Raiders sign Alex Barron

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The Raiders have signed their first offensive free agent of the offseason and the move keeps with their defensive theme of signing modestly priced veterans to bolster a thin roster.

Unlike some of those defensive players, however, this signing comes with limited upside. The Raiders announced Tuesday that they have signed tackle Alex Barron, who hasn’t played in an NFL game since 2010.

That came with the Cowboys, for whom Barron started at left tackle in the season opener that year. As the game against the Redskins ended, the Cowboys appeared to have thrown a game-winning touchdown pass to Roy Williams but it was called back because of a holding penalty on Barron. It was his third holding penalty of the day and Barron wouldn’t start another game all year.

Barron was in camp with the Saints in 2011 and the Seahawks in 2012, but didn’t make either team’s regular season roster. He was a first-round pick of the Rams in 2005 and started 74 games over five seasons in St. Louis without much acclaim before shuffling off to Dallas before the 2010 season. The Raiders recently re-signed right tackle Khalif Barnes and have Jared Veldheer at left tackle.

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  1. Tony Sparano will be expected to evauate him in camp … might not even make the roster.

    Sparano will try him at left and right tackle, depth move and maybe an extra tackle on goaline-short yardage.

    Obvious new power scheme pick-up to get a chance to prove himself, if motivated and healthy, he could turn some heads in this new offense.

    vet minimum.

  2. Going to be a long couple of seasons for the Silver and Black, but it looks like they finally have someone at the helm who knows what he’s doing. Avoid big-dollar contracts for now and hold on to your draft picks. This is going to get uglier before it gets better but if you can stomach a few 3-13 seasons, I think they’re on the right track down the road.

    Now if they can just trade Carson Palmer to pick up some more picks, even low picks, that would be even better for them.

  3. Holy crap…Why sign this guy? He is even LESS talented that Kalif Barnes for Pete’s Sake!

    I was with Reggie up till now…Now I am scratching my head…Why waste a vet minimum on this guy when Eric Winston is still available?

  4. Reggie was always talked by ron wolfe as a great talent guy !! it became painfully obvious to me rite away and with each passing day that he is NOT A TALENT GUY , HE IS NOT A CAP GUY, HE ISNT EVEN A HUNCH GUY , !
    the plain and simple to it !
    this guy is not a gm period !
    he has been protected by the ” cloak of ron wolfe and the packers ” for all these years THAT SIMPLE ! , he is as dumb as he looks and sounds really, that xplains why he never got hired anywhere else !
    he cant make it thru a interview without stuttering and stammering, and his mannerisms give him am LOW BUDGET FEEL!


    The Raiders are setting up a conference call with Barron for noon. Once that has taken place, we will add some quotes from Barron on what he expects with the Raiders.


    Next up Jeff George to replace Carson Palmer!

    Wonder what Napoleon Kaufmann and Willie Brown’s 40 times are now?

  6. Superbowl!!!!

    I guess the salary situation is way worse than we’d expected.

    We knew this season would be a disaster as well, as he continues to right the ship, and throw some of the leftover crap overboard.

    But, after this season comes to pass, and next season is in full stride, we’ll know what we truly have in Reggie/Allen. 2014 will show signs of improvement if these two know what they’re doing. If not, we’re in for another long ‘rebuild’ in the office and on the field.

  7. He’s a horrible GM because he signed a former first round pick with starting expierence to a vet minimum contract? Who cares if he’s been effective in the past?

    If he’s terrible in camp he’s gone and not even a blip in Raider history….If he’s good enough to be the rotation guy then it’s not bad having him only make Vet minimum….if he wins the RT job and plays well it’s genius…

    Can someone point out the negative in this signing? Maybe we only get to sign 19 udfa’s instead of 20? Boo hoo….come on people. A little perspective once in a while would be nice around here.

  8. Cant you people see he is signing players to make it through the next year or 2. Keep the good ones, get some spending money back and create a competitive team. It wont happen over night.

  9. Everyone, just relax. . .

    This dude probably isn’t going to make the final 53, but Reggie is just looking to add depth on the OL for cheap. Don’t over-analyze a backup tackle.

  10. What are people so upset about? They are just taking a flyer on a former starter to see what he has left in the tank.

    Reg is just doing what most teams do when you’re strapped for cash and looking to save some money. If he’s not up to part, he’ll just be cut.

    Instead, people are acting like he was put into the starting lineup.

  11. you know who also sounded like a crappy retread? Jim Plunkett.
    Trust in Reggie, give him a chance to prove something. if we are drafting #1 in 2015, then its a failed expiriment.

  12. iraider7,

    At least one Raider fan understands how bad this really is going. I know Al Davis might have aggravated many in his latter years, but this McKenzie guy is a joke. Slashing and burning everything sounds good on paper, but it never works.

    He’s already hired one of the most clueless head coaches I’ve seen in recent years who unlike many of the other clueless ones of recent years didn’t even deserve the shot since he was barely a coordinator for one season before getting the job. Then, take the wisdom of blowing up an offensive scheme for an emerging core of young players to install a multiple time failed offensive coordinator in Gregg Knapp a year ago when you already had a suitable replacement for Hue Jackson on staff.

    This is a mess, and you’re one of the few astute fans who realizes that someone who never got hired (as a GM for 20 years despite wanting that shot (btw being overlooked internally by Green Bay twice in the process of hiring GM’s in that span) might just not be cut out for doing this job.

  13. You are getting there Reggie … The lowest payroll in NFL except one thing the salary cap excuse will only go so far and then people will realize what you are really doing.

  14. Obvious new power scheme pick-up to get a chance to prove himself, if motivated and healthy, he could turn some heads in this new offense.

    Doubt it.

    …and the last thing the Raiders need is another false-start prone offensive tackle. SMH!

  15. All you need is to listen to Reggie speak, and you know this will be a typical signing from here on out.

    They went from dumb (al) to dumber.


  16. Sorry all you Reggie Kool-Aid Drinkers.

    Bad signal to send out (i.e. signing Barron) when you NEED to do things like sign LEGITIMATE starting defensive players (the Secondary depth chart is a JOKE right now).

    Not sure this signing is going to convince Carson Palmer to re-negotiate his contract (verses signing a LEGIT FA Offensive Tackle like Winston who happens to have been a started in the league last year and is a great locker room type).

    Barron couldn’t even make a NFL roster last year and he was absolutely HORRIBLE as a Ram AND a Cowboy…He is just a waste of a roster spot and NOT the type of players to add to an already HORRIBLE roster.

    Basically Barron is Kwame Harris 2.0 with less upside since he over 30.

    Sorry Reggie lovers…He got a pass for 2012, but this is a new year and it is all about being as competitive as possible in 2013. Coach Davis’ may have had a bad end to his time as Owner, but NO ONE could ever say he didn’t try his HARDEST to field a winner…Salary Cap be DAMNED…He ALWAYS found a way to add talent.

  17. So Raiderredleg, after 10 years of ineptitude, Reggie gets a one year pass in your mind. Al spent 10 years ripping it down every year. Hue Jackson seized control when Al passed & made things worse. Doesn’t happen in one year in the NFL when the organization has been dysfunctional for a decade.

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