Browns announce acquisition of Jason Campbell

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Not long after reports emerged that the Browns had signed quarterback Jason Campbell, the Browns announced the move.

“Jason is an established leader who has started a number of games in this league and has had success,” coach Rob Chudzinski said in a release issued by the team.  “He brings us a veteran presence and a good set of physical tools.  He played in a similar system when he was in Oakland and that will help in his transition.”

“We are excited to have Jason as a member the Cleveland Browns,” Browns CEO Joe Banner said.  “He is a veteran player who has been productive throughout his career and will be a good addition to our team.”

The release makes no mention of whether Campbell will compete for the starting job, whether he will be given the starting job, or whether he will serve as the backup to Brandon Weeden.  Regardless, he’s the first new quarterback acquired this year by a team with a new owner, new CEO, new G.M., and new coach.

42 responses to “Browns announce acquisition of Jason Campbell

  1. Seriously…Roger please kick the Browns out of the league. They are a disgrace.
    Their fans should be deported just because they are still fans.

    A damn hamster would be a better GM.
    A freakin Goose could have at least got the team to the playoffs at least ONCE!.

    This organization is the definition of ineptness

  2. Jason is a classy guy and has had some bad luck in the league, not of his own making. Hope he gets a fair shot and does well for the Browns!

  3. Good guy for sure. He looked like he just, erm, Browned his pants every time he got on the field for the Bears last year. But maybe that was just from looking at his O-line…

  4. Slick move really. Look how much the ravens are paying flacco. The browns are getting the same QB for pennies on the dollar. You have to admire where this organization is going with the team!

  5. Brandon Weedan at his worst is better then Campbell they should out there getting another shut down corner instead of going after a bust out QB.

  6. I dont get why everyone is getting upset. He is a backup quarterback, every team needs one. And to the guy who said they should of got a shut-down corner instead, show me where a team can sign a shut-down corner for the same price as a backup qb

  7. I am sure that if the NFL kept statistics on drives of ten or more plays that end with a score, Jason Campbell would be top three in history.

    When he was the Raiders QB, the defense rocked because they were always well rested and supplied a ton of three and outs. Go figure Nnamdi Aso was also at the top of his game.

    The issue with Jason was there was no yards after the catch. He did not lead the receiver, so where they caught it they got tackled. On the flip side that style kept the offense on the field and chewed up some serious clock.

  8. “Jason is a classy guy…”

    Yes. As evidenced by the way he was a no-show at his wedding. Just didn’t show up.

    Defines class.

  9. Just see if you can find clips of his first start with the Raiders.
    It’s really all you need to see.

  10. honestly, what the hell is the matter with you people? of course he isn’t that good…he’s a BACKUP QUARTERBACK. Campbell is on the same level as Byron Leftwich, Tyrod Taylor or Bruce Gradkowski, and most other backup QBs in the league: they aren’t good enough to start. if they were, they wouldn’t be backups. every team needs backups and role players, and trying to denigrate a team signing a no. 4 CB or a backup TE just makes me want to ask you if you should be wearing a helmet.

  11. Who cares if he’s a class act and a good dude cleveland fans wants a winner not a class act and a good guy at QB. They need a QB for more then 1 or 2 yrs. back there then change again and keep repeating the cycle

  12. Brilliant move by the Browns! He will be brought in to push Weeds to the next level. They already know Weeden is their starter, they just want to make him think he has a challenger for his job. Now that free’s up Colt Mccoy for trade bait. Look for the Jets to sign and trade, Revis straight up for Mccoy. Browns will have best tandem in Nfl secondary with Haden /Revis. Mccoy will be Jets starting Qb. in 2013. Great move for both teams. Browns are building a dynasty right before our eyes, enjoy browns fans!

  13. Resurgent Steelers, Champion Ravens and Bengals with two zillion high draft picks fleeced from others in trades, DaBrowns in 4th for foreseeable future. Sorry dawgs.

  14. For some reason I always liked Campbell. It seems like people like his talent, but don’t surround him with any. No real receivers and no Cribbs or Watson. At least he can had the ball of to Trent Richardson and feel safe at his blindside. I wish him luck, Brows will finish above the RatBirds this year.

  15. Nice move…. This guy can play if healthy, has had some bad breaks with some bad teams. He’ll get a chance with the Browns, and I think he’ll make the most of it. We just got better, book it.

  16. Why is anyone criticizing this signing here? It’s not like Brady or Rogers were out there to be signed. Solid backup if he doesn’t surprise enough to start. They gave up nothing to get him. Of the available options, this was not a bad one. I think Lombardi is a joke, but this move makes sense.

  17. “A damn hamster would be a better GM.
    A freakin Goose could have at least got the team to the playoffs at least ONCE!.”

    Have you been living in a cave?

    The Browns have a hamster as their GM, his name is Mike Lombardturd! And a Goose for a President–The Architect of the Dream Team-Joe Bummer!

  18. They should have gotten a shut down corner instead. Now that makes a lot of sense. I drove by Berea the other day and saw a line of shutdown cornerbacks outside the Browns’ office. They couldn’t wait to get inside and sign a contract. People, people, people. Do you really think it’s as easy as that? The Browns’ are going to have to over pay for most players to go to Cleveland. IF there was a shut down corner out there, which is debatable, he would want way more money than he would with a contender. I’m not a fan of bringing Jason Campbell in but I don’t run the show in Cleveland. Serviceable at best.

  19. I don’t understand what anyone ever saw in this guy to be honest with you. He is just your run of the mill mediocre QB. A decent backup, I guess, but he’s never going to take you anywhere.

  20. he can be the classiest, hardest working, most good luck-receiving person on earth, but at the end of the day he is NOT A GOOD QB.

  21. Perennial Backup that’s collecting a six-seven figure salary and is putting in time served for his NFL Pension, can’t hate on the guy who is working the system!

  22. Although I may be naive in this thinking, why do you jump on Campbell now, pre-draft, when you could maybe leverage interest in that pick (to a QB hungry team) to regain a 2nd rounder or other value?

    Based on his career and all reports from FA, its not like other teams were banging down the door for his services.

    Whether or not you like the move, the timing is wrong and a mistake.

    It does, though, guarantee Colt McCoy (and his $2M+ 2013 salary) will no longer be a Brown. Nice pick Holmgren.

  23. I understand the reasoning behind the team picking up a veteran backup, but I’d have preferred Hasselbeck. That being said, there are no veteran QBs available who are going to right the ship. The real need is for a young stud QB. I’d like to see the Browns take a chance in the draft on Landry Jones … not in the first round, of course. The Football Outsiders’ metrics show Jones as the potential steal of the draft. Those same metrics showed Russell Wilson as the steal of last year’s draft, so the track record isn’t bad at all.

  24. and a QB rating of ….. 23 (2012)… thats the Browns…

    New owner, same thinking…well at least they didn’t bring in Jake Delhomme for MILLIONs (when no one else wanted him) like Holmgren did.

    Always a positive in the thinking of Cleveland Browns fans. The Browns must have some magic ‘acid’ they place in the drinking water in Cleveland

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