Heyward-Bey takes another trip, Detroit on deck


Darrius Heyward-Bey didn’t do all that much in four years with the Raiders to justify his draft status, but he’s quickly picking up steam in the free agent market.

According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, the former seventh overall pick is visiting the Lions Wednesday.

He would certainly provide a speed element opposite Calvin Johnson, as he averaged more than 15.0 yards per reception the last two years. And he still has the speed that got him drafted by Al Davis.

If all their receivers were healthy, the Lions might not be as interested, but Nate Burleson and Ryan Broyles are coming off season-ending injuries.

Heyward-Bey visited the Colts Monday, and could draw other interest.

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  1. Detroit will be a playoff team next year with or without dhb they will be a fun team to watch. With Bey the top will be blown off leaving Reggie and Calvin big yards in the middle of the field to do what they do best and make plays in open field. Exciting team they barely need a defense.

  2. I’m looking for anyone with great speed to team up with CJ. As long as they don’t line up in the wrong spot and pretend they are better than megatron.

  3. I would like him if he came cheap, but with a number of teams looking at him and other fans saying they’d love him, it’s doubtful that will happen.

    How about we start looking at some veteran CBs? There’s still a bunch available. We’ve got 3 guys we drafted last year that could potentially work out, but how about we bring in some veteran leadership until we know.

  4. DHB is not a deep threat. He has always had problems tracking and adjusting to the deep throw.

    He is at his best on quick slants and inside short to mid throws. Anything that quickly gets the ball in his hands so he can then use his speed and power ( he is strong for a WR ) for YAC.

    Very good downfield blocker. CJ and DHB in the open field blocking for Bush will ruin a lot of DBs afternoons.

  5. People who think DHB is a downfield threat really haven’t seen him play. If he was this dangerous, explosive receiver don’t you think Hue Jackson and the Bengals would be after him? And Hue almost made DHB a thousand yard receiver.

    He’s a tremendously hardworker though and tries to get every inch out of his ability. He just hasn’t been the same after that bye week in 2011. Why I don’t know. But he’ll be a good addition to any team who has reasonable expectations of him.

  6. I really think he could flourish with the Lions. He was never gonna be a #1 WR and never had a true #1 to learn from….or apparently a position coach capable of teaching. If he ever learned the nuances of being a WR he could have crushed in Oakland. Anyone who has watched him run straight down the field over….and over….and over….without ever even trying to sell that he could be running a different route will agree.

    Hard work and a positive attitude have never been his problem. If he can learn even a shred of route running ability from CJ he’ll be a very solid player.

  7. DHB is a good dude.

    Hard worker and plays with passion. Great size-speed-power. Hands and ability to track the ball in flight and adjust on it have always been real weaknesses. But he’s improved.

    Still a lot of upside with this guy and I wish him the best.

  8. This makes perfect sense. If he signs with Detroit he will flourish as a receiver in our system. And as for the comment about him not being able to track a deep ball that’s no big deal, no tracking is needed when Stafford throws a deep ball, just turn head and ball will be right there!

  9. DHB, will be a solid contributor to any team. He has a great work ethic, and has God Given Talent. Nfl said he ran a 4.3 and was the fastest at the combine , but many had him timed at 4.25 Both in college, and in the pro’s he averages over 10 yards per carry. He is great on end around, reverses, etc….Bottom line he just was not worth the 10 million+ the raiders were going to have to pay him. Plus Oakland if at any position is set , it is at WR.

  10. He is phenomenally fast. But speed doesn’t mean squat if you can’t catch the ball when you get there. I’m a die hard Raiders fan. I’ve watched this kid for 4 seasons now. He can blow past anyone like the autumn wind, but he has nearly 2 times as many drops as catches. The saddest part is several of those drops are in open space, with no outside interference. It’s not like he gets rocked and the ball goes flying – he just flat out has stone hands.

    He’s not worth the money he’s asking.

  11. This would be the ideal fit for him even if playing with Andrew Luck sounds appealing. If they do sign him, you might have a ’99 Ram type outburst from this offense because he was clearly emerging in Hue Jackson’s offense, which is similar in concepts to what Linahan runs.

    All they need to do is draft DB’s and offensive linemen next month, and this team could be scary good. Jim Schwartz needs to get better at coaching though.

  12. As the NFC North gets even stronger…As a Bears fan who has done my share of Lions-bashing, I will nonetheless tip my cap at the moves they have made so far this off-season. Even if DHB ultimately signs elsewhere, Detroit has – by far – done the most to improve their roster on both sides of the ball.

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