Barkley’s imperfect Pro Day may not have been good enough


With USC quarterback Matt Barkley not throwing at the Scouting Combine due to a shoulder injur suffered in November, his entire allotment of eggs landed in his Pro Day basket.

The good news is that he may be able to make an omelet.

Barkley completed 56 of 62 passes against a defense consisting of Manti Te’o’s late girlfriend and 10 of her family members.  Per USA Today, two were considered to be drops.  The others, then, represented misfires by a quarterback who was playing catch with his college teammates.

From what I saw of the workout, several of the completions came in high, with the receiver have to extend his arms — and in turn to expose his midsection to a big hit from one of the Kukua clan.  On at least two of the deep routes, the receiver had to slow down and wait for the ball.

“I thought it was a good day,” Barkley said, via USA Today. “You always want to be perfect, especially on a day like this.”

Barkley wasn’t perfect.  And that may not be good enough to put him into the top 10.

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  1. Take some Matt Leinhart, a little Mark Sanchez, sprinkle some David Booty and Matt Cassel, and a pinch of Carson Palmer and what do you get ……

    Matt Barkley.

    moving on….

  2. He needs to go to a team with a very good defense and quality running offense. If he does, he will do okay. If not, he may struggle just as he did this past season at USC.

  3. You gotta feel bad for Manti, but god, that joke is never going to get old. (and no, there is no sarcasm there, I literally can’t get enough Kekua jokes)

  4. Other than Terry Bradshaw, is there another blonde hair qb that has done anything of significance in the NFL?

  5. I don’t get it. Barkley has been less successful than Leinart, Sanchez, and Palmer were at USC. So someone remind me why in the world anyone would think that he’s going to be better than any of those less-than-stellar QBs in the NFL? It all just seems crazy to me. Fine, take a chance on him in the 3rd or 4th round, but you’d have to be crazy to take him in the first or second.

  6. C’mon you guys, if Josh “koolaid” McDaniels traded to draft Tim Tebow, anything can happen with a QB considerably best suited to play that certain position.

  7. Quarterback pro days are overrated. All you can determine is ball placement in short, not gameplay when the bullets start flying. Some people practice, other rise to the occaision. Regardless of his perceived arm strength, like all draftees, he goes to the right system, he has a good career. Forced to be something he’s not, like all other USC QB’s, he fails. Would love to see him back up Schaub, Ryan, or Brees for a season. He’s a read and timing guy. God bless ya kid.

  8. I can’t wait to see how the Browns will manage to punish their fans for having hope. Happens every time.

  9. Yes Barkley had a down year, the whole team did. That can be attributed to a myriad of issues. Barkley would’ve been drafted after RG3 last year. I am not buying he has fallen that far. He’s started since a freshman in HS. He’s got a lot of experience. His ceiling may not be as high as others, but in the right situation he can win in the NFL.

  10. Matt Barkley , a 1st rd pick? In the words of Tina Marie, “I’m wishing on a star, no matter where you are, I’m wishing on a dream……”

  11. The latest version of Brady Quinn or Jimmy Clausen.

    Barkley has a suspect arm, is a mediocre athlete, isn’t particularly accurate (don’t confuse that with inflated college completion percentages), and he never elevated a team that was loaded compared to the rest of the pathetic Pac 12 even during the sanction years. I know Lane Kiffin was his college coach the past few years, but that excuse only goes so far.

  12. Let’s try this again.

    If you take out the drops, he had almost the exact same day that Geno Smith had- 58 for 62 for Barkley, 60 for 64 for Smith.

    Both threw under the exact same circumstances- no defense, throwing to his own guys, etc.

    Yet Smith gets raves for his workout, and people talk about him possibly moving up to #1. Barkley gets criticized and is out of the top 10?

    Fuzzy math.

  13. Does USC quarterback issues have more to do with them being born and raised in CA? REALLY, no dig on the state, but who are the successful guys running teams in the league right now. A name escapes me. Sometimes mindset and background has much to do with how you translate a skill set in a profession. Other positions, they do well.

