Dolphins confirm new logo

Four weeks and one day before they’ll officially unveil the new logo, the Dolphins officially have confirmed that the logo leaked last week is the one that will be used in 2013 and beyond.

And they’re blaming it on the league’s exclusive apparel supplier.

It was leaked by somebody at Nike,” team CEO Mike Dee said Wednesday after a press conference regarding the ongoing stadium renovation effort, via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.  “We had always had a plan to kind of roll it out over a 30-day period so we’re going to start rolling it out.  But the logo is only one part of the announcement.  It’s a complete re-branding of the team.”

Wednesday’s confirmation came after someone at (not Nike) posted the new logo, momentarily.

“There’s a lot of history in this in that we went back to colors, the true aqua and the true orange that were part of the first 29 years of the franchise’s history,” Dee said. “But the logo design itself and some other things you’ll see respect that tradition in the past but also have an eye on the 21st century Dolphins.”

Now’s your chance to weigh in, PFT Planet.  Do you like the new helmet-free dolphin?  Or do you prefer the old look?

130 responses to “Dolphins confirm new logo

  1. Change is almost always met with some derision, but I like this new logo. A lot, actually.

    If you look at the lineage of the Dolphins’ logo, the “current” cartoon-ish dolphin in the ‘M’ helmet one is a lot different than any incarnation before that. That’s when the “iconic” colors changed. And that one’s only been around 16 years, so it’s not like this is a horrible, unprecedented desecration of something sacred.

    New is good.

  2. Cool, I really like this. About time for a change and hopefully some winning seasons!!

  3. The new one is better. Why would a dolphin wear a helmet? Do dolphins know helmets can’t prevent concussions and CTE?

  4. You don’t mess with tradition until you have something good, and this isn’t good, even though it looks minty fresh. Time to go brush those teeth, there’s a football game today!

  5. I don’t care if they put the causeway cannibal on the helmet. More concerned with the level of talent wearing the helmet. Drafting a QB in the first round was a more welcomed change on this end

  6. Never liked logos that have their sports equipment in it (footballs or hockey sticks, etc.). I quite like the new design.

  7. Funny they blame the “leak” on Nike… NFL Properties sends out the official art files (logo, color specs, etc.) to any and all official merchandise suppliers. So everyone from Nike to the myriad of companies that manufacture the hundreds of products the NFL merchandises (from apparel to garden gnomes to football cards) has had access to the new Dolphin logo (for months).

  8. Why did they go with the Jumbo Jet design? There was another much better one that Ellerbe used on twitter. That one was far superior.

  9. A bit of a clip art feel but overall a nice streamline/modern take that pays a bit of homage to but improves upon the original. Much more like a logo should be as opposed to the Disney character that will be slapped on the Jacksonville gear this season.

  10. Denver changed the logo when the Broncos wanted a new stadium and removed the D.

    Please note that the M on the helmet is gone as well.

    Interesting. And by the way, Fins want a renovated or new stadium too

  11. I have to be honest, as a Dolphin fan for the past 30 plus years, I’ve been a little unhappy with our happy, helmet wearing mascot on the old logo. While this one doesn’t look near as tough as I’d like it to be, I think over time I’ll learn to love it. We have to face facts Dolphin fans, there’s a limited amount of options in making a dolphin look tough or intimidating. It’s not like we’re called the “sharks” like in Any Given Sunday…

  12. I actually like it but they should’ve kept a helmet on it too. The overall styling is better though. Of course I’m not a dolphin fan so there is no sentimental value lost. I would most likely be pissed if there was a drastic change to the niners logo unless it was something that really made sense and there is very few things I could think of that would make sense

  13. New one is better, The old dolphin with a helmet was beyond stupid. Looked like a dolphin that rode the short bus to school.

  14. We can remove the Dolphins from the question:
    Which NFL Logos have a helmet in them.

    I liked the old logo a lot better.

