Report: Three teams showing interest in Seahawks QB Matt Flynn


The market for Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Flynn could finally be heating up after remaining lukewarm so far this offseason.

According to Jason La Canfora of, the Jacksonville Jaguars are the most likely destination for the Seahawks backup quarterback to end up if he’s traded this offseason. The Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills are also expressing interest.

New Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley is familiar with Flynn as he served as the Seahawks defensive coordinator prior to being hired in Jacksonville. Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie was with Flynn in Green Bay and is aware of his abilities as well. Buffalo traded for another Seahawks quarterback last year in Tarvaris Jackson late in the preseason to serve as backup to Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Seattle has expressed their willingness to keep Flynn as a backup next season despite his large contract. With starter Russell Wilson on a rookie third round contract for another two seasons, Seattle isn’t in a position where Flynn’s contract is a burden to their salary cap this season. Despite the offseason acquisitions of Percy Harvin, Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett, the Seahawks are still around $6 million under the salary cap for next season.

“Our primary salary cap model included [Flynn] for the season and that’s a heck of a number two to have,” general manager John Schenider said in an interview with the Mitch in the Morning show on Sports Radio KJR in Seattle on Tuesday. “…The salary cap now with the CBA, the way things work with not being able to re-do [rookie contracts] for three years, we’re very much at peace with that situation.”

However, Seattle would be willing to trade Flynn if the right deal presents itself. The problem for Seattle will be finding that deal. With Flynn carrying a cap number of $7.25 million for next season, it will be difficult for the Seahawks to find a team willing to give them a valuable draft pick in return. If that’s the case and they can’t get the compensation they are seeking, Seattle may benefit more from keeping Flynn on the roster to serve as the backup to Wilson in what they hope will be a Super Bowl run next season.

69 responses to “Report: Three teams showing interest in Seahawks QB Matt Flynn

  1. I wouldn’t call his contract “large” based on about every backup QB lately signing for $4m a year. Flynn is at $5.5m with $2m guaranteed, so you couldn’t really cut him and get a good QB for the money already committed to him. Next year there’s no guaranteed money and it’s $6.5m, so that’s the year you would surely cut him if a trade couldn’t be worked out.

  2. Hold out for the best offer John, with any luck one of these teams might be desperate enough to give you a high 2nd round pick for Flynn; if not; hold on to him till next year, no harm in that

  3. So the Raiders are going to eat Palmer’s salary, trade a pick in a draft where they have a limited amount of picks for a quarterback that is getting paid like a starter who could not beat a rookie in training camp. I am not a GM, but that just sounds like a bad idea.

  4. Flynn was/is obviously not the QB that Seattle expected. The hope was that Flynn could and would do what Russell Wilson ultimately did… The fact he did not take over the starting QB gig validates he isn’t ‘that’ guy.

    Does that mean he’s a dud? Certainly not. But any team who thinks he will be as good or better than Russell Wilson is high on pipe. His ceiling has been validated.

    Go Bills! Nassib/Barkley in the draft show more promise…

  5. These agents love to leak that there are “three teams” interested in their clients. It’s always three teams.

  6. It’s frustrating seeing everybody say this guy is just another kolb or cassell just cause he wasn’t a starter. I mean he had to beat Russell FREAKING Wilson who would have started over Cutler,Newton,Shaub,Smith,Freeman etc and those QB’s aren’t bad at ALL.

  7. I think the Bills Organization needs to pull some heads out of some places and get a quality Quarterback (Matt Flynn) and also get a quarterback in the Second Round in the Draft and also go for the top wide receiver in the First Round! PLEASE BILLS ORGANIZATION, DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR FANS FOR ONCE!

  8. If the Seahawks are able to get a second round pick in next year’s draft for Flynn they should make that deal in a nanosecond. Once Bradley has a chance to see what he has at the quarterback position in Jacksonville…..he will want to make a deal.

  9. I don’t know about Flynn as a starter. Seahawks are smart to keep him. Look at recent history for qb’s with a flash of potential like Kolb and Cassel. Doesn’t mean success. Flynn had 2 good games, that’s all. He lost his job in training camp to a rookie.

  10. This guy hasn’t proved to be better than Shaun Hill, yet comes with a superstar price tag. Let him continue to waste the Seahawks money so they don’t become too good too fast.

