Chiefs lay foundation to trade top pick


With buzz increasing regarding quarterback Geno Smith, including the teams picking second (Jaguars), third (Raiders), and fourth (Eagles) linked to the former West Virginia quarterback, the Chiefs’ best play becomes obvious.

Get one of them to trade up to No. 1 to get Smith.

But how can that happen, especially after G.M. John Dorsey publicly said that none of the rookie quarterbacks in this draft merits a first-round grade — and after the Chiefs backed that up by trading a high second-round pick and a 2014 third-round selection (that can become a second-rounder) for Alex Smith?

It’s simple.  Ignore all of that and start putting out the word now that maybe the Chiefs will pick Smith.

Per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Chiefs scouts are “fascinated” by Geno Smith, and they’re comparing him to a young Donovan McNabb.

If that’s true, then the Chiefs blew it by trading for Alex Smith.  The more likely reality is that the Chiefs are now puffing, in the hopes of getting someone to make a Redskins-style move by a few spots to get the guy the Chiefs already decided they don’t want long — but currently are pretending that they do.

And after USC quarterback Matt Barkley completes 90-plus percent of his throws later today against a phantom defense, maybe we’ll eventually start hearing how the Chiefs are “fascinated” with him, too.

69 responses to “Chiefs lay foundation to trade top pick

  1. Sounds like Dorsey blew it. You’d think he would have learned from Ted Thompson to keep his mouth shut about anything draft related, always.

  2. Geno Smith lit it up against absolutely pathetic defenses, and whenever he faced a decent one he got shut down. I really don’t think he’s worth trading up to get #1, and the Chiefs have literally no reason to take him. Next year will have a stronger crop of QBs if they wanna draft one.

  3. Doesn’t matter if KC wants Smith. The #1 pick has value so long as Jax wants him at 2. If you’re picking say 7th, and you want Smith, you’ll have to trade up to 1 to get him.

    Use your brain people

  4. this pick will be traded, but the person trading up wont be taking a QB. this QB bluff may not work, but the chiefs are serious about considering DT, DL or OT here and with the rookie cap in check, teams will bite, as they should.

  5. Sad to say there isn’t anyone in this draft worth the number 1 pick, it’s one of those drafts where teams will get players who aren’t spectacular but will be the types of players that will have decent NFL careers.

  6. No one will be trading for the first pick. No one wants it. There is no clear number one pick this year.

    But then, the Browns are prone to these types of decisions. We shall see.

  7. Andy Reid never says what he is really thinking about any QB. By now the whole league has to know that.

  8. Team’s don’t need to think the Chief’s want Geno. They need to think the Jaguars do (which they very well might). If you like a player at your draft spot, you don’t trade out of there…

  9. Hopefully whoever trades up doesn’t destroy his career like the idiot Redskins did with RG3. Then they’ll end up with no draft picks … and no QB either.

  10. “Per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Chiefs scouts are “fascinated” by Geno Smith, and they’re comparing him to a young Donovan McNabb.” –

    I wouldn’t trade to #1 overall if he is just an young Donovan McNabb and not more. Anyway we have Gabbert, so I don’t say anything.

  11. No way this pick gets traded. The cost is too high and the talent in this draft is really soft.

  12. Cheifs have a running game, use that to their advantage, andy QB can step into a system like that….oh wait isn’t that what Chistian Ponder is..sorry my bad!

  13. So Florio had Geno Smith going to the Vikings with the 23rd pick on Monday. Went on KFAN in Minneapolis on Tuesday and defended that claim. Today he has the Chiefs trading the #1 pick so a team can pick Geno Smith. All along saying no one has a qb in the draft grading out as first round pick. I think Florio is on the payroll of Geno Smiths staff of “advisers”.

  14. “Get one of them to trade up to No. 1 to get Smith.

    But how can that happen, especially after G.M. John Dorsey publicly said that none of the rookie quarterbacks in this draft merits a first-round grade”

    So is Florio’s position that the other teams in the league will base their evaluation of Geno Smith on what the Chiefs think of him?

    Because if not, then what does it matter what John Dorsey said about him in February? And what does it matter what they say about him now?

    A team that likes Geno Smith today isn’t going to change their minds because KC traded for Alex Smith a month ago. And a team that doesn’t like Geno today isn’t going to change their mind because they heard KC might like him.

  15. How many times did we hear Andy say “it’s a beautiful thing” (to have 2 starter quality QBs on the roster) when he was here?

    Enjoy Andy Lombardi Kansas City, he’s all yours!

    Favored in 4/5 NFC Championship games & went 1-4.

  16. “Hopefully whoever trades up doesn’t destroy his career like the idiot Redskins did with RG3. Then they’ll end up with no draft picks … and no QB either.”

    This guy has the same IP address as peytonsneck. Busted!

  17. The supply of QBs in the draft isn’t great, but the demand for QBs in the NFL is. No matter how much you criticize Smith and Barkley you have to remember that teams like the Bills have no QB at all… I think a couple of teams will take a QB early since having something at that position is better than having nothing.

