Dez Bryant thinks he can gain 2,000 yards and score 20 touchdowns


Lions receiver Calvin Johnson set a new NFL record with 1,964 receiving yards last season. But Dez Bryant doesn’t see Megatron’s record lasting long.

In fact, Bryant said he believes he can be the first player in NFL history with 2,000 yards in a season — and Bryant plans to add 20 touchdowns while he’s at it.

It’s only going to get better, to be honest,” Bryant told “I still have a lot to give. I feel like nobody’s seen anything. Nothing. I feel like it can be a lot more than that. That’s just being honest. I honestly feel like [2,000 yards and 20 touchdowns] can potentially happen.”

Bryant had surgery on a finger injury after the season and still isn’t all the way back from the lower back injury that bothered him at the end of last season — and he may not be all the way back any time soon, either. But he says he’s certain he’ll be better than ever this year.

“I’m so confident,” Bryant said. “I view myself as an up-and-coming leader. That’s how I view myself. With that attitude, you have to feel like anything’s possible. That’s how I feel.”

Bryant is coming off a very strong season in which he gained 1,382 yards and scored 12 touchdowns. With another big step forward, a season of 1,500 yards and 15 touchdowns is within his reach. But 2,000 yards and 20 touchdowns? That goes beyond confidence and veers toward crazy.

117 responses to “Dez Bryant thinks he can gain 2,000 yards and score 20 touchdowns

  1. Lol…lol…lol…lol..and let me lol again! He better hope for the league to extend the season to 18 games for him to even sniff those numbers! Not with that offensive line & QB combination.

  2. It would be hard to do in 8 games?
    Dez could do it if he ever played 16 games but do you really want Tony Romo throwing 50 times a game?
    Ask the Lions is a 4-12 season worth that record?

  3. A stud receiver thinks he can be the best in the NFL? WOOAHAOAOHOAOAHO, come on now what did you expect him to say, “I think I’m headed towards a mediocre season”?

  4. Quote was taken out of context, it should be noted that this quote was overheard when Dez was talking to his friends, at his house, in his living room, while holding a playstation 3 controller, and playing Madden.

  5. I think he can too in today’s pass-happy league. Dude is definitely legit!

    When he was on the field last year, he actually impressed me more than any other receiver.

  6. wittenisgod says: Mar 26, 2013 5:53 PM

    Love this guy!! Now he is going to bed on time he is going to rip things up
    only problem with that is romo.

  7. Dez Bryant thinks he can gain 2,000 yards and score 20 touchdowns?

    I believe that someday there will be global peace, a cure for cancer and that worldwide hunger will be eradicated. And I believe all of this will happen before Dez Bryant gains 2,000 yards and scores 20 touchdowns.

  8. Well if their defense gives up points in bunches and Dallas has to keep coming back in games then 2000 yards and 20 TDs is more than possible along with 14 losses.

  9. Monkey see…monkey do. Deion and Leon both say they can blanket you.

  10. For the betterment of humanity….be sure your pants are all the way up when/if you do it.

  11. Better goal might be for your team to make the playoffs, somethiing that has not been accomplished for several seasons.

    Just another look at me WR diva.

  12. I’m saying this as a Skins fan, he has talent off the charts.

    Still, a whole lot of things have to go right to post those kinds of numbers. Even for most very good receivers that is two seasons worth of stats.

  13. Sounds very Chris Johnson like if you ask me…but he was probably asked if he thought he could do that and he said “yeah”

  14. fantasy football wise, 2,000/20 is pornographic.

    People banging on Romo haven’t watched their games. Even if Romo goes bad Romo and throw 3 1st half picks, what are they going to do? Run their way back into the lead? He’s just going to throw more.

    So in that resprect I would give him decent odds. 20 TD’s is only an average of 1.25 a game anyways

  15. Yea, but Braylon Edwards said he was going to catch more touchdowns the Phelps won gold medals.
    Act like you have been their before.
    Jim Browns used to hand the ball to the nearest ref and walk off after a touchdown and Dez ain’t fit to shine his shoes.

  16. I support Dez’s comment. Too bad he’s playing for the Cowboyz and Romo is his QB….. Tony would find a way to throw an interception in the last game that Dez needed the stats…… 1999 yrds receiving & 19 TDs….fumble recovered by San Fran…….

  17. Lions fan here. Saw an interview with Megatron recently and he said Bryant was his favorite receiver to watch. High praise from the game’s best. The kid has a bright future if he stays healthy

  18. Dez Bryant is a big time receiver. Watching him go up and get the TDs and just beat top level CBs like nothing is special. I think he can do 20 TD’s but 2000 yards I don’t see it. Calvin Johnson had a season I don’t think he will replicate and it was awesome

  19. Its possible if a WR is the only option in an offense.

    For DEZ to get 2000yds he needs to have approx:
    Targets: 223
    Receptions: 143
    Yds/Rec: 14yds
    Catch Rate: 64%

    Last Season DEZ had:
    Targets: 138
    Receptions: 92
    Yds/Rec: 14yds
    Catch Rate: 64%

    So DEZ targets are going to have to increase 61% in that offense with Miles Austin and Witten. Not happening.