  11. “Heck of a number two to have…….” what has Flynn accomplished…..nothing. Schneider is blowin’ smoke up someone’s azz, just like GB blew it up his when he traded for him. GB and Vikings do it to Seattle, Seattle isn’t smart enough to pull the wool on someone else.

  12. flynn will end up in Jacksonville. the seahawks will get a conditional 3rd rounder, could be a 2nd rounder depending on how many games flynn starts.

  13. Flynn is another Kolb, Cassel, TJoke, etc., I would be surprised if any team gave up anything more than a With a playoff team like GB ‘s talent he had two good games…..played an entire training camp and pre season with seattle and he couldn’t beat out a rookie. I think most teams will look at the big picture and not those two games of playing with one of the best offenses in the league…can you say, Matt Cassel.

  14. “Heck of a number two to have…….” what has Flynn accomplished…..nothing. Schneider is blowin’ smoke up someone’s azz, just like GB blew it up his when he traded for him…
    Flynn was a free agent when he signed with Seattle, he wasn’t traded.

    Personally I hope he gets a chance to start somewhere and prove whether he can be a starter or not. I wish him the best.

  15. thejuddstir says: Mar 26, 2013 11:30 PM

    “Heck of a number two to have…….” what has Flynn accomplished…..nothing. Schneider is blowin’ smoke up someone’s azz, just like GB blew it up his when he traded for him. GB and Vikings do it to Seattle, Seattle isn’t smart enough to pull the wool on someone else.

    Seattle isn’t smart enough. That’s pretty good coming from the guy who either makes up trades in his head or is dumb enough to comment on issues he knows nothing about. Matt Flynn was a FA… And what smoke did the Vikings blow up Seattles ass? Name one receiver in this coming draft that is guaranteed to be better than Percy Harvin. Now if there is a receiver drafted in the top 15.. which is likely, than all Seattle did was trade up from 25th in the draft to select the best receiver in the draft. A 7th rounder and next years 3rd is fair for moving up 10 plus spots in the 1st round. And if Harvin was in this years draft, saying he wouldn’t be in the top 5 is pretty ridiculous.
    That’s okay though, I’m sure you will come up with some stunningly witty rejoinder that leaves us all scratching our heads.

  16. Flynn beat out Tavaris Jackson in training camp and TJack is scheduled to be the starter in Buffalo unless something changes. Russell Wilson would have beaten out most of the starters in the league the way he is playing.

  17. Seattle won’t trade Flynn to Az so that’s not happening. If and a big if Jax,Oak, lands Flynn big if then the draft will change cause Geno Smith would fall will.

  18. Count the Raiders out. They won’t give up more than some old chin straps and a 7th rounder in 2018.

    Unless they can sucker the Water Chickens into thinking McClain is an actual football player.

    McClain and a 2018 7th.

    Reggie would pull the trigger on that one.

  19. Jacksonville, give us your number one pick in the draft this year and we’ll package up Flynn, a a 4th or 5th round pick and a couple 7th rounders this year to give you a little more “volume” in your draft.

  20. Jacksonville has Henne and Gabbert

    Oakland has an expensive Carson Palmer

    Buffalo has “hopes and dreams of becoming relevant again.”

    Id say at this point, the front office in Buffalo should really bust their a$$ to make this happen. They need to prove to their fan base that they arent just sitting around waiting for Ralph Wilson to pass on and then have Brandon move the team to LA.


  21. Somebody will give up a second round pick for Flynn. He is a better option than any QB in this draft. His contract makes him a cheap investment compared to some of the busts like Kolb, Palmer and Sanchez.

  22. A high 2nd round pick? I’m sure this is one of those things I’ll say and then it will happen, but keep dreaming.

    Probably a 3rd and 4th.

  23. how the heck are the jets not involved? I hope buffalo makes a trade for him…. hahaha I like buffalo because they have been lost in the bottom of the afc but they will have seattle’s garbage in t-joke and matt second string Flynn. Give us a third round for next year then all it means is we swap our third rounder we gave to minn for buffalos third round and be in a better draft order, thinking that buffalo will finish bottom five in the league!

  24. Matt Flynn was the chosen back up QB in Green Bay when Reggie McKenzie was the Director of Player Personnel. If anyone knows Matt Flynn inside and out it is Reggie.

    Seattle might just be uneasy enough with the possible injury treat of a mobile QB that they hold onto Flynn. If that is the case, he will come much cheaper next year to a team willing to look at him.

