Dolphins sign ex-Bears guard Lance Louis

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Miami’s free agent spending spree has slowed down, but it hasn’t stopped: The Dolphins announced today that they have signed free agent guard Lance Louis.

Louis isn’t as sexy a signing as Mike Wallace or Dannell Ellerbe, but if he’s healthy he’ll be a solid addition to the offensive line who started the first 11 games of the season for the Bears last year before suffering a torn ACL in Week 12.

The 27-year-old Louis was a seventh-round draft pick of the Bears in 2009 and has been a starter for the last two seasons. He joins a Dolphins offensive line that returns both of last year’s starting guards, Richie Incognito and John Jerry.

16 responses to “Dolphins sign ex-Bears guard Lance Louis

  1. Must be a “Philbin kind of guy”. Way to replace Jake Long! Jeff Ireland plucks a real gem from that elite Chicago offensive line. The downgrade continues….

  2. Easily the only Bears o-lineman who earned his paycheck this past year, until Jared Allen ended his season with a cheap hit…I wish he was still a Bear.

  3. So in the process of rebuilding their offensive line, the Bears let the guy who was their best lineman by a considerable margin walk?

    Makes sense.

  4. the Best O-linemen the Bears had last season but Chicago can do better in the draft. and final cuts will
    have O-linemen thats just as good. Chicago needs a completly new line
    if you ask me

  5. i do not know if he has played any RT or LT in his career, but a tackle seems to be more of a need for us right now. He would probably be a small upgrade over John Jerry at RG though.

    interesting signing.

  6. Good pick up!

    Now sign Eric Winston and draft a tackle….and I will be pleased.

  7. I was hoping for this. He will be a good OG if recovered from the injury. Also Jerry will probably play better as a T, so we have that option (along with Yeatman). In addition, Samuda could eventually start at OG. I feel much better about our OL now. Welcome to south Florida, Lance.

  8. Louis was probably the best guard or tackle on the Bears last yr. Played RT fairly well a couple yrs ago. Pretty odd considering his age and skill the bears didn’t make him a priority this yr. Maybe worried about the injury or are counting on Carimi to play RG.

  9. This was a nice sleeper signinIg . If healthy this will help O line. We still need a pass rusher opposite Wake. There are only 2 vets left Abraham and Freeney.

  10. True story here! 3 years ago, Lance Louis trained at a contracted military training facility that specialized in Navy Seal training. My brother in law headed the program. He told me about this young man named Lance Louis for the Bears who came in completely out of shape, low self-esteem but a dream of making it big in the NFL. Louis decided to get a lazer sharp focus and do whatever it took to get himself in NFL shape. My bro in law told me that rarely did you see Navy Seal trainees put in the effort that Lance did! In the process, they became very close and still keep in touch. Lance Louis is not only a class act and true professional, he’s one heck of an offensive lineman that the Bears made a HUGE mistake in letting go! Dolphin fans, here’s a great role model for your young kids to look up to! All the best to you Lance!!! You’ve earned it!

  11. Not that it’s saying much, but Louis really was the most dependable lineman on the Bears roster over the last two seasons. I’ll never forget the way he ran almost the entire length of the field to chase down and tackle a linebacker returning an interception in the Raiders game a few years ago. The Bears front office has a history of making foolish personnel decisions, but the fact that they let him walk really leads me to believe his knee injury is more serious than previously advertised. It just doesn’t make sense on the surface….

  12. Hopefully an upgrade over John Jerry, who is probably in the process of eating an entire buffet as we speak.

    If Jerry can’t get down to 320 or so, I see him having a very short career (and life). Given that it’s a chore to force him to check in at 360, I think he’ll soon be on waivers.

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