Niners’ new stadium will have a mammoth wireless network

As the NFL tries to make the in-stadium experience better than watching the game at home, one of the key components has become Internet access.

At the 49ers’ new stadium, all 68,5000 fans will be able to connect to the wireless network.  According to, the connections can happen simultaneously, without limits on uploads or downloads.

Previously, stadium executives have believed that a network capable of accommodating every person in the building would be impossible.  For Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, the wireless network could have supported up to 30,000 connections.  The load maxed out a 8,260 simultaneous users.

49ers executives are adamant that the new venue will be able to absorb a connection from everyone in the stadium.  While the Niners currently don’t need to do much to entice fans to come out and watch a successful franchise, reliable Internet access becomes a critical aspect of the infrastructure at every NFL building.

And since our business is Internet based, we support that approach, unequivocally.

60 responses to “Niners’ new stadium will have a mammoth wireless network

  1. People can’t go somewhere for 3 hours and watch a football game without playing with their IPAD and IPHONES? Why pay a couple a hundred dollars for a ticket just to surf the internet?

  2. With the way their fans behave, I hope they have a jail underneath, like Philly had at the Vet.

  3. This isn’t new technology as the article is pushing, i’ve heard of the company that does it a while ago. I’m pretty certain it’s be done already on the college level.

  4. @tincansailor98

    The “element” you are referring to will likely be priced out of the building.

  5. @dasboat

    Missing the point.

    The access will be there in part to allow people to order food with their phones to be delivered to their seat, run an app that will show the streaming replays you choose to watch…etc. The Access is there to enhance the game-watching experience.

  6. @osubrndn

    While a number of stadiums have Wireless access, NONE can support anything close to that load. 68,000 SIMULTANEOUS users with no download caps.

    Thats nuts…HUGE network.

  7. Robert Kraft has been talking about doing it at Gillette, too. The idea is that you can check on fantasy stats, and maybe get some extra in-stadium-only content, like replays, etc.

  8. @truninerfan49

    As I said before…the access will enhance the game experience. Watch replays on your phone, order food from your seat, etc.

  9. Shifting from white wine-sipping fans to hipster doofus fans who won’t be able to clap because they’ll be holding laptops.


  10. Just like Candlestick was to be a heated stadium, never worked.

    Hope the same happens for this overpriced dump.

    After 30 years as a season ticket holder, I’ll never go to a overpriced game with these 9er money grabbers again.

    I missed out on the IPO, so I can’t afford putting another 401K down for tickets

    Love the team, just not the knife in the back owner

  11. @marvin49

    I get it. But one of the things that DETRACTS from my game experience is people ordering food, pointing out replays on the iPads, etc. I actually like to sit in my seat, with a minimum of restroom runs, and watch the live game. I can “order” food and watch unlimited replays on my new ClearMotion LED TV at home.

  12. Are they going to add an outlet at every seat too? While I understand the concept of providing perks to the individuals in attendance, the need to be “plugged in” to the internet at every possible second is ridiculous. Go to the game to watch the game you are at. They could save a ton of money by simply streaming all the fantasy stats to a few screens visible from the stands. Pipe NFL RedZone to the jumbotron, show every replay on the big screens and call it a day.

  13. Know how some Cowboy fans and Giant-Jet fans are lamenting their new stadiums, and bemoan the fact that the home-field advantage isn’t what it used to be at the older stadiums?

    The Niners jacked prices up to where a lot of the older, more hardcore fans have been priced out out the game, or, in the very least, can’t afford the up-close seats they occupied at The Stick. Now, they’re giving the Silicon Valley yuppies who can afford the new tickets prices and PSLs something else to do with their hands other than bring them together and make noise. Anyone else get the idea Niner fans may be on board with Giant/Jet/Cowboy fans in a couple of years?

  14. harealedood says:
    Mar 25, 2013 2:01 PM
    LOL @nineroutsider

    They can light up whole cities if they wanted… except for the occasional Monday nights


    He’s talking about silicon valley not decrepit 40 year old stadium in SF.

    He’s right too.

  15. I’m sure they will use multiple edge servers, cache popular content like fantasy numbers so it wont be 68000 devices accessing the internet. Multiple
    Still, it will be quite a feat to see how this will actually work.

  16. How about they make it not cost a mortgage payment to take a family to the game to sit in the cheap seats.

    A fuller wallet after the game is the only game day experience I want.

  17. But now, you’ll be able to stream live video of the Niners getting slaughtered to anyone you like. Imagine it, up close and personal vids of Kaepernick being run down and thrown for big losses for the whole world to see.

  18. Sorry – “Weirdo-ville” – what kind of loser do you have to be to throw that term out there? You wouldn’t last a day out here bro. Even the hipsters would run you out of their offices.

    Also, you may want to stay up with the times, a certain segment of our fan base has shifted from wine-sapping to 40 chugging, so you may want to be careful about what 9er fans you are calling soft. Your stereotypes are at least 20 years old.

