Ronde Barber will take his time before deciding whether to return

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Ronde Barber hasn’t decided whether to play in 2013 or retire. And he doesn’t plan to decide any time soon.

Barber said in an interview with Andrew Siciliano on NFL Network that he is going to take his time and think everything over before he decides whether to return for a 17th season with the Buccaneers at age 38, or to retire from the NFL. Barber added that the Buccaneers have already told him he’s welcome back but he’s free to decide about a comeback on his own schedule.

“I have not made a decision yet. They’ve allowed me to not rush the decision, so I’m not going to rush it,” Barber said.

Barber said he doesn’t see any way he would play for any team other than the Buccaneers, and he also said that if he does come back, he understands that the arrival of free agent safety Dashon Goldson would probably mean Barber would get less playing time. Barber said that if he does return to the Bucs, he can live with being a backup.

Ultimately, Barber said, his decision will come down to a “gut feeling.” And his gut hasn’t decided yet.

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  1. I hope he does come back, but if he decides to retire I wouldn’t blame him either. He has given more than his fare share of his time playing in the NFL and to my Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Been a treat to watch him play over the years, a main reason I became a Bucs fan years ago. A sure lock Hall-of-Famer and a genuinely, great all around person and player.

  2. True baller…Tiki was good but had bad character…dont know if twins compete at 35 but if they do Tiki lost…lol

  3. As a long time Buc fan I have a lot of respect for everything Ronde Barber has accomplished during his career… But at this point I would be fine with him retiring… His play is steadily decling and it’s time to let someone else have the roster spot…

  4. Barber has more consecutive starts than any other cornerback in NFL history, more sacks than any other cornerback in NFL history and more interceptions than any other Buccaneer in history. Plus he has 12 defensive touchdowns and owns a Super Bowl ring…

    Thumbs up if Ronde belongs in the hall of fame…
    Thumbs down if he does not belong in the HOF….

  5. That’s a shame and it isn’t really fair to the Bucs.
    I am a Packer fan and the story sounds a lot familiar from the Favre situation.

    It puts the team in a tough spot, and while Ronde will always be remembered as a Buc if he moves on to play someone else.

    It sets up for some weird situations between team and player.

  6. Gotta say, it is very classy of Tampa Bay to give Ronde time to make his own decision. He’s been loyal to the team, and they seem to respect him. It’s not often the case.

  7. This better Barber has had an amazing long career and has done it with class, unlike his flabbergasted twin brother.

  8. “Ronde, it’s time to take it easy, man. There’s more to life than football. Why not retire and hang out with your brother Tiki. Or at least why not take off the first game of the season – give yourself a rest.

    Your friend,
    London Fletcher”

  9. Man this guy still playing n has played well
    Future borderline hall of famer I think

    Take some time rest skip the offseason workouts n camp lol u have earned it. But do comeback u will be playing don’t worry

  10. He needs 2 sacks for 30 and 3 int’s for 50….. An amazing accomplishment if he’s able to achieve those numbers, and unlikely to ever be matched or surpassed. Playing the slot would actually increase his chances to get 2 more sacks and 3 int’s are not an unreasonable possibility either.

    To continue the starting streak, the defense would simply have to begin the game in a dime defense, which is not too far fetched either.

    This would secure his bid for the hall of fame, even though defensive backs are often overlooked for a bronze bust.

    Although we’re talking about individual accomplishments, he’s the ultimate team player, and would be a huge help if the team drafts 2 corners. If they’re unable to swing a trade for Revis, his presence on the team would be necessary, for his leadership alone! Without him, I think the defensive backfield would suffer greatly, and practically guarantee the team would give up huge chunks of yardage outside the hash marks all season long.

    I’ll never forget his contributions to the Superbowl season, and being a classy representative of the organization for his entire career…..

    Thanks for the memories brother, and best of luck in the future, regardless of what you decide is best for you and your family..

    … Go Bucs!!!

  11. I must admit I was upset to see Ronde’s free safety position stolen from him after one very good (Pro Bowl alternate, you don’t get that as a Buc unless you deserve it) season at his new position…I really hope he stays because I think he can terrorize offense’s if he’s permanently in the nickel. The Bucs already play with at least a 5th DB on 75%+ snaps…with Ronde’s presence there they could play it even more because he’s so instinctive it’s like having another linebacker. IF the Bucs figure out a way to land Revis…having Barber, Revis, Goldson, Barron, and perhaps some high draft pick at the other corner spot sounds like a pretty legit secondary.

  12. Ask Derrick Brooks and Warren Sapp and John Lynch how classy the Bucs are to aging veterans
    With the fans staying away its a ploy to getting them back by suddenly being “classy”

  13. He likely will be back. All last night, as Deion pointed out, he said ‘we’ 4 times, and ‘our’ 5 times. I think he will come back, but he doesn’t need the OTAs at his age and the team understands that. This isn’t a Brett Favre situation, either. He isn’t holding the team over a barrel. I have a lot of respect for him as a person and a player and look forward to him being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 6-10 years.

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