Report: “Highly unlikely” Carson Palmer restructures deal with Raiders

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We could be getting closer to a resolution of Carson Palmer’s status with the Raiders.

Based on a report from Adam Schefter of ESPN, the resolution could be that Palmer finds a new place to continue his career. Schefter reports that it is “highly unlikely” Palmer agrees to restructure his $13 million contract with the Raiders, which means Oakland will have the choice of paying him that money or releasing him. Since the team has already said they want to give Terrelle Pryor a chance to compete for the quarterback job, it’s unlikely they’d pay $13 million for a player that could wind up as a backup.

Dropping Palmer would free up some salary cap space for the Raiders, who could then turn to the draft for more quarterback help and concentrate on building up other areas while seeing what Pryor or a rookie can do with the job. It’s not an ideal situation, but the team probably won’t be in considerably worse shape than they would be if Palmer remains at quarterback this season.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic thinks the Cardinals will be interested in Palmer if he shakes free, which is not the first time that Arizona has come up as a likely landing spot. We reported earlier this month that people around the league believe Arizona is waiting for Palmer to become free. Palmer’s arm certainly fits the kind of deep passing that Bruce Arians likes to feature in his offense, so there could be more quarterback shuffling to come.

63 responses to “Report: “Highly unlikely” Carson Palmer restructures deal with Raiders

  1. The Raiders shouldn’t try to do anything with him. They should be in full rebuilding mode and Palmer doesn’t help…at all. I understand that what they gave up for him makes it hard, but chalk that up to the old regime and continue fixing that mess. If done correctly, this should be the last rebuild for a while and maybe they will give their fans a winning season sometime in the next few years.

  2. Likely to happen: Arizona ends up with Palmer…..Oakland drafts a QB; perhaps even trading down and still getting the QB and extra pick. Back up QB and/or competitor for starting Position might be needed for Oakland. There are plenty of QBs of that stature out there. Perhaps even Flynn from Seattle, but unlikely.

  3. The distinguished scholar athlete from The Ohio State University that gave us such gems as:

    “Not everybody’s the perfect person in the world. I mean everyone kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me, whatever. I think that people need a second chance, and I’ve always looked up to Mike Vick, and I always will.”

    will now be the future of the Sliver and Black!

  4. “toddm1016 says: Mar 25, 2013 4:23 PM

    What a disaster that trade was.”

    “Not for us,” says every Bengal fan in existence. I guess Carson will go home and pout some more.

  5. Maybe find him some recievers that can catch and he’d be worth every cent, but instead you let the only guy that could walk(Myers). Fans are quick to blame the QB and that is just not the case here. Man Palmer to Fitzgerald would do wonders for both of their careers. If Arizona is His next stop the NFC west would be the strongest division hands down.

  6. We take the dead cap space move, let Pryor compete with a veteran signed off the street, draft Shariff Floyd and sign Mike Jennings…

  7. I think a lot of these situations are worked out by the player agents. Probably half the starting QBs in the league are represented by the same agency. The agency assesses the situation around the league, they know their clients individual preferences, then they move the pieces on the chess board to make the maximum number of people happy.

  8. if i was with the raiders, i would just draft a young QB and let him start from day one, not like they are playoff material anytime soon, or trade palmer for a pick and send the patriots a pick for mallett, either way raiders are always in transition

  9. Carson Palmer isn’t going any where soon. Reggie McKenzie has no dead lines to meet. There’s no bonus due and no rush to do anything. If Arizona, the Bills or anyone else wants Palmer they will have to trade for him. McKenzie will not release Palmer before the NFL Draft. Carson will do one of three things. Retire, take a pay cut and stay or be traded to someone else. Any team waiting for the Raiders to cut Palmer will be waiting along time. The draft will be long over. Teams who need a QB won’t be able to wait for Palmer. They will be forced to draft one.

  10. No big loss…just an average QB who never has had the passion or raised the level of play of those around him like the great ones do.

