Florida man arrested for scamming 49ers fans out of $5,900, Super Bowl tickets

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A Florida man who scammed a family of San Francisco 49ers fans looking to watch their team in the Super Bowl has finally been arrested following a two month investigation.

According to Mike Rosenberg of the San Jose Mercury News, 37-year old Robert Pham was arrested after advertising himself as a Baltimore Ravens fan looking to sell four tickets to the game on Craigslist. Sharon Osgood of Hayward, Calif. allegedly paid $5,900 to Pham to purchase the tickets but when the package arrived there were no tickets to be had. Instead, they found taunts written at their expense.

“Go Ravens! LOL!” was one of the messages found in the package.

Pham is being held in Coral Springs, Fla. with bail set at $20,000. He has been charged with one count of felony theft by false pretenses. Pham claims he sent the tickets and someone else had to have removed them from the package but authorities say evidence doesn’t support his chain of events.

The Osgoods still got to attend the game as Ticketmaster, StubHub and the 49ers all offered free tickets to the family after learning of their story. They even got to have breakfast in New Orleans with Troy Aikman leading up to the game.

“We got to go to the game, and that’s all we ever wanted,” Osgood said. “Yeah, we lost $5,900, but we still got to the game, and we had an awesome time.”

Osgood did say they won’t be purchasing tickets on Craigslist ever again.

62 responses to “Florida man arrested for scamming 49ers fans out of $5,900, Super Bowl tickets

  1. I’m a 49ers fan living in Florida: my world’s are colliding here.

    First, love the “Lol” aspect of it. Very classy. I’m sure the judge will crack smile at sentencing.

    Second. really? Someone intercepted your tickets and switched them out? That is very convincing.

    “I didn’t STEAL his iPod officer, someone else beat him up and stole it and must have dropped it and I just found it on the ground!”

  2. Jerry Jones would have given them tickets to the Super Bowl, but we all know how that worked out in Dallas.

  3. You mean to tell me that I can get free tix to the Super Bowl next year if I admit that I was dumb enough to buy SB tix on craigslist!? Wait nevermind I forgot next year’s SB will be in the meadowlands.. I’ll put that idea in my back pocket..

  4. “Osgood did say they won’t be purchasing tickets on Craigslist ever again”.
    Duh…Craigslist is full of scammers and tweakers, always see your item in person with at least 3 people with you

  5. It’s every 49ers fan’s lifelong dream to have breakfast with Troy Aikman. Especially 49ers fans from my hometown of Hayward.

  6. Glad it worked out for the family. But seriously….who sends a complete stranger $5,900 without using a site like StubHub that will insure you won’t get scammed.

  7. Hell I need to come up with a scam like this but be smarter about it and not tell the whole world! Any of you readers looking to buy a Mail Ordered Bride? You chose race eye color age and if it fits it ships! And if you call right now I’ll trow in her Mom as well.

  8. People around here think they’ve scored big time if they save 6-cents a gallon at the pump. This woman paid nearly 6-grand for tix and obviously could care less that she got scammed. I don’t know if I’ll be able to stand the shame this year, watching football on a ten=year old TV, that cost less than $500. What a piker I am.

  9. It says right there on every Craigslist page: Do not wire money.
    That said, I don’t know how this scum thought he’d get away with it. He’s now gonna get hit with a federal felony for wire fraud and will serve some serious time… On our taxpayer dollars of course.

  10. “Yeah, we lost $5,900, but we still got to the game, and we had an awesome time.”

    No, you didn’t lose $5,900. You paid the money to go to the game and went to the game. The guy who scammed this family is a dirtbag but thanks to Ticketmaster and Stubhub, they weren’t out a thing.

  11. Agreeing to give a stranger $5,900 from craigslist sounds like a great idea, i cant believe something went wrong.

  12. Sweet juicy justice. I wondered how this was going to end up when I heard Craigslist was involved so I was glad to hear it had a somewhat happy ending.

    Of course, the lifelong 49ers season ticket holders who had to go through a lottery with no Super Bowl tickets did not care.

  13. Jed York will catch wind of this and hook the Osgood’s up with VIP treatment. Jed’s always on Twitter communicating with Niner fans. He’s very, very dedicated to the fan base like that.

  14. People get scammed on Craigslist all the time. One must be very careful. No you didn’t lose anything sir. I bet you even got better seats and got to eat with Aikman. Glad you and the family had a good time. People call other people crazy for making outrageous purchases on superbowl tickets, but just remember that you also buy great memories that last a lifetime.

  15. This is why I avoid craigslist entirely. A lot of that stuff is fake/broken/stolen anyway. I got scamed out of some money myself. Granted, it wasn’t anywhere near 5,900, but still a bad site to deal on.

  16. Cautionary tale. Never, EVER buy something on Craigslist that you’re not picking up and paying cash for in person.

  17. Glad they got to watch the game in person

    I don’t remember the whole story but how did they pay for the tickets

    Ifu pay with PayPal n use ur bank card u can file claim to get ur money back

    But glad the cops got this guy great job

  18. multiplemiggs says: Mar 27, 2013 11:11 PM

    So for $5, 900 you can give your money to a homeless guy, run to the police, and get 6 SB tickets and dinner with Troy Aikman. Not bad.


    Yeah, that’s exactly what happened AND you have incredible reading comprehension skills.

  19. Hey ticketmaster/stubhub,

    If I do something completely stupid and complain to you about it, can I have some season tickets to the Broncos? Preferably first row, 50 yard line. Thanks!

  20. I think a 49’ers fan would be just about the last type of person I would think about scamming.

    They stab people over much less than $5,900.

    Eagles fans would fall into that category too if they ever made Super Bowls.

  21. Just goes to show you the rich get off while the poor go to jail. Jerrah Jones pulled this same exact scam on HUNDEREDS of people and hasnt been charged with anything.

  22. glad they caught the guy he is no raven fan,just
    a looser.what does Ray Lewis have to do with
    any of this..you haters are to much!!!!
    see you all in the playoffs…..

  23. How’d they loose $5900 when they got what they paid $5900 for? Plus free breakfast with the best QB ever!

  24. I’m sorry, what kind of IDIOT buys tickets on craigslist without meeting the seller face to face or having some sort of guarantee that the tickets are legit?

    Dumb broad deserved to lose the money.

    And I apologize if I’m being harsh, but if someone CAN AFFORD to purchase Super Bowl tickets, you would think they had a bit more mental fortitude.

  25. 9ers fans are so naive. Suckers. They are lucky they got some sympathy from the organizations involved. I guess it was good PR for the organizations, but I would have let them suffer the consequences and learn their lessons.

  26. I’ve bought and sold tickets on Craigslist for years, never ever had a problem. You just have to use common sense. I never do PayPal and always meet the person face to face in a highly traveled public area. You can get great deals on Craigslist for tickets, just use your brain that God has given you.

  27. This Ravens fan saved this 49er fan a whole lot of money and angst. The 49er fan got their money back, so at least this 49er fan was saved the expense and aggravation of a Super Bowl loss. I bet there are a lot of other 49er fans that are wishing that Ravens fans could have saved them all that expense and humiliation. However, some people just never listen.

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