Vollmer deal will have $8.25 million guaranteed

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Some confusion has surfaced as to whether the Patriots and tackle Sebastian Vollmer have agreed to terms.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, they have.

The four-year contract will pay $8.25 million Vollmer guaranteed, and it will have a base value of $17 million.  Another $9 million will be available in playing-time incentives and roster bonuses, along with a $1 million Pro Bowl bonus.

Vollmer, a German-born player who arrived via round two of the 2009 draft, didn’t draw a lot of interest in free agency, presumably because no one believed he wanted to leave New England.

He didn’t.  And he won’t be.

17 responses to “Vollmer deal will have $8.25 million guaranteed

  1. 4 years at 17 million (plus playing time incentives) for a pro bowl RT tackle… Steal. Good move for the Patriots

  2. That’s a huge bargain for the Patriots, Vollmer is one of the two or three best Right Tackles in the NFL. Awesome in pass protection and a mauler when run blocking. With him back in the fold I’d only say that San Francisco has a better offensive line then the Patriots.

  3. Smart of them to lock him up and do so at a fairly cheap amount given his ability. Looks like Teflon Tom will get yet another season playing behind the Fort Knox of O-Lines and barely be touched. Must be nice…

  4. Great to have Sea Bass for the next four years. Look like the line is set for several more years.


    you mean 1st ballot HOF Tom ??? Yes it is nice that everyone wants to be a part of the New England Patriots.

  5. Evidently part of Volmer’s bonus is the extra “L” they added to his name in this article.

  6. Well, I have two thoughts:
    Thank god, Solder can run block but is 50/50, Vollmer is a mauler, and two,
    How does Wes feel when its obvious this was the deal they had to have, and they pd him more?
    Brady could turn your sister into a 70 catch slot wr so im not concerned there.

  7. How the heck do the Pats convince these players to play for so little?!

    Assuming you’re being serious, Bill just lets the market dictate. If some team would have offered more than the Pats place his value at, he would be gone.

    Like lanman said, the injury risk no doubt kept his value down.

  8. Yeah this would def have been in the decision process with regards to the whole Welker situation. And its true, Brady could do wonders with any half decent WR.

  9. …and in typical fashion for the Pats, the picture shows him cheating on his block by putting hands to the defenders face…

    One would think a guy who makes this much coin wouldn’t need to resort to that kind of stuff…but alas it is the “patriot way”.

  10. Wow and Andre Smith wants 9 million per year, Jake Long didn’t even get that and he’s a left tackle, and I value Volmer higher than Andre just because of the ability to affectively move to the left side, Smith wouldn’t even be considered at left. Quit dreaming Mr.Smith and fly on into Cincinnati and sign your contract. Oh yea I almost forgot leave your gun at home.

  11. I’m blown away that he gets 8.25 million guaranteed and yet someone like Kyle Arrington gets 8.5 million.

    Seriously. This guy is a stud OT and got less than Kyle Arrington???

  12. I’m a big Scarnecchia homer so I don’t discount OL wanting to stay in NE to be coached by him either. He’s one of the best in the NFL and the Pats are lucky to have him.

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