  18. Lets get this straight….the Chiefs “blew it” because they acquired Alex Smith and weren’t able to play “peek-a-boo” in the draft?
    Have you lost your mind? They have Alex Smith! This is where the NFL draft has made smart people into fan morons.
    The NFL draft is only one component…albeit a large one…of an NFL team. If you have a Super Bowl team experienced QB available…AND DON’T HAVE TO GIVE UP THE FIRST PICK…you get him. You STILL HAVE THE OPTION to draft Smith, but you let it be known that if the right deal is there, you will take it.
    Also, Dorsey comes from the Ted Thompson School of Goats and Tibet Drafting(the following is humor, just so some of you know…Ted holes up with his computer and watches tape in a hut in Tibet) and rarely, ever, gives away any inclination of his real thoughts about anything. You blow smoke to get folks off track.
    Kansas City can’t lose friends. They have a franchise QB in hand, the ability to draft the next franchise if they want, OR trade down and get even more players.
    “Blew it”. My goodness, someones gone off the rails.

  19. “Chiefs scouts are “fascinated” by Geno Smith, and they’re comparing him to a young Donovan McNabb.”

    Ah ha ha!

    Good luck with Andy Reid, Chiefs fans.


  20. Good thing they were specific when they referred to Geno Smith as a “young Donovan McNabb” as opposed to Old Man McNabb who was routinely scuffing his receivers shoes with his passes when he was with the Vikings because that McNabb probably isn’t worth the first overall pick…

  21. The Chiefs know Buddy Nix is an idiot. They might even leverage him for more than what the Redskins gave up for RG III.

  22. The very earliest he will go is at pick #5, where the Lions sit, because the cost is a lot less to move into that spot than #1 and there is a run of teams at picks 6-10 that need QBs badly.

    I think the Lions only trade out if Joeckel, Fisher, and Milliner are all off the board, and if they find some team dumb enough to actually trade up to #5 and overreach for Geno based on need.

    I just don’t see it happening. Most likely a team will trade back up from the second into the late first to pick up Smith. None of the teams picking past the Panthers at #14 need a QB.

  23. I was a Reid faithful in Philly until his last three or four years when he started to implode. He is maddening at trying to outsmart the room and ends up outsmarting himself too many times. KC will learn this, probably the hard way.
    He will parlay that first pick into a handful of hope and more likely ashes.

  24. A young McNabb? Lol what did he blow chunks during his pro day? Is he fat, lazy and won’t be able to comprehend a play book?

  25. That “great” QB evaluator could have saved KC draft choices and signed that “great” QB Kevin Kolb for nothing. Yo, Andy, the Eagles will give you that “great” OG Watkins you wasted a 1 to switch draft positions.

  26. You would think Buffalo would trade up since they need a solid QB desperately!

    Knowing the Bills they will take Nassib & his weak arm? Old man breath is stronger than Nassib’s arm!

  27. seabreezes51 says:

    “I was a Reid faithful in Philly until his last three or four years when he started to implode. He is maddening at trying to outsmart the room and ends up outsmarting himself too many times.”

    Spoken like a true sports radio talk show host. They always say the coach thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room.

    I love their amateurish attempts as a coaching analysis.

  28. You wouldn’t trade up to get him becuase the chiefs are “talking” about him…. You would only trade up to get him because you are worried that the JAGUARS get him after the chiefs don’t pick him…

    Chiefs are not selecting him end of story! Just wait till he falls to you!

  29. So are they trading this pick or are they trading Albert to get additional picks? Every KC fan wants them to trade this pick. Ask yourself, if their was a QB worthy of trading up to #1 for, why did you trade for Alex Smith?? So why is anyone else going to give up extra picks for the right to take Geno #1 when you could have done it, kept Albert, and had the 1st pick in the 2nd round???

  30. The Chiefs would be wise to trade down regardless. The foundation for a nice team has been there, just with bad coaching. Reid is a great coach. You don’t win in the NFL without knowing what you’re doing. Trade down, pick up extra picks. The depth is ridiculous, with NO clear cut top tier guy available. Another WR is needed, interior line depth, and LB depth. Don’t get mesmerized by the bright lights of #1, unless he is truly a franchise changer. Left Tackles are not that. If so, Cleveland and Miami would be Super Bowl Champs by now.

  31. Gojags, Donovan Mcnabb was a top 5 qb in the league for 6 years. Yeah like the jags have no need for that??

  32. There will be no trade up. Franchises only need to look at the Vikings blowing a #12 overall on Ponder to understand how much damage you can do when you draft a qB too high.

  33. LOL, the Chiefs dont want Smith, they just need a few of the teams below them wanting him. Hopefully Buffalo trades up and we can get their first and next years first also.

    pull the trigger on the trade Andy, GO CHIEFS!!

  34. Its not going to happen. Look at the history. Every year, analysts talk about a top5 draft pick is going to be traded, and it rare. Look at what Redskins had to give for the second pick last year. 3 first round picks. Nobody is worth that in this years draft.

  35. I hope the Chiefs do end up trading this pick, but instead of taking Geno Smith, the team trading up takes the guy KC wanted all along. That would be something new.

