Ahmad Bradshaw will visit the Steelers on Wednesday


Another Bradshaw could be coming to Pittsburgh.

Thirty years after Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw retired, free-agent running back Ahmad Bradshaw will be visiting the Steelers on Wednesday, per a league source with knowledge of the situation.

It’ll be the first visit for the former Giants tailback, who was cut before the start of free agency.  He had delayed taking visits while rehabbing after foot surgery.

A seventh-round pick from Marshall in 2007, had 1,015 rushing yards in 14 games last season.  His career high of 1,235 came in 2010.

51 responses to “Ahmad Bradshaw will visit the Steelers on Wednesday

  1. Hilarious.

    The Steelers just keep getting older and older. They aren’t getting near the Super Bowl for at least a decade.

  2. So, you will take an aging RB, with little left in the tank, but not the Silverback that means much to the defensive corp and fan favorite. This Tomlin Era better get it together quick. Or Ol’ Man Rooney, with quick to fire young man Rooney won’t be happy. Pgh doesn’t fire coaches quickly, but don’t be the first.

  3. Beanie Wells is the better choice! Have Wells see a specialist about his knee, get that special surgery, put him behind that O-Line & watch him bust open for 1,500 yards and 15 TDs.
    Bradshaw is below Wells, has fumbling issues and an at-times bad attitude.
    Go Steelers!

  4. I think he has another solid season in front of him. If they didn’t have the infusion and potential of the younger guys this past season on the Giants I still think he’d be there for another year.

  5. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    Our wisdom knows no bounds.

  6. He’s 27. Yes he’s had some injuries. My guess if the steelers sign him it means they think he’ll last 2-4 years. RBs are a dime a dozen, the Steelers won their last SB with Mewelde Moore as their starting RB. Teams with high priced RBs don’t win make SBs. Just ask Minn and Tenn.

  7. If you really think there is some special surgery that will fix beanie wells you are insane. Surgery ruins careers and has no place in society. Your body can heal itself if you give it what it needs. What it needs is nutritional supplementation but not just any supplements. First and foremost he needs the 90 essential nutritents and they need to be near 100% bioavailable and only one company makes such a product. It is an absolute travesty that most people will think I’m some lunatic who has no idea what he is talking about, but if Beanie Wells spoke with me and followed the advice I have for him he would never get hurt again and he would end up in the pro bowl. Give me any injury prone player and I could save his career. Its just too bad they listen to the “doctors” when we all know the only doctor who doesn’t lie is a dead one. And it just so happens that they only live to 58 on average because they have no clue whatsoever how to repair the human body

  8. he doesn’t have the 3 years it will take this weak o-line to develop left in the tank. the RB will come from the draft. unless the strength and conditioning coaches starts doing their job and gets dywer in shape.

  9. Ahmad Bradshaw would be an excellent choice for a team using a committee approach. This guy started 12 games last year, played in 14, had over 1200 all purpose yards, 6 TD, but fumbled 3 times. That isn’t terrible. he averaged 4.6 yard per attempt. Out of all the back in the NFL, he still managed more yards than Lesean McCoy, Reggie Bush, and Trent Richardson, and was just shy of guys like Forte, Jackson, and Gore.

  10. If he’s healthy enough, he’s going to be amazing for Pittsburgh. Loved him as a Giant – tough runner and plays his heart out. But sadly, I think his best days are behind him.

  11. trevor123698 says:Mar 26, 2013 10:12 PM

    If you really think there is some special surgery that will fix beanie wells you are insane. Surgery ruins careers and has no place in society. Your body can heal itself if you give it what it needs. What it needs is nutritional supplementation but not just any supplements. First and foremost he needs the 90 essential nutritents and they need to be near 100% bioavailable and only one company makes such a product.

    It is an absolute travesty that most people will think I’m some lunatic who has no idea what he is talking about


    Count me in, you got my vote. I’ve heard about the full moon but…WOW

  12. Bradshaw would be the best running back on the squad. He can get the tough yards and I like him near the goal line for us. I am not sure there is any sure running back bet in the first few rounds this year. I think signing him, if the price is right, makes sense.