  20. There’s a big difference between POSSIBLE and PROBABLE.

    Sure, I agree with him it’s POSSIBLE that he could eventually top 2,000 yards and score 20 TD’s in a season. Just like it’s possible I could win the Powerball jackpot. I don’t however feel this is a very realistic scenario.

  21. Talk is cheap, Dez…

    Those who are likely to do it don’t waste time making stupid predictions.

  22. And Jacksonville, Detroit and Cleveland think they can win a Super Bowl next year too since all teams start at 0-0.

    When are athletes going to learn that for the 1 time a prediction comes true, there are 99 others (looking at you CJ2K) that are ridiculous?

    Dez, how about you simply start by getting the fundamentals right and pay off your debts. Then worry about trying to get 2000 yards and 20 TD’s.

  23. I love all the ignorant comments from the haters that bash Romo…

    If you had a clue, you would know that Dallas’ offensive line has not protected well, and has forced Romo into some bad decisions. Sure he has made a couple bone head mistakes here and there, but overall he is better than 2/3 of the starting QB’s in the league…

    Give him the line Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have and it would be like night and day…

  24. 2000 yards and 20 touchdowns is possible, but not by Dez Bryant. Even if Bryant played all 16 games, had Peyton Manning or Matt Stafford throwing the ball to him and broke 10% of his catches for touchdowns, he would still have problems getting it done. Calvin Johnson, yes. I can see Johnson getting 2000/20. Especially if the Lions can get one of the top Receivers in this years draft to line up opposite of him.

  25. I’m a Giants fan and I don’t see anything wrong with what he said. Keep in mind he said can, he never said that he will. Two different words and two different meanings. Had he of said will then there is something.

  26. Did the Cowboys trade for Aaron Rodgers? Okay all joking aside I love the optimism but he needs to put down whatever he is on

  27. Oh yeah? Well in my last Madden 2013 season Megatron had 37 touchdowns and like 3000 yards. So whatever.

  28. Why is everybody ripping on Dez? What is he supposed to say? “No I can’t get the job done- I’m just a mediocre receiver”
    Lol haters need to find something else to do

  29. He probably will…then next year someone will beat that. None of these records matter anymore. They havnt for a few years.
    Start a new book. New game, new book.

  30. Players always brag about how confident they are. As if it gives them a free pass in running their mouth.
    Just be quiet and gain 2000 with class.
    I’d like to see it, but I don’t think I will. The best of the best haven’t done it yet.

  31. beerbudsnbevo says: Mar 26, 2013 6:30 PM

    I love all the ignorant comments from the haters that bash Romo…

    If you had a clue, you would know that Dallas’ offensive line has not protected well, and has forced Romo into some bad decisions. Sure he has made a couple bone head mistakes here and there, but overall he is better than 2/3 of the starting QB’s in the league…

    Give him the line Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have and it would be like night and day…

    You call other ignorant and then say if Tony had a line like Aaron Rodgers? The most sacked QB in the league over the past 2 years…. Yeah okay you may want to look up ignorance. Romo had 36 sacks each of the past 2 years. Rodgers had 36 and 51. Both are sacked too much but there is absolutely zero question as to who is better

  32. well with football pushing harder and harder to a pass happy, do not touch me to hard league I actually agree with this tards when he says it will be broken, but by dez maybe not, by megatron yhea, Brandon marshell, Larry fitz, juilo jones, a couple others I left out. I would place odds on that.

  33. In Tecmo Bowl maybe…. As a diehard Cowboy fan I would love to see those numbers from him. But I am also realistic. The Cowboys need to replace at least 3 offensive lineman. If they don’t address the O-Line we will have another season of a sub 1000 YD RB and Romo will AGAIN be running for his life. That O-Line was the worst I’ve seen in 28 years of watching NFL football. If our GM/satan/cluelesspostfreeagent owner doesn’t address it now its yet another losing season where the QB will get the blame.

  34. Give Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers Romo’s line and sub par RB’s he had last year and see what type of stats they put up. The O-Line last year was an f’n joke. 4 of the 5 starters should be working at UPS and don’t even belong on a football field.

  35. Most of you people on here hating or commenting on what Dez said dont have a wr as good as him. Then talk about Romo how many QBs when the superbowl every year… just 1 u bums

  36. Let’s start with learning how to run your routes first…


    Up until about week 7 last year I agreed with that and wanted them to trade Dez. Than something happned. All of the sudden a light went on. I can’t explain it but he stopped doing stupid things and ran good correct routes and didn’t look back. Maybe he got whacked in the head?? I don’t know but somewhere somehow a switch went on and he started putting up big numbers when it mattered, stayed healthy and came through in the 4th qtr when it mattered. True football fans who watch each Cowboy game know what I’m talking about. The change was like night and day.

