Kevin Boothe staying with Giants

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The left side of the Giants offensive line hit free agency all at once this offseason, but the team won’t have to find a replacement for either player.

Kim Jones of the NFL Network was the first of many to report that left guard Kevin Boothe has agreed to a one-year deal to remain with the team for the 2013 season. Boothe joins left tackle Will Beatty as the owner of a brand new deal, although Beatty’s was a longer term commitment than the one Boothe got from Big Blue.

Boothe had a very strong year as a run blocker in 2012 and avoided penalties, but early reports of interest from other teams never materialized into much in the way of visits or offers for Boothe. It’s an important retention for the Giants, who now don’t have to look for a starter at guard while they decide whether or not they want to roll with David Diehl for another year at right tackle.

If they do, they’ll bring back their entire offensive line from the 2012 season. There were points last season when that seemed like an unlikely and/or unwise decision, but the Giants obviously liked what they had on hand.

24 responses to “Kevin Boothe staying with Giants

  1. This is a good re-sign for the Giants. Boothe might not be great, but he’s solid and he’s versatile. If Beatty gets hurt, Boothe can slide over. If the Giants don’t like Diehl or Brewer at RT, he can go on that side and they can draft a guard. He gives them a lot of options.

  2. Good for the Giants. Boothe played well last year, and can fill in at center if needed. Still a glaring problem at RT, as David Diehl is useless at this point and the other options are unproven commodities.

  3. My gawd logical voice…props for keeping the joke alive! Hey, it’s been 20 years since your team sniffed a Super Bowl but you still act like you’ve won it every year. God bless!

    Ummmm….Giants have won it twice in the last 5 years

  4. Good signing by the giants lol. Aaron Ross solid sign by the giants. Dan Connor solid sign by big blue. Webster came back Jerry knows best lol. Hey we got rivers back solid sign he’ll play 6 games lose Bennett who is way better than Meyers who caught 80 passes cause there was nobody else to throw the ball to in Oakland. Solid sign though lol giants fans are tools you signed and brought back trash complete trash steady decline but one superbowl surrounded by no playoffs makes the giants great. Maybe they make you the Miami marlins of football

  5. We would have won it last season if the National Fixed League with the help of that crook of your owner didn’t have it in for the Redskins. Never fear, we’ll silence you all when Superhuman aka RGIII lifts Lombardi #4 in your stadium.

  6. Just a point I would like to make to you retards who say 2 superbowls in five years well let’s do the math. One superbowl win one one and done in the playoffs two missed playoffs one superbowl win and another missed playoff. That equalls more than on five year stretch. Secondly just because a great feat was accomplished twice doesn’t make you great because you have four complete failures to accompany it.

  7. Oh yes….that’s what I thought. As soon as I saw RG3’s knee buckle I thought, “John Mara is behind this.”

    And when Danny boy signed Haynesworth, Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders, Jeff George, Rex Grossman and all the washed up players he’s wasted money on, I said, “John Mara is behind this. I bet John Mara forged Danny’s name on this contracts.”

    Oh yes. 20 years of bad football in Washington. John Mara is behind it.

  8. I get that it was ridiculous for the NFL to take 18 million from the Redskins. I love the Giants and still think that was bogus. However, how would that money have helped in the playoff game. Would RG3 not have taken brutal hits in the season with the money? Would he have slid more if there was 18 million more in cap space? Would he have not torn his ACL? The Redskins’ success hinged on RG3 and it was over when he went down, not because of the cap penalties.

  9. I like how the Redskin fans are worring about the Giants when their QB is coming off an knee injury and won’t know how he will play until a few games in. Sophmore slump anyone?

  10. Hey redskins fans. Chew on this for a while. THE NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS HAVE DONE SOMETHING NO OTHER TEAM HAS DONE.

  11. I am a long time Giant fan, I get very into all aspects of the season and offseason! That being said, I have never read anything more delusional than the rankings of logical voice and that other joker Harvey!!! Guys, no one is out to get the Redskins, they shoot themselves in the foot enough, the NFL dosent need to pile on! The Redskins tried to work an angle during the uncapped year, they got caught and got there hands slapped. Grow up and except your punishment like big boys!!! Let me say this again “logical voice”, the NFL and Mr. Mara are not out to get you, the Redskins create there own sustained mediocrity, no one else!!!

  12. Hey Paul smith you are the Idiot. I love how your post sounds like 2 superbowls are no big deal, plus your counting this year dummy which you stop after the 2nd title. Your post puts you in the same sack with logical I love to see the jealousy makes us Giants fans laugh at all the bottom feeders.

  13. wow never thought I see anybody try to argue 2 superbowls in 5 years as garbage, a Superbowl a decade is pretty good!

  14. I love the hate for the Giants on here and how so many fans have no clue what their talon about

    2005 11-5 =win division= playoffs

    2006 8-8= wildcard= playoffs

    2007 10-6= wildcard= SB

    2008 12-4= win division, number 1 seed, lose to Eagles in 2ND ROUND, WE HAD A BYE, BURRES SHOT OUR CHANCE OF A REPEAT

    2009 8-8= no playoffs

    2010 10-6= no playoffs

    2011= 9-7= wildcard= SB

    2012 9-7= no playoffs

    Outside of Indy, NE, and Philly during that time frame every other team and their fan base would die for 8 strait seasons of 8 wins or more

    You guys are such a joke, calling you people trolls is an injustice

  15. I’m a Giant fan who now thumbs down any Giant fan that acknowledges troll posts. You give us all a bad name consistently biting on their tripe. Their championship cabinets are so dusty from non-use that they only derive glee from football by rustling your feathers. Why do you keep entertaining these moes? They stopped being funny 7 months ago.

    By the way, it would be funnier if it came from Dallas or Eagles fans. I stopped paying attention to the Skins in 93. Since then, we’ve been able to count 2 gimme wins for the better part of 20 years. One fluke year from a QB who’ll be in a wheelchair by age 25 does not change that. They are the Browns of the AFC North, the Bills of the AFC East, the Cards of the NFC West. Here’s a hashtag for you….#ignorejealouswhiners

  16. Paul Smith is so angry at the Giants. I would be too if my team sucked. Per your analysis, that’s better than any other team has done in the last 25 years in the NFC East..

    Do you actually watch football?

  17. It is soooooo funny how fans of teams who have not done anything in the past decades are the ones actually doing a lot of talking, and predicting at that. I love being a Giants fan. I am a NY fan in general and although the Knicks look like they may have something going this season, the Giants, by far have brought the most pride in being a NY sports fan the past few years.

    It is hilarious, they keep talking but their team keeps failing! Please keep on, it not only is humorous, it is very amusing!!!

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