  11. Man, what a disaster this would be. I’ll believe it when I see it, but I wouldn’t put it past McKenzie and his penny-pinching, get-my-own-guys ways.

    Have to laugh at Raiders fans who can’t recognize Palmer is the best QB, by far, we’ve had since Gannon and one of the top 15 QBs in the league. Geno Smith would be a terrible reach pick and Pryor is a big-time gamble. Next year’s draft has a solid QB crop so maybe McKenzie’s plan is to see if Pryor can do something and if not we’ll just suffer a 2-14 type season and get Teddy Bridgewater or Manziel with the No. 1 pick next year.

    Not a terrible long-term strategy, but this year is going to be ATROCIOUS if we just let Palmer walk and beyond that is a mystery.

    – 28th in scoring defense
    – 28th in rushing offense
    – Below average o-line and WR play
    – 8th ranked passing offense

    And Raiders fans want to slam the QB.


  12. They should at least try and trade him first. Look at what Alex Smith netted the Niners, and I would argue CP3 is a better QB.

  13. $13 million is high, but people forget that Palmer already restructured once. Two, Palmer had a good year in 2012 if you go by statistics. He had NO running game, and a defense that couldn’t protect the rare lead that they did have. I watched ALL of the games last year. There is no way that the Raiders will just concede the 2nd round pick he is costing them this year by simply cutting him. Palmer is better than every quarterback in this draft class and McKenzie knows it. Palmer will get traded, and quite frankly, I’d be happy if we got a third rounder for him. The plan is probably to play Pryor anyway, and draft a franchise qb next year when the class is much better.

  14. Yep, typical Carson restructure his contract to help the team…not a chance. The guy is a peach! Remember he’s got 90 million in the bank BEFORE the Raiders made the trade of the century! Love to see him go to Arizona…if he does get ready for several pick sixes among 20 or so INT’s and the same dumbfounded look on his face after he throws them. He is consistent though…you get the look after every INT.

    Good luck with him Zona.

  15. I like carson as a qb but his selfishness is his downfall. This definitely means good bye for carson…pretty sad cause I bought a cp jersey in china…ya it was off white but it worked. Now I’m gonna have to sell it some cardinals fan.

  16. Still hope we pick up Shariff Floyd or a solid defensemen. It’s going to be interesting considering we lost our 2nd round pick to this fool. I have faith in Pryor maybe pickup Tyler Bray in the 3rd round as a backup qb

  17. Hue, the greatest trade ever in the NFL? What a mess you idiot.

    Carson does nothing but throw interceptions when you don’t need an interception. 13 million, no way.

    He couldn’t hit Jerry Rice on a ghost rout if a game was on the line. Wait, that was Hey-bey, went right through his hands.

    Dave Casper where are you? we need you back.

    Al what a mess you let this team get into.

  18. Great. Can’t justify paying him, can’t condone cutting him. AAnnnndddd the Raid pay a 2nd rd pick this yr for someone who will no longer be with the team. Aaannnnddddd giving the reins over to a kid who has a throwing motion like Vince Young.
    This just keeps getting better.
    CP3 was the victim of too many dropped passes, young WRs, wrong routes & (often) poor pass blocking, not to mention lack of running game threat, numbskull OC, & idiotic play calling. He was the lone bright spot of experience on the current roster. But even as a CP3 fan, I can’t see him getting that crazy cash.
    What I don’t understand is this; He (& other FAs) know their current organization(s) won’t likely be able to afford ($13M), in this case. Their contract is almost like a shot-gun deal, as they are (un)wittingly priced out of their current team’s budget. Yet they go elsewhere to play for less. Why not just stay put & apply the discount to the team which overpaid you last season? (lol)
    Will Shane Lechler make as much this year as last year? He would have had to take a pay cut if he were franchised. Would he have stayed if McK offered him what the Texans are paying him? Or is this merely a way to “eat & run” to new scenery?

