Mayhew likes linemen, not wideouts


There’s a perception that the Lions love receivers.  They don’t, at least not as much as they used to.

According to Anwar Richardson of, G.M. Martin Mayhew refuted the idea that the fumes of Matt Millen are still lingering in Detroit, even though Mayhew has drafted four receivers since getting the job in 2009.

“You know what’s interesting?” Mayhew said recently, via Richardson.  “The past three drafts in a row, what have we drafted in the first round, the first pick? Lineman.  When you talk about what people are projecting, and what people think we are going to draft this year, anybody saying lineman?”

Mayhew, who also has picked five defensive backs in four drafts, seemed to get a little testy on the topic while rattling off the investment he has made in defensive linemen.

“Two first-round picks,” Mayhew said.  “One, 13th overall [Nick Fairley]; one, second overall [Ndamukong Suh]; $7 million defensive end, Kyle Vanden Bosch; $5 million defensive tackle, Corey Williams. Draft choices, Ronnell [Lewis], Willie [Young], Sammie [Hill].  What do I love?  What do I really love?  Franchised Cliff [Avril].”

With the Lions holding the fifth overall pick in the draft, maybe that’s a smokescreen aimed at making people think Mayhew will take another lineman.

But despite the picks devoted in the past decade to receivers, the effort has landed one of the best to ever play the game in Calvin Johnson, a size-and-speed combination whom the Raiders inexplicably left on the board six years ago.  If Mayhew can add enough talented players around Johnson, maybe the Lions can do more than simply score a periodic one-and-done playoff appearance.

18 responses to “Mayhew likes linemen, not wideouts

  1. We still need to find a true number 2 receiver, someone who can force the defense to play the field instead of hovering around Johnson.

  2. The irony here is that they need WRs. Burleson isn’t 100% yet, Broyles may not play until late in the season. They waived Young. They may NEED to invest in a WR, as the free agency crop won’t really yield much.

    However, he knows where his bread is buttered. I believe they’re set offensively. They need to replenish their LB and DB corps.

  3. The Lions have stacked their defense with sub-par secondary members and paid high price for defensive lineman.

    They have other people’s nickel corners starting for them. It’s pretty clear who they like. Jim Schwartz used to be a defensive line coach. What more do you want?

  4. Well, considering they still don’t have a legit # 2 WR opposite Calvin, the chances of them taking another WR in the first three rounds of this draft are pretty good.

  5. If Fisher lands with the Lions at 5, the offense will be among the league’s best. Reggie fills the void left by Javhid. Still need a d-end. Ashlee Palmer isn’t that much less of a player than Durant.

  6. Four receivers in 4 years? Doesn’t that apply to every GM of similar tenure? Let’s not let the facts get in the way of your preconceived perceptions. Just keep grinding the monkey for the entertainment of the intellectually incurious fan.

  7. how can you say that the raiders inexplicably left calvin johnson on the board? i know they took jamarcus russel but before the draft all you talking heads in the media were proclaiming him the next troy aikman. ur a gutless hypocrite florio

  8. Why haven’t they brought Darrius Heyward Bey in for a visit? He was always facing top corners in the AFC West. In Detriot, he’d see single coverage from #2 corners. He seems like the perfect fit for them to take the top off defenses. He should come cheap after 4 bad seasons and some money paid from the raiders.

  9. Any real Lions fan knows we have great young WR talent. Mike Thomas, Kris Durham, Patrick Edwards, Brian Robiskie, Ryan Broyles, etc. Let them boys play. Look into these guys before you speak next time.

  10. My not-so-serious comment about them drafting Patterson was deleted. Yeah, I see how that is offensive. Who’s running this site, Roger Goodell?

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