  15. Perfect, can’t wait to see this digital dolphin tattoo on the lower backs of Miami beezys.

  16. How can they take the helmet off the dolphin in this age of increased NFL safety? Another case of Goodell talking out of both sides of his face.

  17. I like the new look. The dolphin wearing a helmet with a logo that was used by the Dolphins always bugged me. I’ll be interested in seeing what Nike does with the whole uniform.

  18. Why mess with success? Its not the logo of the old Tampa Bucs, Pirate Bruce, now there was something to laugh about. It was a Dolphin wearing a football helmet. Its not Rembrant its a football logo.
    And their changing the color of the face mask from green (nice) to white (ho hum). Nice going Dees you really fumbled the ball.

  19. Love the new logo.

    It was also reported they’re switching to white facemasks. They should at least keep the green facemasks (or at least a color other than white).

  20. Looks like it should be on a sign for Miami Beach not a football team.

    Bring back Flipper doing backflips in his pool in the end zone when the Dolphins score.

  21. I like the new logo, but there is one problem…

    The old logo, the dolphin was suppose to be jumping out of the water, all majestic like …hence the sun in the background.

    The new logo, the dolphin is suppose to be swimming…under water….with the sun behind him?

  22. DTF31 says:

    Never liked logos that have their sports equipment in it (footballs or hockey sticks, etc.).
    Totally agree, that’s why NFL marketing dominates all other leagues…originality. Check out the NBA, 2/3 of the league has…wait for it………a basketball in the logo.

  23. I hated the old logo. That stupid helmeted dolphin with a giant M on the side always looked like the mascot of some podunk Division-III college team. I’m not in love with the new logo, but it’s a vast improvement over the old.

  24. Miami fans, it could be much worse. The owners could trade off half the squad to Canada and screw you into paying taxes on a new stadium you’ll never attend. (Oh, and the new logos are pretty sweet if you give them a chance.)

  25. I can’t imagine any fan wearing merch. with this logo on it. It reminds me of Greg Norman’s shark logo. The last logo was garbage too. Go back to the early 80’s logo, that was the best one.

  26. I like this new logo a bit better, looks more sleak than the logo of old.

    That said, I would welcome a total color pallete shift for this team. The aqua and orange feel VERY 1970s. A dark blue and light blue (or silver, grey, etc.) combination would work well for the dolphin motif.

  27. I agree with patriotsdefense, the one Ellerbe used on his twitter account looked better. Especially the sun part…oh well, i’m not a Dolphins fan so i guess it doesn’t matter much to me

  28. lonestartex says:
    Mar 27, 2013 3:21 PM
    “That is horrible. Hard to be intimidated by a team wearing that…”


    To be fair, the Dolphins haven’t intimidated anybody in yrs. anyway.

  29. It’s awful, but so was the old logo. I guess when your mascot is a dolphin the best you can hope for is to get something “cute”.

  30. Not a Fins fan, but I never liked the old logo. I was like, “why is a dolphin, wearing a helmet designed for humans?” I also thought it peculiar because the helmet had an “M” on it, so essentially the dolphin was wearing a different design than the Dolphin players. (Maybe it was a plug for the University of Missouri?). The old pose reminded me of Flipper, and Ace Ventura. Thank gosh they had Larry Csonka, to give them some credibility.

  31. If they would have released the new logo early in the off-season like the Jags did there would not have been any leaks. That’s what you get for waiting so long.

  32. If it isn’t overwhelmingly unanimous that the new logo is preferred to the old logo, then the new design has failed…. Simple

    Right now sentiment seems to be split evenly, which means the new design has failed.

  33. I remember when the Broncos released their new logo and colors and the people in Denver threw an absolute fit, swearing off all things Denver Broncos and vowing never to watch another game. Then the Broncos went on to win back to back Superbowls the following two years and you never heard another word about their logo/colors. All that matters is the product they put on the field. If the Dolphins improve next year, not one person will care what their logo looks like.

