Texans hosting Greg Jones


The Texans like to use fullbacks.  They also have a habit of losing them.

From Vonta Leach to Lawrence Vickers to James Casey (sort of), the Texans have seen plenty of high-end fullbacks come and go.

Next up could be Greg Jones.

PFT has confirmed that Jones will visit the Texans on Tuesday.  An eight-year veteran who has spent his entire career with the Jaguars, Jones became a free agent on March 12.  In 2011, he helped clear paths for Maurice Jones-Drew, who led the league in rushing that year.

And MJD isn’t happy about Jones’ potential departure, tweeting “Noooooooo!!!!!!

The Jaguars had been talking to Jones before the new league year began, and Jones (like many other free agents) has drawn little interest on the open market.

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  1. Someone is getting a gem if they sign him. Jones is better than all of those guys listed. He always get overlooked for the pro bowl. And he is good for a few carries too.

  2. Signing Greg Jones makes alot of sense for the Texans, especially if they are also going to cut Tyler Clutts.
    There is no need to have two fullbacks on the roster.

  3. Greg Jones is one of the most consistent players the Jags have had on their roster and is a total beast! Make no mistake about it, losing him will be painful, even more so to a team we have to face twice a year. I have a feeling this is going to be a loooooooooooooong season for my Jags…

  4. Just what we need, a fullback. Unbelievable. Whose making the decisions over there. Will never be a Superbowl contender until they make better decisions. Number one priority should be a quality second receiver.

  5. Hi, Greg, I’m Andre
    Hi, Greg, I’m Arian
    Hi, Greg, I’m JJ
    Hi, Greg, I’m Ed
    Welcome to Houston. Matt, get Greg a cup of coffee. Don’t drop it!

  6. Htowntexansred,,, slow down. Of course the Texans need a wr. They will address it in the draft. The wr that are out there and have been out there in free agency will draw 3-6 million a year or more. Texans can’t afford that kind of contact right now. If they could have they would have been in the Greg Jennings or dhb sweepstakes, but they weren’t. And prepare yourself, Texans may not even get a wr in the first round. if their guy that they target is off the board they aren’t going to reach for a guy just because they need that position, never have. They’ll get best player available. So relax, sky is not falling.

  7. N2deep21, you’re an idiot. Yes they need a full back.why not get one of the best full backs while he’s available? You say WE need a second wr like you’re on the team. well WE also need a number one fb. So what do you prefer they do? Get a fb for 1-2 million or wr not worth a 5 million dollar contract when they already have 5 other wr’s on the roster? Yeah, the wr on Texans roster may not be the answer, but they might be. Besides, a lot of teams are still looking for a really good to great number 1 wr. There’s not a wr on fa market who will be Andre’s replacement, might find one in the draft though.

  8. ccjcsr says: Mar 26, 2013 12:27 PM

    No need for a FB in that 1 cut, zone blocking running game!
    Actually there’s a big use for FB in that running game – hence why they’ve gone through Leach, Vickers, Casey, Clutts, and now hopefully Jones.

  9. didnt we have vonta leach on the squad in 2010 when foster ran for 1600 yards? no matter the cutback schemes the o-line use, a quality fb is going to help us. takes pressure off of schaub and allows him to find an open receiver. the bigger need is to get schaub to spread the ball around past AJ and Daniels and actually audible if need be….we have potentially quality wr’s in house right now….but they wont develop unless they are thrown to in game.

  10. Greg Jones is a beast! He’s the cousin of Smokin’ Joe Frazier.

    I remember going to a Seminole’s practice where he beat the shiznit out of Darnell Docket! Yeah, defensive tackle Darnell Dockett.

  11. check out the youtube video of when he TATOOS Dexter Reid (this was in college, but Reid went on to the NFL too so he wasn’t just a small school slappie). It’s the best hit I’ve ever seen, and the announcers were literally awestruck by the way that a running back de-cleated and de-helmeted the defensive player trying to tackle him:

    “That’s a big, powerful man…..”

  12. ccjcsr says:
    Mar 26, 2013 12:27 PM
    No need for a FB in that 1 cut, zone blocking running game!

    You gotta be kidding. You must be smoking crack and drinking Cisco.

  13. Bullsonparade1977…. You must have played fullback on your pop Warner football league because you really got offended. The time is now for the texans. If you think the texans need a fullback more than a quality #2 receiver to get those triple and double teams off Andre than you are an Idiot.

  14. I hope they sign Jones, would be an awesome upgrade over Casey. Casey was an avg to below avg run blocker. He is more of a TE. And, far as a 2nd wr everyone is crying for…. Uh, they havent had a 2nd wr in 2 yrs. Kevin walter was just a blocker on run plays. Anyone they draft in rds 1-3 immediately becomes their 2nd best receiver behind andre. I like what they are going about things thus far. The seasons starts in Sept not Sunday. Go Texans!

  15. If Houston is going to allow Casey, a versatile FB/TE move on, they better make Foster happy by getting a thumper. This adds punch to the backfield, something that has been lost since Leach moved on.

  16. N2deep21, never played fb, didn’t even get offended, but I obviously think before I hit send, hence the thumbs up on my column to your thumbs down. Matter of fact I only got one thumbs down… Guessing that was you. Simple fact is, like I said, why overreach and overpay to get a second tier wr in free agency when there’s a first tier fb for a third of the price. Don’t be stupid.

  17. This ccjcsr guy doesnt know football. He just likes to hate ppl. His team is sorry so he hates on the next superpower. The 1 cut in the zone blocking scheme comes after the fullbacks block. Why do you think RayRay told Ray rice to follow 44 and his numbera would increase. And the did all the way to superbowl. Ray rices number have vastly improved since acquiring 44 which proves to me you dont know foorball u just watch it. To the other guy talking smack about a number 2 wr. The texans are doing the dew this year in free agency. Ed, nice pick-up. Lechler great pick-up. Jones would be a great pick-up true thumper and I agree with the other guy he is under rated. Rick smith will pick a wr n first. Hopkins is the guy. The next AJ Green. There will be a run on d linemen O linemen and olb’s. There are 6 wr’s that I consider plug n play guys and only two maybe three will be gone by the time we pick. So they will pick a wr first. A dt second a ilb third and a ot with the comp.Pick at the end of third. Then I want to hear what you bums will have to say about my Texans. We die hard in the 713 baby. GO TEXANS!!!!!!!!!!!

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