  19. No QBs in this years draft worth a high pick.
    If they release him, just struggle through the season with Pryor or whoever, and take a shot next year.
    There has to be a better QB crop…
    And that way they’ll know if Pryor has anything or if they need to cut bait and move on.
    2013 is going to be a rebuilding year anyway. Wins will be scarce.

  20. So I guess we will be seeing Geno Smith as Pryor’s competition in training camp.
    Does Palmer still have that strong arm? If so, Larry Fitzgerald will be ecstatic. He will finally receive the football with some velocity behind it. Just hopefully the for the Cardinals, that they can get to Palmer before the Jets do. I am a believer that with the right O-line, Palmer can still get the job done. The second Palmer gets released, which we know with the 13 Million it will get done, the Jets will snatch him right up. The Cardinals better get prepared to make that move.

  21. Dear Mr. Jackson,
    Thank you for doing something no one else in professional football could ever do: making me look like a genius.
    Mike Brown

  22. Go ahead and get rid of Palmer. Pryor will do nothing in the NFL. If he was any good, he would’ve been groomed by now. People think the the read-option offense can be applied to every team. You have to be able to throw accurately as well. Palmer is pretty much the whole team since the OL can’t even create a hole for McFadden to run through. Not to mention the atrocious WR’s they have…..

    Raiders don’t win 3 games next year if they pull the plug on him.

  23. I hated this trade from the beginning, but we were in a very tough spot during a very competitive run…for the first time in a very long time!! I hate the price and the way it turned out. There is no question that it hurt this organization tremendously now. Still, part of me wonders what could have been if Hue was calling the plays instead of Greg Knapp and we got a full season of Carson Palmer with a healthy Dmac and a heavy dose of Marcel Reese. I just feel like there was definitely potential there before Reggie burned it all down…before he even gave it a chance. We were knocking on the door for the first time in a very very long time. Seems like an odd time to scrap it and bring in a brand new head coach with a proven failure at OC.

    Oh well. Full rebuild is clearly the only way to go now. Fix the cap for the long term and for the love of god…you better draft well Reg!! Silver and Black till the day I die. Go Raiders!!

  24. Octane passing offense hopefuls, do not get this guy!

    He throws too many interceptions and is better as a play-action, run first offense QB!

    Jacksonville, Cleveland, Buffalo, go after him!!!

    Meanwhile, let Oakland ruin their own offense with Tony Sparano’s “Wild Crap”!!!

  25. I’ve said this elsewhere, but you might ultimately see a swap of QB’s between Arizona and Oakland. It would make sense for the Raiders to wait until late in the process and if Kevin Kolb hasn’t found a home, I could see McKenzie signing Kolb to a bargain, incentive-laden contract and create a “real” QB competition for Pryor.

    The Raiders don’t need to draft a QB this season and Smith is a reach at #3 – they have FAR too many needs to be focused there right now. There isn’t a franchise QB in this draft – no need for the club to pretend there is.

  26. Palmers going to F us over. I knew it. Quit sabotaging my team you over paid fat cats! Build a winner. I’m tired of the mediocrity! The autumn wind….

  27. Sadly, Palmer would be an upgrade for the AZ Cardinals. Not a bad stop-gap measure while they develop a QB that they pick up (hopefully NOT in this year’s first round– linemen only please!)

  28. This is just stupid:

    “Since the team has already said they want to give Terrelle Pryor a chance to compete for the quarterback job, it’s unlikely they’d pay $13 million for a player that could wind up as a backup.”

    Have you actually watched the two of them play? There’s no way in hell Pryor legitimately beats Palmer in a competition. The only way that Palmer, in that battle, ends up backing up is if the coaches decide to force the development of Pryor regardless of who the other QBs are on the roster.

    There is no competition. The team will decide which way they want to go and their moves will dictate the answer to that in advance. If they keep Palmer he starts. If they don’t, they bring in someone equally as high risk as Pryor and then have a legit battle of low priced wannabes hoping that one will surprise.

