Tracy Porter on Raiders radar


Over the weekend, there was word that the Raiders were interested in free agent cornerback Mike Jenkins.

The Cowboy vet isn’t the only player on their radar at the position. Bill Williamson of reports that the team has shown interest in Tracy Porter as well.

Porter played just six games for the Broncos last season after suffering a seizure in the preseason and then experiencing similar symptoms during the year. He finally made it back to the lineup, but suffered a season-ending concussion in the final weeks of the regular season. Denver hasn’t shown much interest in bringing him back, but Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald did report that the Dolphins have inquired about Porter, who played for Raiders coach Dennis Allen when both were in New Orleans.

Porter, like Jenkins, is the kind of modest acquisition that the Raiders have been concentrating on making this offseason. Those moves might have been necessitated by the salary cap, but Oakland could have used more players like this on a defense that struggled all of last season.

22 responses to “Tracy Porter on Raiders radar

  1. @nomoreseasontix says: Mar 25, 2013 3:41 PM

    “Attention Kmart shoppers…”
    That’s too funny! “This week’s red light special is cornerbacks, aisle 5.” Looks like Reggie doesn’t have enough food stamps for the special, back to dumpster diving he goes.

    Don’t be all serious Raiders fans, you’ve got to have a little fun with your situation; that will make you savor the good times all the more. They are hopefully closer than they seem.

  2. if Al was still alive he’d of already signed Terrance Newmon ands Charles Woodson to huge contracts.Why?Because they are known names.I like the Reggie is showing patience and not allowing the Raiders to make the same foolish signings like years past.Letting Lechler go was a good example of that

  3. Saints should bring Porter back, couldn’t get any worse for their defense then last year.

  4. Porter has talent, and he could be a good second or third corner for a team whose defense allows him to gamble for interceptions (say, with good safety help). But he just can’t stay healthy.

  5. Well, Porter Health Issues are a major concern.
    I followed him on the Saints, but not so much after he went to the Broncos.
    If Porter Can stay on the Field, he can be one of the top Corners in the League.
    This all said ,I wish him the best of luck.

  6. I will celebrate the signing of ANY corner who can outplay the likes of Michael Huff (at corner) and Ron Bartell. Last years crop of CBs was the saddest group I’ve had to lay eyes on as a Raiders fan. What’s more, just a few years ago it was a strength of ours with Asomugah at the top of his game and a scrappy Chris Johnson beating out Deangelo Hall for the starting gig.

  7. With the luck we had with Bartell and Spencer, why are we looking at another oft injured cornerback? Sign Mike Jenkins or Terrance Newman already. If you plan on moving Walker or Houston to DT, then draft Milliner at #3. Really hard to get a read on the front offices’ plans..

  8. If you go back and look at the recipe for a successfully long lasting franchise, they all have one thing in common. MULTIPLE LOMBARDI TROPHIES!!!! They all build through the draft and resign their own players if possible. It is not a $50 million Miami spending spree. You cant buy the trophy you build to earn the trophy! RM has that successfully winning franchise recipe. It looks just like Belichecks! Lol…Raider Nation, this is your president speaking and i approve this message! Just win Baby, win Baby!!! We are that Raider Nation!

  9. This is a process. Al Davis pushed all in every year and now Big Feg has to right the ship.

    The Raiders will be back and it will be glorious.

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