Tyrann Mathieu looking like a third- or fourth-round pick


In November, when Mike Florio surveyed NFL talent evaluators about former LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu, the general consensus was that Mathieu was a fourth-round draft pick. If Mathieu has improved his draft stock by working out and staying out of trouble since then, he hasn’t improved it by much.

Mike Mayock reported on NFL Network on Tuesday that there was a buzz coming out of the Combine that Mathieu impressed NFL teams, both with his faster-than-expected 40-yard dash and with his forthright answers to the tough questions teams were asking about how he allowed marijuana to derail his college career. But there’s only so much a player can do in February to change NFL teams’ opinions about him.

“I don’t think he’s going to go in the first two rounds, that’s my gut, and from talking to teams, it’s kind of a third or fourth-round pick. That’s what I’m hearing,” Mayock said of Mathieu.

The team that drafts Mathieu will be getting a player who won the Chuck Bednarik Award as the best defensive player in college football, not to mention the SEC Defensive Player of the Year Award and MVP awards in the Cotton Bowl and the SEC Championship Game. So if Mathieu does last until the third or fourth round of the draft, he’ll have the most impressive resume of any player still on the board.

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  1. I hope Big Reg finds him sitting at our pick in the 4th round and has his # on speed dial. Safety or CB we could use him and his problem is certainly not talent.

  2. Put him at Free Safety and let him use his instincts in open space. He’s not a physical guy and his coverage skills are questionable. However, he has the skills to be a ball hawk.

    Kinda reminds me of a rawer, less polished Ed Reed type.

  3. I honestly see the Bucs maybe picking him second round. With how pathetic that secondary is and with Revis no lock to be traded, it might be worth the risk for the talent. Janoris Jenkins was a knucklehead off the field but if the draft were redone today he’s probably picked in the 7-15 range.

  4. I only saw a few LSU games back when he was playing, but each game this kid stood out and produced great plays… I feel like whoever picks him up will get great value, especially in the third round.

  5. He is pretty small to play safety in the NFL, about the same size as Antoine Winfield according to his scouting report. We could use him in Washington… in any capacity. Would be a solid investment if he could turn into half the player that Winfield was in his prime.

  6. Maybe a late third rounder, but definitely a 4th would be worth it to take a chance on him. He’s not a great cover guy, but he’s got crazy speed and can give you that big spark you need sometimes.

    His “character” is a non-issue to me. Smoking pot is nothing compared to what so many players get away with nowadays.

  7. I think the whole story is off…marijuana derailed his collegiate career? I call bullsh*t. I think he’s extremely weak mentally. Seriously, pot? Ricky Williams was a beast with a pot habit haha. I think honey badger might have a whole other list of issues that’s not coming out.

  8. This is going to be THE biggest draft day gamble. Will be interesting to see when he gets selected and who picks him.

  9. Eagles drafted Jaquan Jarrett in the second round. That was three years ago. Jarrett is out of football.
    Please take this young man.

  10. He isn’t big enough to play safety in the box. Maybe free, but their are a lot of teams that interchange safeties. He is gonna be a playmaker if he is on the field, but he has some liabilities and missed an important year in his development. E is going to be a 3rd or 4th round pick because he still has a lot to learn and he is going to take a lot of management. The money that the team would pay him as a 1st or 2nd is going to have to go to a staff to transform him into a professional NFL every down defensive back. If e can hold up to the pressure e is going to be a star in 4 years. Just in time for his second contract, the one that’s gonna make him RICH!

  11. Feel compelled to point out that marijuana didn’t derail his college career, rules against marijuana derailed his college career.

  12. This guy is going to be the Russell Wilson of the defensive side of the ball.

    His tangibles are fine for a corner or safety – 4.43 40yd dash, strong cone drills, decent vertical, etc. Analysts claim that he has elite hip movement and footwork. Oh yeah, and he just happens to be an excellent and instinctive football player with incredible playmaking skills that almost won the Heisman.

  13. third or fourth round? really?

    did anyone bother watching this kid at the combine..? he seemed miles ahead of most of the defensive backs/safeties.

    seemed extremely intuitive and a natural ball hawk.

    hope he comes to new orleans!

  14. Welcome to the Washington Redskins….has Washington written all over him especially with RG3 working with him & reaching out to give words of encouragement and guidance. Oh and what position do they desperately need? Oh…yeah thats right, they honestly need…a whole damn secondary.

  15. Hopefully my raiders take a look at this guy if he’s there in the 4th round!! Would instantly be a starter in Oakland…sh*t i would be a starter in Oakland!!

  16. I bet the skins take a chance on him in the third after grabbing a safety on three second. Their CB depth is horrible and RG3 supposedly had developed contract with him. Could also see Tampa or Carolina in the mix on draft day.