  13. Since when is 27 ( just turned 27 march 19th) old ??? Lol
    I’m 21 might as well start on my will according to all these idiot posters !
    Right player , right price , good fit !
    Some people are just idiots I guess !

  14. cbass:
    The Steelers won Super Bowl 43 not because their starting running back was Melwelde Moore but because James Harrison reversed a Roethlisberger interception by returning a Kurt Warner interception 100 yards for a TD. Remember Harrison? He’s the guy the Steelers want nothing more to do with…

  15. I’d still rather draft Alabama’s Eddie Lacy, not that it’s likely. But one thing in Bradshaw’s favor (if the censors will allow me to post it) is that he told an interviewer in 2009 he was backing the Steelers against the Cards in SBVLIII because they were the real deal and a team he respected. Glad to know he felt that way long before he applied for a job.

  16. In life 27 years old is prime age. In the NFL, the life of the RB starts to turn downhill around 29-30. Enter injuries, and like the rest of society, except for those drinking unicorn blood, the averages decrease. If Bradshaw comes to PGH, I hope he’s successful, because I like championships. If he’s not, I still want championships. In the end, whatever the Rooneys deem best. Seems to have worked thus far.

  17. Very good running back, I think the steelers like the fact that he is pretty good at picking up the blitz and helping the offensive lineman. Loved him on the Giants, I think he is very underrated.. The problem with him, is that he is ALWAYS playing hurt, but he is one tough SOB. I am sure there’s a youtube of him somewhere that you steeler fans can see some highlights. I think it’s a very good signing. Gonna miss him!

  18. Im guessing its Black and Gold or Green and Gold for Bradshaw this year.

    I like Bradshaw because hes one hard charging SOB that runs like hes mad at the world. Hes also a pretty good pass protector and a good receiver out of the backfield.

    Teaming him up with DuJuan Harris
    in GB would be nice little 1-2 punch at RB for the Pack.

  19. Is everbody stupid?? the answer must be yes. bradshaw is a great back and 27 isnt old. oh and we won sb against azbecause of big ben and santonio holme. and for the record. pitt is the vest team in nfl history. hence six superbowls. the rooneys know what their doing.oh and beanie would be a good pick up but bradshaw is better.

  20. You people are comparing a 2x sb champion warrior rb to one who pulls out of games due to a sprained finger? I thought steeler fans knew their football.

  21. I agree with deb, I would rather see the steelers take Eddie Lacy in the first round and move back to get him and pick up an extra pick…. I would take bradshaw tho as an alternate back(if they decide not to go the lacy route) only because they don’t have a proven guy who can run the ball right now. I like dwyer and red as backups but would love to have hard-nosed runner like lacy as the feature back.

  22. Really people? This is the best news for the Steelers all off season.. He is only 27 years old.. He had foot problems..And all reports is he’s 100% healthy! Beanie is 24 and already had destroyed knees.. Who did the Steelers bring in first? Beanie! He couldn’t pass the the physical.. Have you seen any other teams have him in for visits? Nope! Cause he already has knees of a 50 year old.. And if he is so much better? Why did the Cardinals cut him for Medenhall ? Mendenhall was good, until he became a total nut bag.. Tweeting lets pray for Bid laden and his family after we killed him for killing 2,500 Americans..And getting all his endorsements stripped away.. He cared more about dancing.. And totally is not a team player.. he had 2 major injuries with the Steelers and he is 25 years old.. least Bradshaw was professional enough until his injury was healed after surgery to meet with teams.. Right there shows he cares about his career and his teammates.. And most of the Organization..And even with the Giants when he was hurt.. He still went out every weekend and gave 110%… And was better than 70% of the RB’s in the league.. He is a powerful and smart runner.. A great blocker, And a heck of receiver out of the backfield.. Please name the last RB for the Steelers that could do all 3 of these things? I’m waiting for an answer?And people saying our O line is crappy? Your insane! Redman and Dwyer are short and goal line carriers only.. Bar none ! Not too much a line can do for that.. He will be a great addition to the Steeler nation! Give him a 3 to 4 year deal.. And then we would be set at RB.. Still go get a RB in the draft and get rid of Redman or Dwyer.. They both are average RB”S… Now, if we don’t get one of the Stud OLB’s at pick 17? GO get a WR like Patterson , Allen, or Austin.. And the offense just like that will be powerful and consistent offense once again! Just sign Sanders,and now Plex is our 4rth receiver! not our 2nd or 3rd.. And possibly go get Eifert from Notre Dame! Jimmy Graham Jr… I pray that he leaves Pittsburgh with a contract tomorrow? In 6 years with the G-Men he only missed 11 total games in the regular season.. 4,232 yards rushing with 32 TD’s.. And only had 90 attempts his first 2 years.. 2010 he had 276 attempts and last year 221 attempts.. with 160 plus the other 2 years.. And remember he always had to share carries with Jacobs and Wilson.. And he averaged always at least 4 yards a carry all 6 years.. And averaging 200+ yards a year receiving the last 4 years.. So, as a true Steelers fan with some sense. I hope to see you wearing the Black and Gold Ahmad! Cause we could sure use a talented back That’s 3 dimensional.. Not one dimensional!

