PFT Live: Bar too high for RGIII return?

Rich Tandler of CSN Washington joins Mike Florio to discuss all things Washington Redskins. Mike Shanahan has an optimistic outlook on Robert Griffin III’s return from injury, but Dr. James Andrews went off the rail claiming RGIII is super human. Is there too much hope the second-year QB will be 100 percent by season’s start?

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4 responses to “PFT Live: Bar too high for RGIII return?

  1. Guys, give it a rest! Dr. Andrews is just suggesting that Griffin is ahead of schedule. The Skins realize that Griffin is the future and Coach has already said that he will not return until 100 percent. RG is healing nice, but if he is not ready Curt is getting the reps and will fill in nice until RG is ready. Until then be patient there is no added pressure for Griffin to hurry back.

  2. Andrews may be thinking of himself more, than Griffin. He gives glowing reports that most believe are too good to be true (and probably are). He knows that the second RGIII steps onto the field of play in a game his (Andrews) culpability is behind him. Griffin injured the knee in college, and now again. If he were truly “super-human” would this have happened? We can be optimistic and hope RGIII can play again, but I think the fans are going to have to realize that what they saw in 2012, an explosive scrambler with speed, is going to be tempered, even muted somewhat going forward. If Griffin himself doesn’t realize this, the possibilities for future problems will only increase exponentially.

    BTW: Have they fixed that golf rough of a field at FedEx yet?

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