  25. Wonder who let it slip? Wonder if this is some smoke screen……..Saying three teams interested makes it seem that it may happen shortly, causing any team that may be interested to pull the plug. I suspect it may happen, but hope that Seattle only does it for adequate compensation and only to the AFC.

  26. Buffalo needs to be careful about Flynn. They don’t need to make the “Rob Johnson” mistake again.

  27. Large contract?? You think he is getting Flacco money the media guys talk. He is getting 5 and a half million and is a legit back up. I am glad that trade talks are finally starting to come because it wasn’t his fault he was on the bench 90 % of the QB’s in the NFL wouldn’t have beat Wilson out in his rookie year for a starting job. John Schneider will pull something off, he’s got moxie.

  28. Yeah Donny, we’ll give a high first round pick for an unproven quarterback. We already tried that with Gabbert and look how that turned out. I think that Seattle rain is affecting your melon.

  29. They better keep Flynn. Russell won’t make it thru the season. Another fly by night! In 5 years or less you won’t even know who he is!!!!!! He is not a NFL QB!! Anyone can get lucky. The defensive coordinators have tape on him now, and will eat him up!

  30. Wilson prove he can be good for one year, but so did, what’s that QB in Carolina ?? I remembered after the first four games they were ready to put Cam Newton in TE HOF…, when Wilson has two or three good years in the row, then come back and talk to me.
    Look at all Pro-QB Vince Young? Where’s he at?? Slow down Seattle!!
    Tom Brady didn’t beat out Drew Bledso,
    A Rogers sat for a few years .., Drew Brees got beat out by Rivers, how’s that turning out for you Chargers???

  31. Hell trade Flynn for a pick and Tavaris Jackson. He’d come on the cheap. He already knows the offense. He’s like a 50% version of Russell Wilson.

  32. Trust me, JAX will be out of the speculation as soon as tomorrow. GM Caldwell will come out publicly & say this was a rumor, & NO we are not interested. Personally, I wouldn’t give up nothing more than a 4th rounder, & the likes of a developmental QB in Arizona QB Josh Smith in the 3rd (possibly 4th) sounds A LOT better than wasting a pick on Flynn. Hell, I’d rather have Gabbert for one more year, select Geno at 2, & pull the trigger on Smith if he slides to the 4th.. oh & cut ties with Henne & save ourselves $2+ mill. It’s spring, the weather must really start getting into people’s heads in Seattle if they think they’ll get better than a 3rd AT BEST.
    BTW I’m glad you brought up coach Bradley. Yes he was with Seattle as DC when they signed Flynn, & yes it was his defense that Flynn couldn’t make plays on to secure the #1 spot. So I ask, why the hell would he trade for a QB who lost out to a rookie when he saw it first hand? Doesn’t make much sense now does it. That connection makes little to NO sense. Geno’s our man, book it!

  33. I like Matt Flynn and all, and seeing how we have the worst QB situation in the league I can see how people want to re-create the inspiring also-ran Seahawks QB battle of 2012 here in B-Lo.

    But seriously, isn’t that like heading to the bar an hour after your girlfriend dumps you? What you’re about to do will seem REAL awesome for that first night. But then in the morning…

  34. Flynn was beaten out by the best rookie QB in at least 30 years. He’s better than half the starters in this league. Seattle will trade Flynn and #57 to JAX for the 1st pick in the 2nd round.

  35. Flynn isn’t worth a thing, just like when Seatlle signed him to a big contract.

    They screwed up large and now they’re looking for another team to do the same

    He’ll be released and then Wilson will flop in his 2nd year.

  36. Just because Flynn played one good game in his career doesnt mean he is starting material that can continually play at that level,any team that gives up a high draft pick for him is losing that pick for a qb that never has proved he can be a successful NFL qb.a true roll of the dice here.

  37. There is a reason why his former offensive coordinator only offered him half of what he got from the Seahawks. He really isn’t that great, and he will be exposed in a starting role.

  38. Hell, give Seattle a 3rd and a 5th for Flynn… Oh have the hawks shown you what they can do with picks like those? Oh, not much, just Russell Wilson, kam chancellor, Richard Sherman, Kj wright.

  39. Good to see Schneider say what I’ve been saying all along: It’s not what you are spending on an individual player, it’s what you are spending on the position.

    The Dolphins will pay Tannehill/Moore about the same total amount that the Hawks will pay Wilson/Flynn.

    Who’s QB combo would you rather have?