  29. I keep reading all these news stories saying that Palmer is all but gone from Oakland, yet I have seen nothing that suggests Oakland has any interest in letting him go. They haven’t looked at any free agent qbs, there’s only rumors that they’ll go after one in the draft, and to this point, there has been zero talk from the Oakland camp that would lead me to believe that the team is interested in letting him go.

    Yes, a move like that would make perfect sense to most – cut the lackluster starting qb, polish up the #2 guy, and draft someone who will hopefully pick up the mantle successfully down the road. But since when have our precious Raiders made such well thought out decisions like that?!

    I hope and pray Adam Schefter is right. I want Palmer gone so bad I can taste it. But I’m not getting my hopes up until the story breaks that he is officially unemployed.

  30. Trade Palmer for a third rounder, to Arizona that’s best for everyone. With that third rounder draft Mike Glennon of NC State, I feel he’s the best QB in this years draft. Get a defensive linemen with first rounder(Sharif Floyd would be a good fit) and then draft clowney in 2014. This would be a very solid start to a rebuild. Maybe involve Palmer in a Revis trade with Jets? Also a possibility. Even with NYJ and Arizona sniffing around do they have the money absorb 13 million? Lots of questions surrounding this. Arizona would be wise to get him and draft an O-linemen.(which they should’ve done last year) with Palmer, Fitzgerald and Mendenhall this team could be a contender.

  31. I realize that this is a team game, but Carson lost at least three games last year with terrible forced throws.

    The great QB’s do not do that.

    I will lose with Pryor rather than win with Palmer.

  32. @kenstabler:

    Every person on the team can have plays traced back to them that gone better and might have changed the game. Receivers could’ve made catches, lineman could’ve made better blocks, RBs read the holes better (I’m talking to you DMac!), defenders not missed tackles or broken blocks.

    It’s a team game that is culmination of plays made and missed. Most of those situations aren’t readily visible to the casual fan or as obvious as where a pass lands.

    In the end, Palmer made far more good and sometimes great plays than bad. Many of the players on the team can’t say the same.

    If you want a scapegoat then look at Darren “I can’t read the ZBS” McFadden for someone that was the downfall of the offense. If he was able to read the plays as well as lesser runners like Reece and Stewart did then maybe Palmer wouldn’t have found himself in pass only mode in the second half of every game. Maybe if he wasn’t having to play come from behind because of a sieve defense and playing against defenses that didn’t know 100% that he was passing, he’d have had more success.

    In that same situation you would most definitely get to see Pryor lose games, and lose them in ways that will have Raiders fans wishing to get Palmer back. Just wait and see …

  33. Kudos to Cincinnati for not caving in to her demands, she went to Oakland where she never proved anything, cept she is all talk.

  34. icanthelpitimabengalsfan says: Mar 25, 2013 5:20 PM

    Yep, typical Carson restructure his contract to help the team…not a chance. The guy is a peach! Remember he’s got 90 million in the bank BEFORE the Raiders made the trade of the century! Love to see him go to Arizona…if he does get ready for several pick sixes among 20 or so INT’s and the same dumbfounded look on his face after he throws them.

    Palmer threw for 4018 yards, 22 TD, 14 INT last season. His best running back was Marcel Reece, a fullback. His top two wide receivers didn’t even have 1,200 yards between them. He restructured his contract in 2012. He took the blame for every loss last season, and never pointed a finger at anyone. I didn’t like the trade that brought him to Oakland, but some of these comments are just ignorant.

  35. Palmer isn’t going anywhere, this is all just hype to try and get teams to trade up with them. None of this new offensive coaching staff, Greg Olson in particular, accepted their job without a clear direction at the quarterback position. Whoever keeps leaking this “information” clearly has an agenda. You’re telling me no one heard a pin drop about who our new OC was at the time but all of a sudden their leaking out information about contract negotiations? Get real guys.

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