  14. All that it takes is one head coach who watches film and falls in love and is convinced that Barkley’s issues are fixable with coaching to reach for him in round 1.

    We see it every year. I don’t think Ponder, Gabbert or Locker were 1st round worthy and they all went in the top 12. Andy Dalton & Colin Kaepernick are better than all of them and they went in round 2.

  15. He’s gonna get drafted stop giving him attention. He has to prove himself in camp. Its not that big of a deal right now because he’s going in the 1st or 2nd

  16. Barkley is starting to remind me of Brady Quinn. All I know is I DO NOT want my team to waste a pick on this kid.
    Barkley needs another 1-2 years of college ball in order to be ready to come into the NFL. Since he can’t do that, I believe he will be relegated to backup duty for his career.

  17. Considering that they had both Palmer and Leinart this past season, I’d say the Raiduhs would be the least likely team to take Barkley.

    Then again, it only takes one idiot to make a big mistake. Just like some GM will reach to take Manti Te’o, some GM will reach to take Barkley.

  18. Barkley is worthy of 4th or 5th round draft pick, he is a clone of Colt McCoy and look where his career is headed. So why draft him high, unless you are desperate as a team?

    The only USC Quarterback who has any good was Carson Palmer pre-ACL injury that he got Vs the Steelers in the playoffs, he could have been a great player but was never the same after that injury…

  19. He is not that bad,he did the mistake most qbs who go back do. Gave people more tape to disect,had a bad year .and got hurt. I think not using woods enough hurt him more than anything this past year.

  20. I actually feel bad for any Coach/GM who’s team is in need of a QB. Especially those 1st or 2nd year guys that missed out on the last 2 draft classes. Anyone having to bet on a QB in this draft better prepare for relocation by 2015. In the end I guess Andy Reid made a very wise choice overspending for Alex

  21. Bank on it…. Chargers take him in the middle of the draft as the hair apparent to Ole Man Rivers!

  22. The realpitbull…. You’ve really never heard of Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady? Both hail from Cali. Where you been the past decade man?

  23. His little girl’s arm strength was never going to allow him to be close to a top 10 pick. He’ll probably be there in the 3rd or 4th.

  24. Oh wait, the great Todd Marijuanavich and Mark Sanchez came out of USC ..oh I forgot, they both suck. Never mind.

  25. Well a year ago all you people believed he would be elite, now that the media says otherwise everyone is a weak comedian! I’m not even a fan of USC or Barkley, but most of you are typical ridiculous

  26. Matt Barkley clearly isnt a NFL caliber QB. Why draft him at all.. back in the day, there was like 20+ rounds in the draft.. why waste 1 of 7 rounds of picks on a guy that obviously isnt one of the 32 . Let alone 50 best QBs in the world.

  27. realpitbull … cali has more starting q bs than any other state does. and the dude who mentioned blonde hair guys. Joe Montana was an alright blonde

  28. So Barkley had an imperfect PD.

    I distinctly remember you saying a couple days ago that every QB has a good PD. Hell, apparently even Vince Young had a good Pro Day.

    Does the fact that he didn’t suddenly (or not so suddenly) throw up red flags and alarm bells and flashing lights all over the place?

  29. Any significant Blonde hair qbs? Off the top of my head, boomer and Phil Simms. Then matters if Troy aikman is considered blonde enough.

  30. I always love comments from the peanut gallery. Specially if they’ve never played the game and wouldn’t know an NFL QB from an NFL QB.
    Right Mike? OH, you watched film with some ESPN wizard and came up with these cute phrases. Im not a USC fan but I do hope Barkley passes himself past you….
    Ive have found if you and other ESPN has-beens were NFL quality scouts or GMs you’d be working in the NFL. I did like, however, the Te’o dead(extant?) girlfriend remark, now that was funny.

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