Browns still hoping they can trade Colt McCoy, not cut him

Getty Images

Shortly after today’s report that Colt McCoy would soon be on the way out of Cleveland, the Browns tried to get out the word that McCoy can only be acquired via a trade.

NFL Network reported, citing Browns sources, said the team has no immediate plans to cut McCoy, but that the Browns are open to trading him.

Obviously, if you’re an NFL general manager who’s hoping to trade a player, you don’t want your potential trade partners to think that player will soon be available for nothing, so it’s easy to understand why the Browns want to put out the word that the way to acquire McCoy is via a trade.

But it’s harder to see why any team would trade for McCoy. He simply hasn’t been good enough in his three NFL seasons for it to make sense for a team to give up a player or a draft pick to acquire him.

So the Browns will probably cut McCoy. Even if they’re going to take their time about it.