Flynn trade doesn’t make sense until after first day or two of draft


The Seahawks will have a hard time pulling an Alex Smith with Matt Flynn.  But that isn’t stopping the Seahawks from trying.

Still, with the three teams supposedly interested in the one-game wonder being the Jaguars, Raiders, and Bills and with all three teams potentially eyeballing a quarterback with their top-10 draft picks, it makes no sense to make a run at Flynn until they know whether they’ll be using that first-round pick on a potential franchise quarterback.

The available evidence suggests that Flynn isn’t a franchise quarterback.  Geno Smith or Matt Barkley could be.

Of course, one of those teams could choose to make a pre-emptive run at Flynn, if they decide not to use a first-round pick on a quarterback.

The smartest move would be to assess a Flynn trade after the first day or two of the draft, especially since the Seahawks can’t reasonably expect a third-round pick or more for a guy who languished on the free-agent market in 2012 before signing with the Seahawks and losing the starting job to a rookie drafted five spots after a punter.

In the end, the Seahawks may have a hard time finding anyone who’ll want to trade for Flynn.  Still, it doesn’t hurt to try.

47 responses to “Flynn trade doesn’t make sense until after first day or two of draft

  1. So last offseason Flynn was the hottest FA QB. Without playing all year behind a rookie wonder “The available evidence suggests that Flynn isn’t a franchise quarterback.”? Really? What changed? Matt Barkley could be? Says who? Dumb.

  2. This Seahawk FANATIC and 12th man season ticket holder is just fine with Mr Flynn backing up Russell!!! I agree with all of you saying seattle shouldn’t get a third rounder for him because to use he is worth more!! San Fran will see exactly what i mean when one of the legion of boom ends Kapernicks career and the niners are left with??????? Who is that exactly??????

    GO HAWKS!!!!

  3. Doesn’t make sense to trade for the guy until after first day or two of the next draft either. Or the drafts after that. Not going to be comfortable in Seattle with the backup making $7 mil per and the starter making 1 mil per. Squawk Hawks should be happy if anyone takes that silly contract off of their hands.

  4. There’s little urgency to trade him. Cap savings are not enormous because Flynn wasn’t getting paid that much to begin with. Russell Wilson still has three years left on his rookie deal, so even with Flynn holding a clipboard, total spend on the QB position is pretty reasonable.

    If a team misses out on Smith, Nassib and Barkley in rds 1 and 2, maybe then the Hawks phone will light up with incoming calls, but I doubt that they will give up relatively cheap insurance against a Russell Wilson injury unless another team bowls them over. They may even be more interested in conditional picks for 2014 since the Percy Harvin trade cost them their 2014 3rd rounder, as part of that package.

  5. There are many teams in need. He will get a chance to prove himself. I just hope he has a team around him, so we can see if this kid is starter or backup. He is so close to being a doomed #2, and hasn’t gotten a fair chance to play.

  6. Not saying that Matt Flynn is a franchise QB – whatever in the H that is – but he has got to be better ( albeit with limited playing time) than some newbee. I mean how many franchise QBs are there really. Didnt Cam Newton and Sam Bradford not struggle last year. Will Andrew Luck struggle this year – probably.

    So keep the first round pick and use it wisely (not on a QB) and get Flynn – that would be the wise move. Too much instant gratification ie Vince Young, Jamarcus Russell, and David Carrs.

    Fill another weakness or trade the pick – especially since they have fixed the rookie pay schedule.

  7. Yeah, three suitors is a hard time. If the Hawks don’t get at least 2nd round compensation, we’ll either keep him as a first rate backup or jack the price up for a desperate team in the 2014 draft.

  8. Here is the question teams will be asking. Is it better to have a good first-round selection and Matt Flynn coming in for a second rounder. Or would they rather spend their first round pick on the third round talent like Matt Barkley. Geno Smith, no sure thing himself, can only go to one team. That leaves two others high and dry. Three or four, if you throw in the Jets and Cardinals. I don’t doubt teams are trying to low-ball, but Seattle holds all the cards here. Second rounder or go pound sand.

  9. Flynn isn’t going anywhere. RG3’s knee just wrote him the easiest $5.25 million check he’ll ever cash.

  10. What is failed to be pointed out here is that fact that Matt Flynn signed a contract with the Seahawks based on a starters salary.

    OK so with little research it is not hard to find that Matt is owed $5.25 million on his base salary. With $2 million owed to the cap with the spread of his signing bonus, that make Mr Flynn a $7.25 million dollar cap hit for holding a clipboard.

    So try and trade that to a cap strapped team, first day of the draft or not.

  11. “The available evidence suggests that Flynn isn’t a franchise quarterback. Geno Smith or Matt Barkley could be.”

    Barkley – no way…

    Geno Smith – maybe…

    Just remember Flynn does have some NFL experience.