  37. chiwizlive says: Mar 26, 2013 7:30 PM

    Let’s start with learning how to run your routes first..


    Clever, but I’d say 1382 yds and 12 TDs with a 15 yd AVG gain/play in one season says he HAS learned to run routes, unless, of course, you’re saying Romo is the greatest QB ever because he can find ANY receiver regardless of what route he runs?

  38. And in a related story, Jamarcus Russell thinks he can eat 2,000 cookies and gain 20 more pounds.

  39. ziplock10 says: Mar 26, 2013 7:16 PM

    How many years has this idiot played productively??


    Well, let’s see

    Rookie year – 12 games 561/6 TD
    2nd yr – 15games 928/9
    3rd yr – 16 games 1382/12

    So, in his first 3 years in the NFL Dez has played in 43 games and has an AVERAGE of 65yds/game & .62 TDs/game.

    If he’s an ‘idiot’, I’d like to have at least two on my team.

    Name the WRs who have had a better first 3 years. I’d bet the list would be very small and most of them would be HOF.

  40. I believe that I’ll watch the Jaguars, win the Superbowl in consecutive seasons, before Mr Bryant attains his projected feat. But if he had come out and said 1500-yards and 15 TD’s, who would have noticed?

  41. Yes, Dez. You are an up and coming leader. And like all great leaders, you are focused on your individual stats and instead of winning as a team.

  42. Any idea how this article has reached this many comments, this fast?
    I have a theory…but what do I know?

  43. Gotta have a NFL caliber O line to do that Dez or Tony will be looking to save his life instead of looking for you

  44. I see we have many, many contestants today in the loudmouth-idiots-who-know-less-than-your -average-11-year-old contest today. Well, sorry ladies, too many contestants, no winners–I think your momma is calling in the background telling you your mac and cheese is all ready! All is saved!

  45. All of you commenting on my comment about running routes,yea he did improve I’m not bashing him I like him,I’m just saying how about master your route running before you start thinking about 2,000 yards and 20 Td’s,don’t ya’ll think he has to earn hisQb’s trust to accomplish that?

  46. He’s got the route running, speed, and toughness, but he drops too many passes and has to compete with Witten in the red zone. It ain’t going to happen until Witten retires and the Cowboys get a better running game. Murray has done nothing lately.

  47. @dccowboy No I’m not a cowboys fan I’m a broncos fan but I did see every game and I am a true football fan,and while you want to talk about his stats which were good don’t forget the fumbles,and the bone head plays as a punt returner keep it real all the way good luck to all the sincere cowboys fans!!!

  48. Confidence is a wonderful thing but ease up, Dez. I’ll settle for a year like last year or slightly better (1,500 yds, 12 TDs) without the drops and the huge disapperances that you sometimes go through during games. Hopefully, Miles Austin can begin to pull his weight and not disappear with injuries like he has every year since he signed the big contract. Austin is the key that will give Bryant the big year he covets. If Romo is protected he will get the ball where it needs to be. I see a huge year offensively if the offensive line does a better job than the past few years.

  49. eddlandovereddie says: Mar 26, 2013 7:32 PM

    Most of you people on here hating or commenting on what Dez said dont have a wr as good as him. Then talk about Romo how many QBs when the superbowl every year… just 1 u bums

    Lol yeah but several win playoff games each year and several find a way to win must win games… IE the division title game you blew 2 years in a row… In fact how many playoff games has Romo won again? Oh one? The same amount as 2 rookies did last year and Luck hardly had the team around him Romo does.

  50. He believes in himself, why is that crazy? Is it very realistic? Maybe not, but there isn’t anything crazy about believing in your abilities.

  51. I am a giant fan but this guy is a beast. still think Johnson fitz are better but he’s up there. if romo doesn’t have keep throwing picks he might have a chance.

  52. Anybody dissing Dez probably didn’t watch him last season, especially the latter half of the season. That dude is a physical monster and will be a huge star as long as he improves and I’m an Eagles fan.

  53. Dallas has too many viable receiving options for that to happen. 20 TD’s…ok that’s possible (considering Austin will probably get injured at some point) but 2,000 yards with that group is unlikely. More like 1200-1400. As for the Romo jokes, yes he is an airhead at times, but he’s a much better option than a lot of other teams have right now. And when he’s on, he’s pretty good. When he’s off, he makes more mistakes which unfortunately cost a few games. Stat wise he is always near the top which would increase those chances for Bryant.

    If Dallas can fix the OL and establish the run game this year, I would bet Romo would have one of his better seasons in regards to fewer turnovers.

  54. If Goodell succeeds in expanding the season to 32 games, I’d say he’s got a shot. Other than that, it’s Romo throwing to him.

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