  34. I think the small problem I have with the logo is the tail. It’s too emphasized.

    Bigger problem is that I just can’t imagine a team with this logo going in to Foxboro on a snowy 4pm game in late December and winning.

  35. It could have been worse and it could have been better..How is that for fence sitting? I guess it’s okay,but I’m a traditionalist so think they could have just left it alone. Red Sox keep the simple red B, so shows change is not always needed. Of course the Yankees have the ugliest logo in all of sports, so maybe change is needed at times.

  36. Without the helmet and glare this benign logo becomes something that could just as easily be on the side of a jet ski or a child’s toy.

    The old logo had attitude that the fans could relate and it made the Dolphin himself either look like a player or a fan. This new Dolphin has no character and there is no tie in to the team.

  37. I appreciate the nod to tradition while seeking an updated look. However, there was another version floating around where the dolphin appeared to be leaping (rather than swimming). I thought that logo would have worked better.

  38. We really shouldn’t be naming a team after a magestic animal that gets needless killed in the nets of tuna fisherman and eaten by millions of americans illegally – it is demeaning and offensive.

  39. when did they add the helmet on the dolphin (in the logo) originally? I never remember seeing a dolphin logo without it. I like they are getting back to the Old school colors, but i prefer the “upright” dolphin in the logo, without the helmet.

    -skins fan

  40. The old logo ‘shall we say the Jimmy Johnson logo’ has been a curse for our team – since its unveiling we have only made the playoffs twice. Roll out the new one!!!!

  41. I’m just glad the Dolphin mascot is not playing for a different team anymore.. although I suppose they used to be worried about a sort of Russian doll helmet situation before.

  42. Thought they’d go with one of those U.S. Navy dolphins with a spear and bomb strapped to its head…

  43. Every other team in the NFL with an animal mascot has at least tried to make their logo look tough/menacing. Why not the dolphins? I’m sure there is some way to make a damn fish/mammal look threatening…

  44. patriotsdefense says:

    Why did they go with the Jumbo Jet design? There was another much better one that Ellerbe used on twitter. That one was far superior.


    ………….says the fan of a team who has the “Flying Elvis” on their helmets.

  45. The logo still contains a helmet. You’re looking right down on the “crown” of the helmet as it slams into an opposing player (the violence of the hit is emphasized in comic-book BLAM fashion in the halo of “sunburst” lines).

    Of course, the design of the new logo took place before the recent rule against blows delivered with the crown of the helmet.

    So, OF COURSE, they have to claim the spearing helmet image is “really” a “sunburst.”


  47. For those of you complaining about them keeping tradition, this will be the 5th logo in Dolphins history, which tradition are you referring to?

  48. I’m actually a BIG fan of animals using sports equipment as logos. Nothing beats A’s elephant swinging a baseball bat. If you saw an elephant with a baseball bat you would walk the other direction.

    Give that dolphin some biceps and I’ll be back in

  49. How stupid. Even dumber the amount of money that was spent to get to this. A 5 year old could have created this for free. Makes as much sense as the Orange Carpet.

  50. It’s ok, not much different than the old one though. I just think if your going to change a logo, then you should really change it, kinda like how the Broncos and Buccaneers changed theirs.

  51. Does brendon ayanbadejo have an opinion on this new logo? Seems like his opinion is the only one that has mattered on this site for the past two days.

  52. Why would anyone who isn’t a Dolphins fan even care?

    This is just another money grab by the Dolphins. First they want to gouge the tax payers of South Florida to redo their stadium, and now they want to gouge their fan base, by making them buy new gear.

    What a scam!