    Don’t obsess on what your overpaid backup is making when your paying your starter virtually nothing. Better to have a good backup than a cheap one.

  40. This article left the main part out.

    “Oakland’s interest would be predicated on first releasing Carson Palmer.”

    Why mention Oakland if they haven’t had any interest what so ever ?

  41. Some observations in response to what many are saying:

    Flynn making “Superstar” money – That is simply untrue. Superstar money at QB is 15-20 million…yeah, he’s making less than half that. Starter money, yes, but be real.

    Wilson is an “injury prone” QB – You obviously don’t watch him much. Not only is he an escape artist like the best, he is quick enough to get out of bounds and smart enough to get down and protect himself. As much as he ran the ball, he only got hit a few times in the open field and is tougher than most QBs, built more like a running back.

    Ultimately, if Seattle can get a 2nd or 3rd round pick they will pull the trigger or some other combination that equals that value. Anything less it is more valuable to keep him in Seattle. Who cares if he’s overpaid to hold a clipboard. Wilson is way underpaid and such is the nature of NFL contracts.

  42. How about trade to the jets for revis? If flynn’s salary goes off books and what they still have left, looks like a perfect fit for the hawks to be able to get a deal done with revis. Put the two loud mouths together.

  43. Surprised the Vikings are interested. After all, he’s an ex-Packer QB with the added benefits of not being over the hill in age and way over priced like their previous ex Packer QB.

  44. Flynn could have more upside than A.Smith – he could have more downside, but considering his age, trading 2nd or 3rd round pick is a pretty good idea for one of these ball clubs.

    Flynn would possibility go in the first round (of this year’s draft) to a team desperately needing a QB. Trading a later round for Flynn allows teams to keep their #1 for other team need – win on both sides.

  45. So funny seeing all this Russell Wilson hate on this sight. Comical coming from all you fans from LOSING teams!!! There isn’t ONE of you that wouldn’t take RW!!! This kid is the future of this league!!! Personally id love for Matty Flynn to get his ring with the hawks. I find it amazing most of you can read based on your idiotic opinions!!

    GO HAWKS!!!

  46. raiderssf says:Mar 26, 2013 11:20 PM

    So the Raiders are going to eat Palmer’s salary, trade a pick in a draft where they have a limited amount of picks for a quarterback that is getting paid like a starter who could not beat a rookie in training camp. I am not a GM, but that just sounds like a bad idea.

    Yes, but it should be pointed out that Flynn had an awesome pre-season/camp last year even though he lost out to Wilson – who was even better.

    If I was Reggie McKenzie I’d offer a lot to the Hawks to try to get Flynn – you haven’t had a good QB since Gannon and you know how that’s turned out.

  47. This is what libs do to spin things into confusion. No facts just speculative thoughts. Like reporting the weather. It might rain it, might be sunny, it may be in Jax, or it may be in Oak.

  48. The Hawks should keep Flynn because he is cheap insurance this season. Adding Percy Harvin to the Hawks offense will result in a lot of blowouts. Flynn will get plenty of playing time in the second half of games this year. Next year after throwing to Rice, Harvin, Tate, Miller and Lynch, his market value will be sky high. Then they can trade him for a lot more compensation.

  49. The Browns were also interested. But they found out that Flynn had perfect vision and full use of both his arms and legs. And Mike Lombardturd said ‘that’s not my kind of player’!

  50. The Seahawks aren’t going to dump Flynn just to get him off payroll. He’s a good quarterback on a cheap contract. Showed us all this season that he can come into a game when called upon and play well.

    All these other fans knocking on Flynn didn’t watch him play this last season. He’s actually pretty good, and if Terrell Owens hadn’t dropped a beautiful deep pass late in a preseason game, Wilson wouldn’t have got the shot at the starting role and all these haters would be laughing at our wasted 3rd round pick. Flynn is a solid quarterback.

    As to Miami not offering a contract, they already proved they don’t have any special insight into qb’s. Tannehill was okay last season with some semi great moments, but was he really worthy of a top ten pick? We’ll find out soon enough. All I know is it feels great to have Wilson as our starter with one of the best backups in the league for well less than half of what Denver is paying a well-used late-model Peyton with high miles on the clock.

  51. Problem is, we trade Flynn, and then what have we got, for a back-up QB? You think Schneider is going to fall all over himself to get rid of Flynn, just so he can go out and sign someone like Cassel? You think that, you better change your brand of hallucinatory smoke.

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