Mike Jenkins will visit the Jaguars


The Jaguars lost cornerback Derek Cox in the early days of free agency.  They now could be filling the void with a former first-round pick.

Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins will be visiting Jacksonville, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Jenkins was believed to be on the trade block last year, after the Cowboys signed Brandon Carr and drafted Morris Claiborne.  Instead, Dallas kept him for the balance of his rookie deal.

The Raiders reportedly have interest in Jenkins, too.

The market for veteran cornerbacks has taken a nosedive this year, with the top guy (Sean Smith) getting less than $6 million per year on a three-year deal.

22 responses to “Mike Jenkins will visit the Jaguars

  1. He really sucks bad.
    I’m sure the cowboys aren’t too sad about seeing him go.
    He’s way worse than the M Jenkins for the Saints.

    So he should fit in perfectly in Jacksonville with “thegreatgabbert” LOL!

  2. Which Revis will realized how impossible for him to get 15 mill per year contact demands, and give in for jets long term contract abt 10 mil per year.. its win- win for Jets!

  3. Jenkins is not that bad. Ben banged up but he did make the Pro Bowl, deservingly, he’s still young and the contract isn’t gonna be a big money deal. He’s worth the pick up if they do

  4. He’s not a bad corner, I didn’t really like how we used him in the slot out of desperation last season but he’s always giving great effort. He was just too injury prone. Every time the ball came his way he’d get hurt.

  5. wow jags just cant help but get themselves cheap bum CBS. first ross now him…jag front office let me help you out..this guy is a bum. giants receivers (doesnt matter which one) consistantly destroyed him 2 times a year every year he was a cowboy

  6. I know the Colts tried to work a trade for him last year. I wouldn’t mind them giving him a look-see this year. You can’t have to many decent corners.

  7. “Is he a tall physical guy like Gus had with the Seahawks? Maybe the boys used him wrong…”

    I don’t think ANYONE would accuse Mike Jenkins of being “physical” with anyone. This is the same guy that whiffs on tackles.

  8. Any Dallas fan can tell you…

    He is soft, and whinces on tackles…

    He only wants to cover, and buddy…he ain’t that good.

  9. Maybe the FA CBs this year just weren’t that great.

    With Carr and Jon Joseph and co, the top FA earners of the past few years at the position, you have really good size/speed athletes that also have the skills, to go along with little bagage off the field. All the guys this year had serious holes you could poke in their value.

  10. From what everyone is saying he’s no different than derick cox never played a full season always hurt but the chargers paid for him and jenkins will be at half of that price

  11. If Sean Smith is the top Cb then the talent has to be pretty bad. He was horrible last year and needs to improve bigtime. He dropped so many balls it was disgusting, and he had a big ego.

  12. Read this all wrong. Sorry, thought they were talking about Michael Jenkins -ex viking receiver

  13. He had major injury problems here in Dallas, and one season where he completely lost confidence and played very poorly.

    But I have to say, when he is healthy, and playing on the outside, he can cover the deep ball as well as just about anyone. He can make the interception, too. Worth having on a roster, but don’t try putting him in the slot.

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