  12. Actually, it doesn’t make any sense to wait until after day two of the draft for teams to talk Flynn trade. Of the Seahawks can’t get a 2nd (if Weeden is worth moving into the first for, Flynn should be worth a 2nd) or third, then it makes no sense for the Seahawks to trade away a great backup at the most important position in all of sports, especially when their team is currently built for a championship run.

  13. I like how they say he lost to a rookie who went after a punter…obviously Jax is dumb and who wrote this article is dumb to make Russell Wilson seem like that bad of a pick since he went after a punter in the draft. Shame shame NBC

  14. Don’t agree with your assessment. Flynn is a quality QB who could very well be a franchise QB. I was upset with the draft pick of Wilson last Draft and felt Flynn was the one that we needed to move forward for the next 5 plus years. Wilson beat Flynn, not because Flynn was bad but because Wilson is just that good. I now believe that, and would not be opposed to letting Flynn be traded. However, He needs to go to an AFC team and not NFC and for sure not to NFCW.

    If I was one of the three mentioned as suitors I would pull the trigger and not waste my time with the QBs in this draft. Flynn will be much more productive then all of them.

  15. Several teams will kick themselves in the ass for not grabing Flynn when they could. Also, he’s a 2 game wonder.

  16. Least we all know none of these teams will be basing there decision off what Mike Florio says about Flynn.

    I lose more respect for this website everyday.

    “The available evidence suggests that Flynn isn’t a franchise quarterback. Geno Smith or Matt Barkley could be.”

    I honestly think Flynn has a much better chance of being a franchise QB, seeing as he has at least played in the NFL Your selling him short, and if the Jags are interested, then he must have some skill, seeing as there Jags coach witnessed his every move in Seattle.

    I dunno, Just didn’t like the tone of this article, if the seahawks are trying stretching, then leave it at that. Don’t destroy Flynn, thats why you write for a little website, and don’t even get much talk time on the TV show now based off this site.

  17. What evidence is there that Flynn isnt a franchise qb? Because wilson took his job? Thats like saying Alex Smith isnt a franchise qb because Kaep took his job.

  18. How do you “languish” on the open market for less than a week? Do you even fact-check these stories?

    More than anything, Flynn lost to the new rookie wage scale/rules, not to Wilson.

  19. The Seahawks are totally in the drivers seat and control of this situation. Flynn is their backup QB. And he will be there in the event Wilson goes down. Wilson is obviously still on his rookie contract and has little to no impact on their cap space. Even Flynn’s contract has little negative cap impact. The Hawks have about $6 million in cap space with Flynn and Wilson. Flynn may be the backup now but could be one hit from starting. Basically, he’s an inexpensive insurance policy in a violent industry. There is not, nor should there be, any rush to trade Matt Flynn. The teams will set the market regarding QBs and their value. If the Seahawks cannot get a reasonable return on this asset … chill. It’s not a problem. In fact, most teams should be so lucky to have this situation.

  20. The Seahawks were the only team dumb enough to offer him starter money. The alarm bells should have rang in the North West when his then QB needy offensive coordinator came calling and only offered him backup money in Miami. Now a year older and no tangible experience gained later, the Seahawks are trying to unload their mistake by attempting to talk him up in public, wishing for some down trodden team would buy their mistake in the guise of hope for the franchise.

  21. Your theory on this matter is so flawed. Just because Flynn could not win the starting job against a 3rd round pick that went 5 slots after a punter doesn’t mean anything. For one, Russell Wilson in hindsight should’ve probably been the 2nd QB taken in last years draft. This is just another example of how GM’s and scouts get it wrong year after year. Secondly, the fact that Wilson was taken 5 slots after a punter only shows the incompetence of the Jags former GM Gene Smith for taking a punter in the 3rd round while legitimate talent was left on the board waiting to actually improve a team. The Jaguars if they want improve should make the trade for Flynn and draft Geno Smith also. This move would create a very good QB competition going into the season with the beat man coming out on top and drastically improving an offense that could get out of there own way most of last season. I dont think any Jags fans would be upset with this scenario because either way you’re improving. Whether Flynn shows he’s got what it takes or Geno Smith pulls a Russell Wilson and beats out 3 veteran NFL QB’s for the starting role. But that’s just my opinion!

  22. Why is everyone so hight on matt flynn all he is is another kevin kolb and look how well that worked out for arizona paid lots of koney to a player with no production im a raider fan and woukd hate to see us trade for him bad move in my opinion

  23. The “available evidence” shows he couldn’t take the starting job from Aaron Rogers or beat out Russell Wilson…very few could. The “available evidence” also show’s he’s shined when possible…have your doubts by all means, but quit trashing a guy that has yet give a reason to be trashed. I expect him to have a very solid career, similar to another former GB/SEA QB Hasselbeck. 3 Pro Bowls and 1 Super Bowl, 20+ franchises would love such a QB.

  24. Having watched 3 practices & every down Flynn played last year, I can assure you he’s better than 75% of the starting QB’s in the league right now. File this under “clueless east coast opinion.”

