Cowboys apparently ready to do business today


The Cowboys don’t have the cap room to finalize their deal with Justin Durant, but they’re apparently going to today.

According to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Cowboys are going to sign Durant and another player today after they cut a player and restructure the contract of another.

They’re sitting at just over $100,000 worth of room now, which prevents them from executing an apparently agreed-to deal with Durant.

The Cowboys have also visited with guard Brandon Moore, meaning he could be the mystery player coming in.

Restructuring the deal of guard Nate Livings or backup quarterback Kyle Orton could create some room, and fullback Lawrence Vickers might be a possibility for a cut, as they could clear $1.2 million worth of room and only have to eat $100,000 of dead money.

17 responses to “Cowboys apparently ready to do business today

  1. Let’s get this thing going Jerry! Smart decisions from here on out…wait I did say smart decisions…lol!

  2. Cowboys were just sitting in the weeds like a rattlesnake ready to bite Moore means vaccaro in the draft. Solid signings by the better gm named Jerry in the division

  3. I wouldn’t be upset if Doug Free got shown the door. He is getting paid entirely too much for the poor production and the many false start start penalties that he had last year.

  4. Adding Durant makes the Cowboys have an elite 4-3 lb core only rivaled by San Fran and Seattle. If they are able to get Moore, who is one of the better interior lineman in the league, maybe we should start giving JJ some credit. Those are great additions to the team considering the cap restrictions and they are both upgrades in positions of need

  5. I hope the Cowboys release Lawrence Vickers so he can resign with the Texans.
    Signing Greg Jones would be nice unless Lawrence Vickers is available.

  6. Thought San Fran ran a 3-4…. Maybe not but was under the impression that Aldon Smith Navarro Bowman Patrick Willis Ahmad Brooks and Parys Harolson coming in in relief. Now when you have a linebacking corps like that Dallas, let me know.

  7. S Will Allen in along with OLB Justin Durant. This opens up Dallas’ first round draft options to OL and secondary. Without Will Allen, Dallas would almost have to have drafted a Safety with their first round pick.

  8. As an Eagles fan, I applaud your STUPIDITY Jerry, I mean Stephen!! Moore would be an upgrade but he is not the best pass blocker and from what I can see the Boys do pass alot.

  9. Dallas is pathetic…..even sadder that all these Dallas fans think these are good moves. LB no one wants but Dallas( including the 3-13 Jags) and a 32 year old safety. Your getting ready to give Chokmo 40 mill guranteed with one playoff win in 8 years and 3 games under .500 for his career.

  10. Considering the Cowboys cap situation I like the moves they plan on making today. It’s a shame they cannot do anything with Doug Free till June 1st. I would like to see them keep Vickers and release Doug Free. I still think they go Vacaro in the draft if he is still available, especially if they can bring in Brandon Moore.

  11. Love to have Vickers back in Cleveland.
    Richardson needs a great fullback which Stanford smartypants Maresic is not.

  12. Once we missed the playoffs it’s a mystery to me why Free wasn’t either cut or restructured day 1. Would have made room to sign Moore or someone even better. But these moves add depth and hopefully clear the way for smart (not holding my breath with JJ) picks in the draft for the holes in that OL. Improve that run game to open up the pass or make it so Romo doesn’t have to pass all game. Easy for mistakes when everyone in the stadium knows whats coming.

  13. Jason and Jerry like to bring in free agents on the cheap to fill needs so they can go into the draft and pick whatever player they feel like on that day.

    Problem is these recently signed players aren’t the answer and then Jerry comes out of the draft not addressing the real needs. How those two veteran guards signed last year work out for you?

    Fact is they needed a center and guard last draft but came away with neither after Jerry gave away a 2nd round pick for Claiborne. Jerry is running the same play this draft and it won’t work again.

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