Tampa doesn’t look like the destination for Brent Grimes

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Free agent cornerback Brent Grimes has long been viewed as the Plan B for the Buccaneers if they don’t consummate Plan A, which is a trade with the Jets to acquire Darrelle Revis.

But Plan B may have just gone out the window.

According to Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, it doesn’t look like Grimes is going to be a Buccaneer. Stroud attributes that report to “someone with knowledge of the situation” and suggests that the Dolphins or the Browns are more likely landing spots for Grimes.

Most of the cornerbacks who were available when free agency started two weeks ago have been snapped up, and Grimes may be the best still out there. So if Grimes is the Bucs’ Plan B, there may not be a very good option for Plan C.

Which means the Bucs may be turning their attention back to Plan A, trading for Revis.

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  1. The Bucs need to sign, trade for or draft 3 corners — if Barber retires they’ll need 4. They need to get moving and doing something, they had a historically bad passing defense last year and signing some more players from the local middle school again isn’t going to help turn that around.

  2. Have to admit I don’t know too much about this guy….but he can’t be any worse thatn Sean Smith. It’s an annoying buzz phrase right now but getting rid of him was addition by subtraction for sure.

  3. Well nice job letting E.J. Biggers go. He was actually fairly decent last year and that is with no help on the worst secondary in the league. He was cheap enough to keep, but I guess they wanted to shoot for the stars first. Well played Bucs.

    How did they make it through this article without referring to Grimes’ injury; that is the only reason they haven’t signed him.

  4. Score Grimes and forget Milliner. Grimes will do just fine. That way the Browns can address some other needs. Potentially trade down.

  5. More doom and gloom from Bucs fans. Look, the Bucs had the WORST pass defense last season. You think Dominik doesn’t know that?

    Dashon Goldson will do wonders for this defense by himself. Let alone the corner(s) we pick up. (And we WILL pick up at least one corner).

    Key injuries and a first year coach held us back last year. If the Bucs can stay relatively healthy this year they are going to be a FORCE to be reckoned with.

  6. The problem last year was DB Coach Cooper. Both Barron and Johnson would on their man, but not look around for the ball. When two guys are doing this, it is the coach’s fault. Both Johnson and Gaitor could develop. Lewis had his chance, sorry. That said, they should get Grimes, and maybe Revis too.

  7. Why would he go from one franchise who has a quarterback that can’t get him to the Superbowl to a franchise that has a quarterback with a really bad haircut?

  8. Hope he comes to Cleveland. Playing for Ray Horton along side Joe Haden with this D line. He could get alot of interceptions.

  9. Mark Dominick knows more than the Peanut Gallery. Biggers was horrible, Talib got burned for TDs all the time. The Bucs don’t want an average CB for a high price. They will draft a couple CBs and the rookies that played all last year will be better. Good things will happen without making rash decisions. They did that last year with Eric Wright. Revis is whole different story that Dom will pay for if the opportunity is there. FACB’s went cheap because they weren’t great players.

  10. They should try and get all the help possible. Chip Kelly gonna go downtown julie brown all over the NFL. His 11 headed offensive monster machine is designed to chew players and spit them out. Its a lethal combination of elite WRs and Rbs that create an unstoppable moving force against very movable objects such as the Bucs. Fear, my friends, is in store for all. And theres simply nothing you can do about it.

  11. This year’s two and three and next year’s first round choice should be enough to pry away Revis from Jets. Last Tampa Jets Trade brought a championship to Tampa Bay.

  12. I don’t see a serious issue going on here for the Bucs. They went 7-9, lost some games that could’ve easily been victories (Giants up 17 in 4th, Redskins game winning FG, Saints Mike Williams out of bounds call to end, Falcons Connor Barth missed FG with couple mins left for lead) and did it all with – the worst secondary in the league, two Pro Bowl Guards out, Clayborne out, and no safety help over top (have Goldson now). Sure they still need CB help, but Leonard Johnson wasn’t all that bad as an undrafted rookie and if they can get a guy that can perform well in the second day like the Packers found last year then we’re looking at a playoff team.
    There’s no reason to go all in on Revis right now, at least if the price isn’t right….

  13. Even if they do get Revis who’s rushing the quarterback now that Bennett is gone? I’m no Buc’s expert but do they have another guy that gets consistent pressure?

  14. Not a Bucs fan.. But The Bucs have a solid young RB.. Your best OL men were hurt last year now you have them back this year..Vicent Jackson is a beast.. Mile Williams is a solid 2 Gholdsten and Barron in the middle is going to be great for years.. This year Josh freeman has to prove he can be consistent. he has flashes of greatness.. Then he just goes to crap.. I think you guys have a great head coach that’s really going to help turn it around.. I think you guys are dumb to trade those draft picks for Revis.. The Bucs have a great draft pick.. Get Rhodes or Trufant with your first pick.. Build in the draft.. The Bucs are very close to having a solid team… And where your drafting this year .. Too much talent in this year draft.. And You should sign Grimes, Draft Rhodes or Trufant.. get yourselves a pass rusher and a solid Slot receiver.. And like I said if freeman can stay consistent?You guys will be a contender for the next decade . Save that money for Doug martin and future pieces to solve the puzzle..

  15. You guys are getting there.. But you signing Revis is not going to give you guys a championship in the next 2 years.. But All the great young talent you guys have. Solid draft picks the next couple years.. And smart free agent signings = A team to reckon with for many years.. And in that time Revis will be getting old and overpaid.. On offense all you guys need is a stud TE and a Solid slot WR.. Consistent Freeman.. Offense Complete.. A solid Pass rusher and two solid CB”s The Bucs will be in good shape.. Rhodes or Trufant or like a Tavon Austin, or one of the OLB’s left in the 1st round of the draft and you guys will be almost there.. And remember if Freeman does what he is capabale of this year ? He is a free agent after the year.. And if Doug plays like he did this year? Which I think he is just going to get better and better.. You guys are blessed to have him with one hell of a O line.. He’s going to want to get paid soon.. And if you guys have another bad year.. Next years draft will even be better for you guys.. The Bucs are too close to building a heck of a program to ruin it with overpaid free agents.. Revis is awesome! But, you guys in 3 years will be one of the best teams in the NFL.. But only with smart decisions.. Not costly quick fixes..

  16. As much as I want Revis in Tampa, I’m with Dominik 100% on not giving up our 1st rd pick this year.

    A 2014 1st and 2nd is suitable for Revis and if we can snag Rhodes/Trufant in the draft we’ll be in prime position to take the division. There are other concerns such as OLB and DE but we can manage.

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