  25. Keep him in Seattle. Likely only getting a 4th rounder for Flynn, then what? He’ll still cost a draft pick to replace

  26. I don’t even know the definition of a franchise QB but its not like Flynn can’t play the game at a high level. He’s a much better option than some QB’s currently playing in the NFL AND are former first round draft picks; Carson Palmer, Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow and Ponder just to name a few off the top of my head.

  27. Their total spend on the QB position with Wilson & Flynn is roughly half if what most teams are paying their starter. It’s a good position to be in and has allowed them to spend in free agency. Yes, to maximize their return maybe it makes sense to wait until after round 1 or 2 but then what are the Seahawks going to do for QB depth ? It looks as though they only have 2 QB’s on their roster. It doesn’t make sense to trade a proven commodity like Flynn for 2014 compensation.

  28. Flynn actually is a tw0-game wonder. That said, what an idiotic thing to say that a veteran with experience in Mike McCarthy’s passing offense would somehow be inferior to two rookies yet to make an NFL team? This exemplifies the WORST of the NFL draft nonsense. For every Andrew Luck or RGIII, there are legions of QB draft busts in the first round. JaMarcus Russell anyone? NONE of the QB’s this year is said to be a sure thing. So you draft a kid to start and can’t, you’re right back to the beginning…AGAIN. A veteran signed might not work out, but you’re chances of success are higher.

    The NFL draft is just piece of a complex puzzle. IT ISN’T THE FINAL ANSWER.

  29. nobody will give up a 2nd round pick for flynn…….not now, not ever.
    if the hawks can get a 4 they should consider themselves lucky. trade him to the raiders for a 5th and be done with him

  30. Sorry Flynn apologist. I really don’t need to know much more about Flynn than his closest evaluators, his coaches, don’t seem to value him that much. Philbin and the dolphins offered him chump change because they were not sold on him and had more faith in one of the incoming rookie QB’s. Now Seattle is ready to jettison him. Gus Bradley if he thought he was that good would be kicking down the door to get him to Jacksonville. He wouldn’t play poker with a QB he thought was a franchise QB. You think if Mike McCarthy went to another team and A Rodgers was available he would wait till the draft? These are all coaches that watched him every practice and they did not come away impressed. Which is why Florio’s assessment is spot on.

  31. This article is like the one yesterday suggesting the Chiefs could not trade their No.1 pick to a team looking for a QB unless they convinced that team that Smith or whoever deserved the No.1 pick, when in fact all the Chefs have to do is point out to a potential trading partner that if they don’t trade, someone picking before them will make that pick. It looks only at part of the picture.

    Similarly – if I’m another team, I tell the Seahawks that if they don’t accept my reasonable pre-draft trade offer, I’m going to draft one of the young QBs, and BTW he will have a much smaller salary demand. Sure, there’s uncertainty he will be better than Flynn, just like there’s uncertainty Flynn can be a starting QB (see M. Cassell). If I’m the Seahawks, is it worth waiting for post-draft trade, when that means I can’t get a good player in this year’s draft and I probably will have to take a future pick that is conditioned on how Flynn performs? Risk both ways.

  32. I do not like the term franchise quarterback used so often. Really the odds are Smith, Barkley, nor Flynn is a franchise QB. I watched all the games Flynn played in with GB and i thought this guy could be an OK starting QB. He is smart, throws well enough and is a winner.

    For me Barkley’s upside is what i think Flynn is. Barkley doesn’t have a great arm, the accuracy is solid enough, but i am not sure he wants it as much as Flynn did. Either way i have trouble seeing him as a franchise guy.

    Smith could be a franchise guy. He does have good tools but he’ll also cost at least a round above Flynn if not two.

    Maybe its just me but if i have a poor QB, going to a guy i think is OK like Flynn is worth doing until i can get a great QB. Lets not claim everyone in the draft is a possible franchise guy while everyone not starting in the league is just some scrub.

  33. Rob Johnson 2.0? Hope not.

    I would really love to hear a rewind on the draft logic the year Flynn was drafted. He goes in the 7th round, the Pack also takes Brian Brohm in the 2nd. What were the draft experts telling us then?

  34. Ay talking crap is one thing, and im 100% fine with that, but as a hawk fan please do not wish injury on Kap, even if he is a 9er…Just not a cool thing to do, and I would never wish injury on any player in the NFL, these guys work there whole lives to make it, and 1 injury can end it all, so to wish that on Kap isn’t Kosher in the hawks fan handbook….so sorry to anybody that guys comment offended, he doesn’t speak for the entire fanbase…12th man would never wish injury on nobody

  35. And to people saying Flynn isn’t good because Philbin passed on him, please stop trying to act like you know the inside workings on the dolphins, arm chair analysts are dumb sometimes, you have no idea what your talking about…your just repeating rumors, I could go on a sports site, and say the seahawks are going to trade Wilson because a inside source told me….and that would have the same amount of facts backing it up, as your statements does

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