Fred Davis vows regret for those who don’t sign him


It’s day 15 of free agency, and plenty of recognizable names remain available.

One of the most recognizable names belongs to one of the 21 franchise players from 2012:  tight end Fred Davis.

Eventually, Davis will have a team.  Eventually, Davis believes the other teams that don’t put him on their team will regret it.

“A lot of people are looking at the [Achilles] injury and that stuff,” Davis said during an appearance on NFL Network, via Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger.  “I definitely feel like whatever team signed any tight ends right now, I’m gonna make them regret anything that they do — AND the Redskins, too, as well — because I know I’m gonna go out here and I’m gonna do what I have to do.  And I’ll bet you next year’s gonna be a good year for me.  This is the one right here. This is the big one.  You ever watch Fred Sanford?  He had the big one.  That’s what this year is for me.  Elizabeth, I’m coming!

Davis, who recently dined with the powers-that-be from Buffalo, could be coming to the Jets.  Orr reports that the Jets are interested, and Davis has suggested that a visit is coming.

So, basically, don’t be the big dummy who fails to take advantage of the talents of a man who appreciates the wisdom of Fred Sanford.

32 responses to “Fred Davis vows regret for those who don’t sign him

  1. Oh Fred you silly goose. Either re-sign with us or leave and become irrelevant. You won’t find a better HC/QB out there than Shanahan/Superhuman and that’s a fact.

  2. I dunno. I’m pretty sure that Fred Sanford’s ‘Big One’ was a heart attack…

  3. Really Fred? We have been waiting to see you become a productive TE since being drafted, but since then all you have done is either get suspended or injured. It’s really hard at this point to justify the skins to sign you to any significant contract until you can prove you can actually make it through an entire season with very productive numbers. Bottom line…. produce and get a long term contract… year.

  4. Why should ant team sign you when you state that ‘next year’s’ gonna be a good year? Won’t you play this year? Are you still gonna be injured (or suspended) in 2013?

    Maybe you should set your sights for a productive season this year.

  5. That’s a pretty strong statement from a guy who really hasn’t done anything yet. When you produce, then you can make the threats. Good luck catching passes from Mr. Sanchez, if that’s where you sign. Also, stay off the drugs so you can play a full season.

  6. More like teams are avoiding regret by signing Davis.

    Fred, don’t you have a party to organize some place?

    Love the below average players who strut around like they are perennial all-pros. Too funny.

  7. We have rings of greatness. You have rings of — wait you have no rings.

  8. jman, are you an idiot? Fred Davis was drafted in the 2nd round like 4-5 years ago. how is he “lowering his draft stock”??

    Idiots should be seen and not heard.

  9. this is too funny. He may have been allowed to develop earlier if all of you bandwagon redskin fans were real fans and never supported that bum chris cooley like he was actually worth a damn. It’s sad when you just make the most popular player the “best”

  10. As a fins fan, I would have taken this guy over Dustin Keller. Maybe I feel that way because Keller played afor the Jets and do not want that green stinch on the team I support. As for someone who lives in Maryland, I can say the Skins have not done enough getting this guy involved in their offense. He has WR like skills.

  11. Hey fred who will be your qb in buffalo or how about them jets.. play a full season then talk bubba.. I don’t even want you anymore, hit the street son.

  12. Didn’t he also say he’s willing to take the penalties to drop his head on defenders when they were talking about the new rule? Wonder if his possible employers are worried about him losing some games for them because he refuses to follow a rule.

  13. Come on over to New England…We can run an entirely new style of offense with 4 tight ends and 1 wide receiver on the field that no one in the league will be prepared for

  14. He’s had his problems with injury, and the marijuana suspension, but he’s still young. He is a threat as a reciever. Not counting last year, when he was out most of the time, he’s put up decent numbers. 800 yds in 2011, along with three TD’s (on a team that had no passing attack). When he was backing up Cooley, who teams had to focus on, he managed to pick up 6 TD’s.

    Personally, I hope the Skins find a way to bring him back.

  15. Anybody can get hurt like Fred did last year. But getting busted for substance abuse – twice – and missing the end of the season in 2011? That’s another matter. It raises question marks that cost Fred money out of his pocket. You can’t seriously expect to earn the same amount of money that you would have earned if teams didn’t have to consider the risk of you being one joint away from a one year suspension.

  16. Sanford sold junk Fred, to make a living. To make your living you seem to need junk. Wow, a real connection. Sure, go to Buffalo, and be the superstar in life that you already are in your mind.

    Only problem there is, since no one pays any attention to Buffalo, we won’t know anything you did.

    Fred Davis: A LEGEND in his own mind.

  17. The Skins are just trying to survive this season with the $18 million cap hit. If not for that, I’m sure they would have made a serious effort to sign Fred to a multi-year deal.

    I’m sure Shanahan is hoping he won’t catch on anywhere else so he can be signed for a bargain price. If not, then oh well.

    Logan Paulsen isn’t exactly an elite talent, but he’s a solid blocker with good hands who has a knack for getting separation from defenders. I think they’ll manage without Fred.

  18. My oh My, Poor Fred. Sounds like the possibility of rejection has the boy hitting the jazz already.

  19. logicalvoicesays says:
    Mar 27, 2013 7:21 AM
    Oh Fred you silly goose. Either re-sign with us or leave and become irrelevant. You won’t find a better HC/QB out there than Shanahan/Superhuman and that’s a fact.

    The only thing that is irrelevant is your comments on this site!!!!
    You make all skins fans, no all football fans look like idiots.
    I think that your mother needs to take Internet access away for awhile…

  20. During The Ravens playoffs, the House Of Delegates, each Friday, were awash in purple by the self proclaimed Ravens Caucus. RAVENS are the ONLY team recognized in MD.

  21. He won’t be signing with Buffalo. It’s difficult to get quality weed there.

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