Eifert chooses not to run again


At the Scouting Combine, Notre Dame tight end Tyler Eifert covered 40 yards in 4.68 seconds.  Stanford tight end Zach Ertz did it in 4.76 seconds.

Last week, Ertz one-upped Eifert, with a 4.62 at the Stanford Pro Day.  Afterward, Ertz not-so-subtly challenged Eifert to try to best Ertz’s Pro Day number.

“If I was him, I’d want to compete and I’d run again,” Ertz said, via Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports.  “If you’re a competitive person, you want to test yourself all the time.”

Appearing on Tuesday’s PFT Live, Ertz said he wasn’t trying to goad Eifert into running again.  Either way, Eifert didn’t take the bait.  At the Notre Dame Pro Day, Eifert chose not to run.

But that not may be the end of it.  Asked on PFT Live if he’d race Eifert, Ertz laughed and said yes.  So if Ertz (who has been invited to the draft but hasn’t decided whether to attend) and Eifert are both in New York, I plan to mark off 40 yards on 50th Street between 6th and 5th and give them a chance to prove who’s faster.