Victor Butler leaves Eagles without a contract

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Linebacker Victor Butler certainly can’t be accused of not taking his time in free agency.

It’s increasingly looking like he can be accused of asking for more money than teams are willing to pay him, though. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Butler’s visit with the Eagles has wrapped up without the two sides agreeing to terms on a contract. Butler took a physical and there’s reportedly “still mutual interest” in signing.

That’s pretty much what we’ve heard after Butler’s other visits this month. He’s gone to see the Steelers, Browns and Saints and his departure always comes with a note that a deal’s still possible, but Butler’s still a free agent. That suggests that he’s not willing to sign for what the teams have offered or at least he’s not willing to sign until he’s quite sure that no one’s offering him a better deal.

We don’t know of any other scheduled visits, which should mean that Butler’s going to be settling for one of these offers sooner rather than later.

18 responses to “Victor Butler leaves Eagles without a contract

  1. “Hello, Steelers! Show me the money!”

    “Hello, Browns! Show me the money!”

    “Hello, Saints! Show me the money!”

    “Hello, Eagles! Show me the money!”

    What’s a guy gotta do to earn a living around here?

  2. He’s only a spot player who could be somewhat disruptive in the passing game, definitely not an every down player. Wade Phillips liked him once.

  3. Well, the upside to his national tour is he’s shaking hands and meeting big wigs which could come in handy down the road (sometimes it’s who you know that can help you land a job). He’s also getting free transportation (see America first!) and fabulous dining (I’m guessing steak).

    In the end, he gets to take his pick between–at least–two teams who could use him. Who is Victor Butler you ask? Evidently a very smart man.

  4. Chip dont need no Bailey. His defensive monster machine is already loaded and ready to fire. Teams will have to throw throw throw to even compete with our offense. Not that they can but you will all see soon enough the Brilliant mind of Chip Kelly. Big Balls Chip that is.

  5. Or Butler. I dont even know who he is. I hope hes on a plane to Washington where they could use leftovers.

  6. Too odd – this guy should be worried about a roster spot and not “who he will sign with”.

    I want his agent working for me!

  7. Butler, like a lot of FAs, is most likely going to get signed by a team after the draft, when teams know what they need.

    I think Butler can play but he is not worthy of a huge contract based on past seasons. May have to lower his expectations a bit.

  8. FlavorDave,

    You make me laugh bro. Chipper and the offensive monster machine. Hahaha, I’m on board bro!

  9. Climb on board the Chip Kelly power wagon. Its filled with glorious offensive plays and schemes too intricate for other fans to understand. An explosive offensive 11 headed monster machine that chews up and spits out bones. The World Domination Tour 2013 is gearing up and taking all believers with them. And theres simply nothing you can do about it. Climb on up YEEEHHAAAWWW

  10. This team is like a Ferrari it is Awesome!…but if you put sand on the gas tank it won’t run. Don’t put sand on your mind. Think positive, the negative will soon evaporate, and Chip Kelly and the Eagles will do everything they have to win the battle! When the Eagles hired Chip Kelly, they already took off from the starting line and have lapped all other teams. Gentlemen, start your engines!!!

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