ProFootballTalk: Roseman: ‘We have to take the best player’

A turning point in the Philadelphia Eagles’ franchise occurred this off-season. For the first time in over a decade, not only do the Eagles have a new head coach, but they also have a top five selection in the draft. GM Howie Roseman is focused on taking the best player available, instead of drafting to fill a need.

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4 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Roseman: ‘We have to take the best player’

  1. A team filled with best players taking another best player. Oh man this Chip Kelly 2013 World Domination tour will be a blast. The way his offensive monster machine will chew players and spit out bones. The 40+ pts per game. The hybrid defensive 3-4 11 headed monster. Its clear we will dominate. And theres nothing that can change this outcome.

  2. Haha. I can’t help but like you flavordave. You’re level of excitement is astounding (I too, cannot wait to see this new era play out, its going to be an epic rollercoaster, the likes of which we never expected to see.). You are not a nagging “elitist” troll like those 2 Steeler guys, or these Redskin folk who just resurfaced for some odd reason. You’re just an excited fan and a true breath of fresh air. As opposed to the miserable “doomsday” Eagles fans who have fallen into the rut of taking great pride in predicting why we will fail, just so they can say “i called it”. Fly Eagles Fly.

  3. Explaining why Chip Kelley is already in good favor.

    Hey has already cut all the players that dont belong on this roster.
    He dropped all the tiny little guys and nonproducers.
    He brought in 5 defensive starter already. All upgrades over the hogwosh Reid left us with.


    Finally a coach that understands size matters. Though, it may not be everything, he understands a 6’_ 290lb DT wont cut it for 3 downs, 16+ games.

    He has brought in starters for a 3-4, while maintaining his playmakers from the current 4-3.
    That points to 3-4 base package, with heavy blitzing 4 DL pass packages.. Not to mention, even in a 4-3 Cox@6’4 305 and Sopoaga @ 6’3 330 are bigger than any DT set the Eagles have had since 2004.
    hell, even the DB’s and punter are bigger.

    Chip also showed faith in the O.
    He showed the OL that he trusted their recovery work and didnt bring in a top T, or G.

    If Chip shows his savy with this draft, he could earn the respect of the eagles faithful.

    Chip. . . . hopefully he is everything more we needed from Andy.

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