  17. What’s the difference between Mathieu and Janoris Jenkins in the eyes of the scouts? Both were booted from major NCAA programs. Mathieu seems have been a bigger playmaker. Also Jenkins had the size advantage. But why the high 2nd round pick for Jenkins and the 3rd for 4th round grade for Mathieu?

  18. As long as he can get his stuff straight off the field and mature and stay out of trouble, I think he could be a steal in the draft. He was an absolute playmaker in the best conference in college football and that carries a lot of weight for transitioning into the NFL. I don’t know if I would take him, but he would be hard to pass up at the same time too.

  19. Tennessee could use him, whether at CB or safety. Also in the return game, due to Mariani’s injury last year. Being an LSU fan, it’s just wishful thinking, I suppose.. but he seems like he’d fit what we need.

  20. A 5′ 9 and 180 lbs free safety in the NFL what are you guys thinking? Bob Sanders was under sized and couldn’t stay healthy after 2 or 3 years. This kid will be a solid CB whether its inside at nickel or even if he starts outside. Deon Sanders like’s the kid and I remember thinking Rams rookie Jenkins was a steal in the 2nd and he was 2 or 3 for DROY.

  21. he would make sense on the redskins.. shanahan is a no nonsense guy, so i think the redskins would only draft him if they expect him to keep his nose clean.

    combine that with absolutely gaping holes in the secondary, its worth the gamble of a 3rd round pick for a 1st round talent if he makes a change.

    also, i believe our own silverback trent williams might be able to help young tyrann stay the course. trent had some issues avoiding smoking when he was younger as well. add fred davis to that mix if he sticks around, and you have people that have been there done that.

  22. Has Pats written all over him.

    Watch them trade down from round 1 and “overdraft” him with their first pick in the 2nd. They do it practically every year

  23. If Tyrann falls to the early fourth round I can see AZ taking a shot on him because the motivation would be to allow him to play with arqueably his best friend in Patrick Peteson. My only concern with this kid is his lack of size for a corner. Especially seeing how more and more teams like Denver,SF even are looking for the taller corners now. Seems to be the new desired CB. Even AZ has Peterson and Cason they are not little guys.

  24. I think he should go to the Redskins, they need another person who can’t cover in the secondary!

  25. Darnell Dockett had a theft charge on his resume, and there aren’t any states trying to legalize that. Cards’ used a 3rd pick on him and that seemed to work out pretty good. Everybody’s brain is wired differently, but if this kid is on the board in the 3rd, I hope the Cards’ draft an offensive lineman. If he’s still available in the 4th, I would trade up to get him.

  26. Like it or not, but seems like a perfect play for a team with 14 picks. They could afford to gamble with the late 2nd rounder, or package a couple picks to leapfrog whomever they need in the 3rd. San Fran can use hime in a role like he was utilized with at LSU. Rich get richer…

  27. 5th round tops. He’ll be drafted as a returner. No team in their right mind would draft a 5’9″ 180lb corner that hasn’t played in a year and has a problem with weed to be a starter in a deep deep class of defensive backs.

  28. this guy won’t last until the 4th round, evenin a deep draft like this. talent will always make someone look past the little things. and this guy has talent.

  29. Nice to see a Viking fan seeing him as a value in the 4th – that’s logical. I live in Mn and a lot are talking about using one of theit 2 first rounders. Don’t see that happening

  30. He is going to be drafted before the 3rd round ends. Teams are going to look at Vontaze Burfict and see the success he’s had so far and apply it to Mathieu.

  31. I think his off-field issues are more than just marijuana. There were other reports of “hard” drugs. The issue is more about decision making, dedication and priorities. He got in trouble, went to rehab, said the right things and got back on the team. A couple months later he got booted for good. Now he is saying the right things again, but I just don’t trust him. Typically, giving money to someone with drug issues increases those issues.

    He’s small but he has tenacity. As a free safety he could be a playmaker (Ed Reed is only 5-11). He has good instincts and ball skills and he “plays bigger” than he is.

  32. Put a couple of million dollars in this kids hand and when he gets down about having to earn a spot or being second string let me know how that drug problem is doing.

  33. Nickle back or possibly move to offense to be a slot receiver? While pot is now legal in Washington State, I don’t see Seattle as a likely landing spot for this kid. If it’s only pot, then that shouldn’t be too hard for him to keep in check. However, if other drugs are involved I would be very hesitant to bring him on board no matter what round he was available in.

  34. The reason he is being pegged for the 3rd or 4th round and not higher has nothing to do with the fact he plays cornerback and not safety. It’s because he got kicked out of school, after repeated failed drug tests, and then while attempting a year long comeback to LSU got arrested for possession of marijuana. He’s a high risk from a character standpoint..that was never going to change. All he could do was handle himself as well as can be in the pre-draft process so that he could be viewed in the best light, and maximize his draft potential. That’s what he did.

    If he never had the off the field issues he probably was a fringe first rounder at best, but most likely a second rounder. This has nothing to do with what position he plays, and everything to do with the mistakes he’s made the last 2 years.

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