    “Weirdo-ville” – automating your job for over 50 years!

  19. The Bay Area is “weirdo-ville.”

    I live here and couldn’t agree more. But those “weirdo” hipsters are the reason you are able to type your response to this here article.

    I’m think it’s great to have a network like that set up. We are the most tech advanced part of the world, so it is only natural to be the most advanced stadium in the country. I have to give the Niners kudos for building a stadium like this.

    Here’s hoping if the Raiders build a new one here it will be able to show off more of the tech that the rest of the country runs on.

  20. If the view from the top of the 2nd deck is anything like Mt. Davis in Oaktown, trust me, you will need a wireless connection and a streaming device to watch the game!

  21. @kurtzimmer says: Mar 25, 2013 2:42 PM

    If the view from the top of the 2nd deck is anything like Mt. Davis in Oaktown, trust me, you will need a wireless connection and a streaming device to watch the game!
    Shoot, the Oakland Coliseum is the basis of the new stadium design, especially Mount Davis. You must be a genius as certainly nothing gets by you.

  22. Now, when you notice a TV camera is aimed at you in the stands, you can hold up your tablet and try the infinite-image trick…

  23. @bobhk

    I live in Silicon Valley…no he isn’t. Technology is mobile and has nothing to do with physical location. You can’t assume that by virtue of having the new stadium located in Santa Clara that it necessarily has resources that are unavailable to other locations.

  24. jikkle49 says:
    Mar 25, 2013 2:25 PM
    How about they make it not cost a mortgage payment to take a family to the game to sit in the cheap seats.

    A fuller wallet after the game is the only game day experience I want.

    Just incase anyone missed the best point made.

  25. Since this is happening in San Francisco, I’m going to go ahead and assume that the taxpayers are on the hook for the bandwidth bill.

  26. So why would someone pay the ridiculous amount of money it takes to attend a pro football game to stick their nose in an electronic device when they can do it at home for free? People are already obnoxious when it comes to electronic devices in public so now that means they can be obnoxious on two fronts… both drunk AND surfing the Internet at an NFL game near you!

    When are people going to realize that getting butts in seats is no more complicated than lowering prices of the “in-stadium experience”?

  27. Unless you are in the media & having to meet a deadline bringing your computer to a football game is more than overkill & just retarded.

    They show replays already on the big screens & if I want to get on the internet I’ll use this ‘new thing’ called a smartphone.

    As for food & drink unless they are going to also make the seats toilettes I’ll just be fine timing that when I hit the head thank you very much.

  28. All these fans complaining aout the owners and the new ticket prices simply aren’t paying attention.

    What did you expect? NFL teams need new revenue streams from these new age stadiums to compete. Back in the day, municipalities built these things FOR the teams. Cities (and in particular cities in California) have gotten out of the stadium building game, so the money to build these things has to come from somewhere.

    Its not like the 49ers are demanding too much either. Candlestick is BY FAR the oldest unrenovated stadium in the NFL. Moreover, its such a dump and a poor football stadium that it wasn’t even an option to remodel it ALA Lambeau or Soldier Field. It was designed as a baseball stadium…and a poor one at that.

    Don’t like the Priced for an SBL? Understandable. If Tax payers aren’t going to shell it out though the money has to come from somewhere. This isn’t just a Niner thing. ALL new stadiums are being built with PSLs/SBLs.

    Bottom Line? Stop complaining and be happy that you had some of the cheapest ticket prices in the NFL for YEARS. No it’s time for that team to move on…and their prices are NOT outrageous compared to other new stadiums.

  29. @dukemarc

    Actually, no. Not only THAT bill, but the building is going for a LEED certification and has solar panels all over the place in an attempt to make the entire stadium “grid neutral”. It also has a “Green Roof” over the suite stack to lower heating and cooling costs.

  30. @jetsjetsjetsnow

    Yeah, the idea is smartphones and tablets. I’m not sure if it survived, but one of the ideas was to put a holder of some kind to hold your iPad/tablet in place during a game.

    Anyone who is complaining about people not involved in the game because they are on their phones appearantly hasn’t been to a game and is unaware of the “TV Timeout”.

  31. @jikkle49

    The cheapest seats in the house are $85 and the most expensive NON-Club seats are $125 to $150.

    If you think that’s a mortgage payment then you clearly don’t live in the Bay Area.

  32. harealedood says:
    Mar 25, 2013 3:00 PM

    I live in Silicon Valley…no he isn’t. Technology is mobile and has nothing to do with physical location. You can’t assume that by virtue of having the new stadium located in Santa Clara that it necessarily has resources that are unavailable to other locations.


    I can’t speak for his mind but I did assume he spoke about south bay vs SF.

    And no, you are not correct. There is a big difference between mobile (i.e. cellular tech) and wifi based and is definitely located based.

