penalty be? That is the only reason to wait….

  3. Why is this guy still a paid member of a business enterprise? Does anyone…someone…see any issue with this? Please tell me I’m not nuts. This guy should be suspended w/o pay pending the outcome. They would do that to a cop.

  4. As long as he doesn’t lead with his helmet, he’s welcome back. Can we just stop talking about this guy? I hope he pulls it together but he needs to be out of the NFL.

    Hey maybe they’re keeping him around because he’s the gay dude.

  5. I hope there is a plea deal before it goes to trial. Why waste taxpayers money when everyone knows what happened. Nothing good comes from this tragedy.

  6. I don’t think any less of this guy than I do any of the other idiots that drink and drive. The other ones just get lucky when they don’t kill someone. I’m still surprised the punishment for a DUI/DWI in the NFL hasn’t been increased.

  7. I do not support Brent or the decisions he has made(two DWIs are two too many) BUT people need to understand that while Brent decided to drive drunk with Jerry Brown, Jerry Brown also decided to ride with Brent while driving drunk. People, do not take this the wrong way, because this story is a horrible, sad one. No matter what Brent was wrong but Jerry also had the option to make the choice if he wanted to get in the car or not. From what I here Brown was not intoxicated. Why didn’t he take the keys and drive knowing that Brent was drunk. It’s sad to say, sad to second guess but both men made bad decisions. With that being said Brent deserves what he gets especially for it being his second offense.

    Let me add for those that shoot down the idea of other teammates and friends from supporting him, you are wrong. It’s easy to walk away from someone when they hit rock bottom, it’s not to support the way that Dez has. Big shout out to Dez for putting on his big boy pants.

  8. The league most likely should because of policy and that alone. I don’t care for any of the knee jerk reactions/thinking with your heart that goes on these days, like in the comments.

    This is an issue for his family, Brown’s family and the law. Everybody else putting their feelings into it needs to stop.

  9. Let’s not jump to conclusions guys, let the court of law determine his fate. Pretty soon we’ll be hearing the “he did his time, let him play” nonsense that is common here

  10. The Cowboys are keeping him around as a gesture of kindness to a teammate. He will not be a player in the future, but they will keep him as long as possible to help him. Though everything is his fault, it is a heavy burden he now bears, and those close to him won’t allow themselves to turn their backs on him. He never set out to kill anybody. He just made an incredibly stupid and careless mistake. He deserves to be punished, yes, but he still deserves a small bit of human compassion, which is all the Cowboys will give him. He will be cut or placed on an inactive list when the season rolls around, regardless of league penalty.

  11. He took a life with his actions. Sorry or not, forgiven or not, he should be suspended indefinitely.

  12. Hope the guy gets locked up for at least a year. Anyone have know what kind of punishment he will get?

  13. Seeing him on the sidelines after the accident was easily one of the most disgusting things that I had ever seen. Cowboys and NFL are really putting out the wrong message by having him out there playing.

  14. Not trying to be insensitive here…, please Jerry Brown is innocent …, just as Josh shouldn’t have drink as drive, Jerry shouldn’t have allowed a friend drive drunk, much less be a passenger yourself, it works both ways.., this was probably why Jerry’s mom forgave Josh…
    Now if Josh would’ve killed an innocent bystander, by all means throw the book at him.

  15. Suspend him already. We know he’s guilty even before the trial. Dallas needs all the cap space right now and he’s still counting against the cap. We all know his chances of resuming his career is slim so let’s move on

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