  23. He would actually be the Steelers fourth “Bradshaw.”

    Pre-Terry, geezers might remember 60s era Charlie Bradshaw and Jim Bradshaw, two pretty decent players,

    Charlie was an OT and his nickname was “Mr Clean.” He wore 71 and the Steelers had these hideous home jerseys with a gold trim so they wore white at home except the time the St. Louie Cards also showed up at Pitt Stadium in white (someone didn’t get the memo) and the Steelers had to retreat to the locker for the others, Charlie was tall and while everyone else was covered with mud, Charlie’s uniform was always white as snow.

    Jim Bradshaw was a pretty good DB, I think he wore 28.

    Of course pretty good for the Steelers is relevant because they stunk!

  24. there was a back that once came from the rams ……..they thought he was done too when he came to Pittsburgh

  25. Steeler nation – giants fan here that respects the Rooneys franchise and what they bring to the Burgh. You guys would live Bradshaw on Sundays. A true warrior. He was our junkyard dog. Not the prettiest but a little relentless tough guy. The negative is he doesn’t practice because his feet are a mess. Bradshaw is a great football player. Go Giants.

  26. I would definitely kick the tires on Bradshaw. Perfect fit for the Steelers,..if he can stay healthy. Bruising RB who can catch out of the backfield, and a vocal, fiery team leader. Love it if they signed him.

    And for all you haters, he’s only 27, and has a few more gallons left in the tank.

  27. Hahah this is awesome. As the steelers continue their decline, ravens front office is ensuring that they make the playoffs, again. Steelers front office, not so much.

  28. At 27 he has a couple good years left.. for a RB 30 is old IMO… I would like to see him a little heavier.. 225/230 lbs.. Need that Bettis style back in the Burgh!!!

  29. This guy is too old? How soon we forget that guy that washed up wth the Rams and then came to star in Pgh. Oh yea! The Bus He can’t be related to Terry. He has too much hair. Welcome aboard Mr. B

  30. You are so right. Was his problem with the Gmen a salary cap issue? I remember thinking that he was under utilized in NY and that he could be a three down back.

  31. The average RB lasts in the NFL~ 4 years.

    Bradshaw has had 6 surgeries on his feet / ankles. Steelers are performing due diligence by checking out his health. Don’t expect a signing anytime soon.

    AB could be a short-term option…if the Steelers don’t get a RB they like in the draft.

    Grab Jonathan Frankin in the 3rd, or Christine Michael / Le’ Veon Bell in the 4th, and work them into the mix.

    Steelers are re-loading as ususal.

  32. Bradshaw would be a great fit in Pittsburgh, even with his brittle feet he still plays the game hard and runs with power. Its insulting to see some of these guys say Beanie Wells is a better fit, there is no comparison between the two players and if you think there is you jokers dont deserve Bradshaw. I would love to have him back as a third down back and depth for Big Blue but I think that ship has sailed, he still can add a ton of value to all 32 teams, you will not find a tougher runningback!!! If you are a fan of football you should be a fan of Bradshaw…

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