    Besides you are missing the point. I took he’s talking about Candlestick and they are not modern. South bay is definitely the most advanced tech wise in the US and it’s appropriate that the Santa Clara could do it.

  33. @marvin49

    apparently you go to games by yourself

    lets just say I paid 75 for a ticket and took my family

    $75×5= $375
    plus parking $20
    plus food and beverage $50-$75

  34. @steel6curtain

    LOL. Correct.

    The median home price in the Bay Area is over 500K.

    Mortgage on a home that price is alot more than the close to $500 you just quotes….like 4 to 6 TIMES that much.

    As I said….if you think that’s the price of a Mortgage, you don’t live in the ay Area.

  35. This will be a real challenge for Dan Williams and his IT team. He seems overly confident in the technology to me. Wireless is a free for all playground of a technology and is far from perfected. Even if you perfect the network to connect everyone in their seats it will still be a mess when people are roaming around jumping from access point to access point. It would be a fun project to be on if you’re in IT. I wonder if a metropolitan area network will be used… Good article.

  36. steel6curtain, you are forgetting something in your estimate: The $2000 minimum per-seat PSL at the new stadium.

    For a family of five, that’s ten thousand dollars to be paid up front (or over time, with added interest) before you are allowed to actually buy a ticket to a game.

  37. Wow. Can’t people go to a game and JUST WATCH THE FREAKING GAME anymore? Are they so tied to their electronic nipple-substitutes that they have to bring them to the stadium?

    If the game itself is not adequate in terms of keeping your attention, perhaps you should rethink the idea of having tickets and going to the game. If you can’t finish your work at the office or at home and must work during the game, perhaps you should avoid the time spent in transit and just work from home and not bring it to the stadium.

    Laptops, iPhones, cell phones, whatever–leave that stuff in the car for four hours of your freaking life!

  38. @calicowboysfan86

    Good point. I work for Brocade myself and we have that Access Point issue in our own building. Its not an issue if you sit and connect from one spot, but moving around the building is a challenge.

  39. @trollhammer20

    That is a one-time fee that is payable over 10 years.

    That is still nowhere near the average mortgage to buy a house in the Bay Area.


  40. For people saying that just because us fans drop $100 to go watch a game we should get off the phone..

    well, here are some news for you.. the intend for the wireless is not only for fans to play with their phone. it will also add a on-game home experience where fans will be able to REPLAY a play on demand, keep up with stats and even their own fantasy football team.

    Who here has been at a game trying to get an connection on the phone to try to check the scores on the divisional rival without success cuz of the jam of 70K other users in the area?

    I have!!

  41. So they can all twiddle their fingers on their machines whole at an outdoor sporting event. Most of the activity will center around fantasy sports gambling.


  42. @bobhk

    I think it would take way too much time to unpack your last post, but my main point was that the poster was asserting that these new features of the 49er stadium are feasible by virtue of its proximity to Silicon Valley. My “joke” was that given the proximity of Candlestick park to Silicon Valley, a blackout still occurred. I think the avg. person would probably lump SF with Silicon Valley….it is referred to as the “Bay Area” after all.

    Anyways, if my comments offended you and all the other 49er homers out there, I apologize. YOLO

  43. I used to bring a portable tv to games back in the 80s just to watch replays from the nose bleed section and kill time during the endless tv time outs that seem to take up half the 3 hour game. Just a more user friendly way to enhance the entertainment value. Plus if you can order food & beer right to your seat I’m in! Now if they can only find a way to take a leak without leaving your seat…

  44. Did you ever look at the administrative rosters of most teams? A dozen or so V-P’s, managers by the dozens, a plethora of skilled positions. A football team can have over a hundred office types, in addition to the coaches and players and couple of dozen field assistants. All of those people have to have places to work, computers, copiers, etc, etc. There benefits plans, retirement plans, 401K’s, etc.

    THEN, you’ve got players making millions per year, coaches getting millions per year, etc. TV pays for some of it, but not all. Selling a few $25.00 caps each week isn’t going to make up the difference.

    Football today is a far cry from “let’s win it for the Gipper”. Heck, a pro helmet can cost nearly $700. Fifty bucks a seat wouldn’t get a team very far in today’s world. You’ve gotta face it, your favorite sport is a very expensive undertaking.

  45. Anyone that’s been to game that pretends like they wouldn’t pull out their phone to see the replay up close on a coach’s challenge is full of it.

  46. I don’t understand why anyone would need internet while being in the stadium, and personally I never will.

    But I’m a fan of this because I no longer have to deal with guys complaining that they are unable to check this’n’that for an entire game.

    And maybe somebody comes up with an app that auto-cheers for people who just attend games in order to be able to say that they were in the stadium…

  47. For all those people complaining about the
    technology at the game. Why do you care, what
    other people do at the game, if it doesn’t effect
    your own experience? It’s none of your business
    anyway. If you don’t like it, don’t go stay home!

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