  53. people are right,i wouldnt be intimidated by this logo like im intimidated by logo’s like a star,a horseshoe,a lightning bolt,a brown helmet,j-e-t-s,a SF,a NY,a bird (pick one),a cartoon jaguar,should i keep going? and im not sure this is a scam, last time i checked other teams have come out with new colors,tweaked thier logo,came out with “throw backs”…were those scams too or it’s only because its the dolphins? genius

  54. I like it, but why such a big deal that it got “leaked”?
    Spend your money now or when the seasons starts.

  55. It would be a great logo for a new brand of toothpaste or soda. But it doesn’t look like anything for an NFL team or really anything sport themed.

    As an NFL logo it is obviously incredibly stupid looking.

  56. “That is horrible. Hard to be intimidated by a team wearing that…”

    Exactly. If the dolphin’s eyes weren’t closed it would be much stronger. The eye(s) should be open as tho looking at you in a way that’s get your attention.

  57. do all of you out there that are posting nonsense about the stadium deal realize that the dolphins have offered to give the money back if they are not awarded the superbowl? i wonder how many teams in all sports have offered to do that.the city of miami & dade county do very well everytime the superbowl is played there and with a deal in place for the stadium it will keep the superbowl coming back. now if the fins can just find a way to be one of the teams playing in it that would be a great thing.

  58. The 1972 Miami Dolphins uniforms and logo were the greatest..

    They should of never left those. This new logo is insulting.

  59. I don’t much care for changing the logo but this one is better than many of the other versions I have seen. The colors are off on this version. The legit one is more blue (aqua) than the greenish version pictured above.

  60. No one will give a damn about the new logo when the games are played and the Dolphins win more games than they loose, make it to the playoffs and become relevent again. Go Fins!

  61. I agree with the guy who said it needs an eye which is looking at you from whatever angle you are looking at it. Then you got something palettable. Right now it’s like a pattern I’d see on a set of patio glasses in a dollar store.

  62. I don’t know about everyone else, but a dolphin wearing a helmet always freaked me out…scary stuff.

  63. Hey what happened to my it looks like a beached dolphin baking in the sun & needing to be pushed back into the non-existant ocean?

    Maybe you should observe a dolphin in the wild before making such a ridiculous statement. When they’re feeding, this is exactly their posture.

  64. Been studying it and noticed two things. The eye IS open and has an aggressive “look” to it, which coupled with the “body” line below it is quite menacing (No joke). Also, the whole attitude of the body is forward and upward. That’s what you want from your team, to move ahead and ascend. I admit that its subtle, but it really is a much fiercer looking dolphin, than the old “Flipper”.

    There was quite a bit of artistic license used here, for the shape of a dolphins’ mouth always looks “smiley”.

  65. the logo now explains why the dolphins will always lose because they are too busy sleeping.

  66. I think it would look better with with the dolphins head more on a horizontal plane, you know, leading with the crown of its nose.

  67. My wife says that she likes the new logo while I prefer the old one. It is probably good to get a new streamlined logo to go with the new Philbin Era Dolphins. We are going to be pass happy and yet tough on the ground. We are going to have a kick ass defense without a very good secondary. We are going to have a remodeled stadium with a roof that isn’t a very good roof. The folks in Miami-Dade will pay for the entire thing and then get “half” back from the team! Nope, the new logo really symbolizes our new Super Bowl Era! Trust me, Mr. Ross is going to bring the Dolphins to the Super Bowl and he is also going to bring Super Bowls to Miami. No-no! It is going to happen! We’ve got their word!

  68. Can’t wait to see the release of the new schedule….bet they open at home against the New Orleans Pelicans…. wait…oh never mind wrong league.

  69. I must say it is a more aerodynamic dolphin if nothing else. very streamlined almost like an airplane with a blowhole.. I like it!

  70. I used to feel sorry for Buc fans (until they changed their logo). Now the Dolphins have weakest logo in NFL history — & this is from a lifelong fan. SMH

  71. It looks like a tramp stamp on the shoulder of a truck stop lot lizard.

  72. The next thing I would like Miami to do is teach NFL fans that a dolphin is a mammal so I don’t have to see the banners that say “Squish the Fish” instead of “Trammel the Mammal”

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