Report: Manti Te’o won’t be in New York for draft


Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o improved his 40 time on Tuesday and that may improve his draft prospects, but he reportedly won’t be in New York to find out how much.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reports that Te’o has turned down two invitations to come to Radio City Music Hall for next month’s draft. It’s not known where Te’o plans to find out his professional home and, per Rapoport, the belief is that he wouldn’t come to New York unless he’d be a top 10 pick. That’s almost certainly not in the cards, even with his faster time in South Bend.

It’s almost certainly the right choice for Te’o if he wants to avoid the media circus that accompanied him to the combine in Indianapolis. The “Catfishing” story that broke earlier this year would be everywhere all over again and the prospect of an ugly scene with Te’o taking the stage in front of a New York City crowd is likely one that neither Te’o nor the league would much like to entertain.

Te’o will know via a phone call when he’s going to be picked before the rest of the viewing audience, but it looks like he’ll be spending the day pretty much the same way otherwise.

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  1. Can we stop with the stupid fake/dead girlfriend jokes already? Just like the Rex foot jokes they have all been posted. Grow up!

  2. Some mock drafts have him going to the Ravens at 32. I just don’t want that kind of media circus around the team.

  3. Wow the GF jokes are a bit old already….kinda like rex ryan foot jokes …..


    Guy will be about on the level of Lauranitis on Rams, solid LBer but not elite.

  4. Good at least we won’t have them talking about him and his fake girlfriend for the whole telecast. Besides, cutting to a picture of the guy who pretended to be his girlfriend might be a bit awkward.

  5. Whether of his own merit, or not, the guy has been through enough. When does the media get tired of exploiting people, for their own profits? If they did a poll, I bet most outside of his family and South Bend, could care less about the guy. Let him live his life, and report on what he does on the field.

  6. I was kind of looking forward to seeing him sitting at a table with an empty chair next to him

  7. Te’o just needs to stay focused and work hard while ignoring all the haters. He made a mistake but everyone does…..saying that, I would love for him to go to Denver.

  8. Wait till someone picks him up in the first round because of his attitude and that my friends does come around every now and then and watch him come back with vengeance and win 4 SuperBowls in a row with the newly revamping Big Buffalo to come back in all your faces and do it with T’eo and The Gang my friends!

    Maybe all I’m doing is dreaming, but look for the future of the Bills winning 4 in a row before our time is up on this earth?

  9. Stop it with the “he improved his 40 time pronouncements. It was HAND TIMED. This would have been considered unofficial at the combine and likely had a tenth added.

  10. I wonder if Te’o has the character to replace Ray Lewis. I mean, how many illegitimate kids does Te’o have? And, far as I know, he’s never been arrested.

    Baltimore doesn’t need someone like this on their team.

  11. If he falls to the third round, he would be in the green room for all of days 1 & 2 before hearing his name called.

    Total humiliation, he doesn’t need it.

  12. I wouldn’t go either the way the media and public are. Yes, he will slip, and no he is not a top 10. However, he will still go in the first round. With all the drug users and criminals on the field, this shouldn’t be this big of a deal.

  13. “Guy will be about on the level of Lauranitis on Rams, solid LBer but not elite.”


    Agreed. Has good football instincts but will have difficulty shedding blockers.

    Nice kid. Wish him well in the NFL.

  14. Tip to invitees:

    Philip Rivers and Joe Thomas were Top 5 picks. They didn’t attend the draft.

    Courtney Upshaw and Stephen Hill were not heavily bambied about as 1st Rounders. They likely felt that there was a chance, but they got out of the green room on Day 2.

    Your family will be happy for you no matter where you’re at on Draft Day and that’s why attending is overrated!!!

  15. He scared of falling to the 2nd round. I remember Brady Quinn falling and he went to the back hinding from the cameras because he couldnt take it (look at his career) I also remember Aaron Rodgers staying in the green room with espn keeping the camera on him after every pick, he didnt run away (look how he turned out) With all that typed I think this kid actions show that at best he will be a average NFL player. He will never be a leader and he shouldnt be invited to the draft(well invited because they think he is a top pick, if he wants to just show up then thats up to him) or drafted in the 1st round

  16. I hope the Ravens draft him. He takes one of the best angles to the ball carrier and then hits him square that I have seen on tape.

    His 40 time is good, but if you take the correct angle to the ball carrier, you don’t have to be all that fast.

  17. All these haters need to be quiet. We want to see Te’o in New York, drafted in the 1st round, holding the jersey high above his head, screaming:

    “Yo Lennay! We did it!”

  18. How do we know that he was invited for the NFL Draft? …don’t the Rockettes still perform there?

  19. reason he’s not showing up is because he’s a second rounder! His poor performance in the BCS title game hurt his stock way more the whole girlfriend hoax! In my opinion he’s probably the 3rd or 4th overall best LB in the draft!

  20. At least teams will have the understanding that this guy will potentially be a problem child and an attention getter. Best to stay away from this one.

  21. swagger52 says:
    Mar 26, 2013 4:12 PM
    I hope the Ravens draft him. He takes one of the best angles to the ball carrier and then hits him square that I have seen on tape.

    His 40 time is good, but if you take the correct angle to the ball carrier, you don’t have to be all that fast.


    Yep, him and Ayanbandejo should hit it off just fine….

  22. Well, Te’o’s hoax has succeeded exactly as he wanted it to. He got his name out there to get the scouts to look at him, and now no one will shut up about him.

  23. Why would he want to attend the draft? It is supposed to be a great experience for the player where because of all the media circus about the GF, doesn’t sound like a fun trip to NYC for Manti and Te’o clan.

    Leave him alone and let him enjoy the experience of being drafted by an NFL team with the people who care about him.

  24. The question is: When he gets that phone call, does he believe it.

    “Hi, this is coach bla bla bla….”

    Manti: “Stop messing with me, Ronaiah!”

  25. Really? Waiting on a phone call? I wonder how many teams will be calling him that night. By the time the night is over he may receive calls from every team. More catfishing!

  26. How can you not be sick and tired of hearing of this guy already?! I don’t give a damn if the guy is on Mars during the draft. Preferably some place where they can’t have him on tv when some team makes the mistake of drafting him.

  27. Monti, it’s the Ravens we would love to have you…Drives out to the address given to him over the phone finds a man eating cheetos in his wheel chair

  28. When a player comes in with this much baggage and this many excuses for why everything is going wrong for them in life, it concerns me. I was stunned when the Broncos took Maurice Clarett for the same reason- hopefully teams are smart enough not to waste early picks on T’eo.

  29. This guy just came off of one of the most legendary seasons for a college defensive player. Regardless of the fake girlfriend thing, someone is going to take him in the first round. Some smart GM with a need at inside linebacker like Jerry Reese or Ozzie Newsome is going to scoop him up.

  30. He’d better make sure the call is real when it comes in!

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself! I like this kid. Whatever happened before he’s been conducting himself pretty wisely ever since, including this decision. Most kids his age would crumble under the media intensity he’s endured.

    If I’m a GM that says something to me.

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