  36. Raiders fans comments to Chiefs fans? Hilarious. Hey, maybe you can break .500 this year, you know, the mark you haven’t broken in 10 years and counting?

    Even after finishing 2-14 everyone knows KC’s still a better franchise than the lowly faiders.

  37. First they want to move Albert now they are trying too move the 1st overall pick sounds like a desperate team.

    No way any team would give up there next few drafts for a project QB.

  38. i dont like when guys say “the next…” it is a terrible way to evaluate talent b/c no matter what he is going to be the next and the only Geno Smith.

  39. I don’t get this idea that you fake interest in a guy so someone else will want to trade with you to get him. In most cases, wouldn’t that encourage teams to trade up with the team ahead of you, not you? If your goal is to strike up a trade, aren’t you better off if the team behind you is reported to have interest in the guy?

    The Chiefs are a slightly different case because there is no trading above them, but I think they’d be wiser to spread the rumor that Jacksonville wants Geno Smith. It’s kind of irrelevant if the Chiefs are perceived to want him, because if they really did they wouldn’t want to trade the pick.

  40. A young Donovan McNabb? So an average quarterback who struggled in big games, and had his best years when he had one of the best receivers(Terrell Owens at the time) and Brian Westbrook(a very rare talent at RB) helping him out?

    I’ll pass and take my chances with the next someone else.

  41. It would be stupid to draft smith in the first round, would be incredibly stupid to trade draft picks to move up to number one to take him. Franchise killing move

  42. Always talk up the top pick. It’s playing poker, McKenzie has been playing his cards right. He’s talked up Floyd, Jones, Smith, etc. At 3, he has all those options and then some and he’s also forcing guys to show their hand if they really want them.

  43. What most of you aren’t looking at is the slotted payscales for drafted players vs this years free agency market. Money is not being spent on corners, so not worth using high draft on milliner due to value available and cap space. Offensive tackles and quarter backs are the bigger pay positions. Therefore, even if they are not as highly rated at their position, they will go higher than most feel they should. Stop using emotion and try logic. Geno smith will go top 4 bc at that slotted salary, the opportunity to possibly get a franchise qb is too good to pass up. Look at the ravens. Signing their franchise qb (not even a top 5 qb in league) has their salary cap in constraints now. Will geno be as good as say Dee Milliner at his position? Probably not but no way am I guaranteeing a cb in the draft as much salary as the best corners available in free agency this year.

  44. i have no problems with chiefs. but im being brutally honest with chiefs fans… alex smith is not the answer. hes just not good. i guess hes better then cassell and quinn. good luck to you guys this year.

  45. The draft is a crapshoot anyway. Tom Brady in the sixth round? Tim Couch? Ryan Leaf? Russell Wilson dropping out of the first? John Randle undrafted? It’s what players do and the work they put in after the draft that matters. Teams will put too much time and effort on a guy just because he was a high pick(Ponder, Leaf, Gabbert, Tebow) while letting players with untapped potential waste away on the bench. What if Bledsoe never got hurt? Brady would be an unknown or out of the league. The Vikings have a star QB in the making (Bethel-Thompson) but will waste their time trying to make Ponder work.
    I think draft boards are a joke. Pick the guy you want regardless of if he supposedly shouldn’t go for another ten picks. Need a QB? Draft one. Need a tackle? Draft one. Have many needs? Trade down. It’s not rocket science.

  46. I remember in 99 everyone loved couch and akili smith. There was big questions about mcnabb. I never thought mcnabb was going to be as good as he was. Also, I never thought newton was worth the #1 too. Point: you have to take a QB with the first pick! There is not a position, especially in today’s nfl, other than QB that’s worth this pick. And, you NEVER know how the guy’s going to pan out.

  47. I also think they’re (chiefs) not faking. Smith can start this year and Smith starts in 14. Reid is “old school” and might want to “groom”this guy. Franchising Albert might support this move.

  48. I usually don’t believe your conspiracy theory type stuff, but this one seems pretty transparent by KC.

  49. The Chiefs blew it prematurely when they traded for Alex Smith! Nobody believes they will take Geno Smith. Even though he will be better than Alex Smith, that’s for sure.

  50. No way the Chiefs can top Irsay last year in his twitter pleas. “Standford is not a lock” “We will hear offers for the #1”

    Believe nothing

  51. I believe bills would traded up and you all know if al Davis was still alive they would traded up. The reality is there no luck, rg3 or Peyton here this yea. The ironic thing is this year similar to the niners when they had the first pick. At the time scouts were backing Alex and not Rodgers. Those 2 guys didn’t look worthly of the top pick at the time but niners couldn’t traded back do to the lack of profile qb there.

  52. Philly fans are familiar with Andy Reid’s QB trading ways. Big Red is a master at puffing up terrible or past their prime QBs (see McNabb, Donovan and Kolb, Kevin), to get the gullible to bite.

    The Eagles shouldn’t fall for it. But, seeing as we have the fantasy football wannabe Howie Roseman making the calls…we probably will fall for it and reach for the overrated Geno Smith.

    But, a ham sandwich behind center would be an improvement over Vick. The ham sandwich would probably make better decisions and not cough up the ball left and right.

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