Gabbert tells anonymous coach to ‘Put your name on it’


Apparently, Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew wasn’t the only one angry about the anonymous rip jobs on quarterback Blaine Gabbert this offseason.

And Gabbert is willing to admit, to the team’s official website, that he took it personally.

After he was referred to as “Blame Gabbert,” by anonymous teammates, and an anonymous former coach said “Nothing’s ever his fault,” Gabbert fired back.

It pissed me off quite a bit, just because you learn to trust your coaches because you spend so much time with them,” Gabbert said. “That’s starting now. April 2 through whenever your last game is, you’re with them countless hours every day, six or seven days a week. You learn to value their opinion, trust it. It’s a close-knit grip.

“When you have an anonymous source saying something that couldn’t be further from the truth, it pisses me off. Like I always said, ‘Put your name on it.’ If you’re going to say something to the media, say it to me. Say who said it. No need to hide behind a computer screen or an anonymous source name when you’re trying to make a point.”

That’s all well and good, and noble, but not the reality of how the NFL works. For one thing, if Gabbert had played to the level he was drafted, he wouldn’t have had as many former coaches saying ugly things about him to choose from.

But Gabbert denied it was motivation.

“When it’s not the truth, it doesn’t really motivate me, although you do have external motivators,” Gabbert said. “You want to prove every person wrong who says you can’t do your job at a high level. We’re just competitive guys. That’s what makes this job fun.”

The competition begins soon for Gabbert, as they’ll find someone (or two) to go with him and Chad Henne soon.

“The third year is an important year for any quarterback,” Gabbert said. “It’s where you make the jump. You start playing at a high level. There are still going to be ups and downs. Some guys have off seasons and they’ve been playing 10 years in the NFL. You have to eliminate the peaks and valleys. You have to play at a high level consistently. That’s what I’m looking forward to doing.”

And that’s what the Jaguars are looking for, from Gabbert or someone else.

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  1. The issue for Gabbert is that there was some QBs making the jump in the first year this past season, one in his “first year” of starts that came thisclose to winning a Super Bowl.

  2. I love the Jags but I totally hate this kid. I gave him 2 years, he looked promising last year before he got hurt, but henne outplayed him tenfold. Trade for Flynn or draft Geno(uuuugggghhh) either way, Gabbert is garbage and a child. I SAID GOOD DAY SIR!

  3. Gabbert then went on to say ” you got something to say ?? Then say it in my face!! Come to me!! I’m a man!!! I’m forty!!”

  4. I don’t really have a lot of hope, as a Jaguars fan, that Gabbert will improve enough to become a good QB. Still, I think he has taken much more criticism than deserved, especially the BLAME comment. Following a loss, he always stood in front of a camera and stated that the blame was on him. Then, Silver and an anonymous coach are responsible for a new nickname…..Gabbert has much to answer for with his play, but it is unfair to saddle him with this. The cowardly coach should come forward and say it to his face.

  5. Never understood why this guy shot up draft boards a couple years ago. Still don’t understand it now.

  6. I thought a lot of him when he came out in the draft. He hasn’t lived up to his draft spot, not even close. The thing is, I don’t think you can put much of the blame on Gabbert. I think most of that lays on the shoulders of the coaching staff. The Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, QB Coach and O-line Coach. Apparently, they are not putting the Quarterback in a good position to win. The Jaguars have a below average O-line, they are not protecting Gabbert like they should. The play calling is almost the polar opposite to what he ran in College, that can’t help much. The other thing that stands out is the teams use of MJD, not enough touches and it puts way too much pressure on the QB. If the Coaches get on the same page, I bet Gabbert comes out much better.

  7. I don’t think it matters if your QB is playing as bad as Gabbert has. If you’re a coach, you NEVER do something like that. It’s inexcusable.

  8. Since every Khan except Genghis is attending Geno Smith and Matt Barkley’s pro days, perhaps we can assume that Gabbert will be competing with someone in addition to Chad Henne this year.

  9. I think Gabbert is mediocre and will not have much of a career in the NFL but I side with him when he denounced the people who dumped on him anonymously.
    It’s too easy to speak your mind and attack someone’s reputation when you don’t have the courage to put your name on your comments, and there is WAY too much of that in the NFL.

  10. Well, if its any comfort to Jags fans; he reminds me a lot of Alex Smith. Maybe his career will follow the same glide path, but I don’t think he will get a 6 year chance.

  11. Gabbert didn’t draft himself with that reach of a pick. the jags did and that coach probably gave it the thumbs up.

  12. “You have to eliminate the peaks and valleys. You have to play at a high level consistently”

    Since when did Bust Gabbert show the so-called peaks? Two yard outs and falling over in the face of non-existent pressure are not peaks. Gabbert has shown us the valley and the dirt underneath the valley.

    Cant blame his ex-coaches for being upset. Gabbert cost them their jobs.

  13. If he was any good, it wouldn’t have been said in the first place. How about instead of focusing his attention on this kind of crap, he could focus on getting better.

  14. Since Gabbert only played 10 games last year…he has an average of below 1 TD per game, average of 166.2 yards per game, and a completion rating of 58.3%. Not very intimidating for the tenth overall pick in 2011.

  15. Having a name to a quote is pointless unless you become (as cheesy as it sounds) “Game Gabbert”!!!

    You have no game to shut the coaches or critics up.

    Antonio Gates heard about unnamed players calling him fat. What happened after that? He played better!!!

    You’re a doormat Gabbert!!!

  16. Definitely classless on the part of the coach. Granted Mularky’s coaching staff was worse than what he had in Buffalo. Sort of reminds me of those cowards on the Jets talking crap about Tebow… Big difference here is that Gabbert actually played and coming from a fan who lives in Jacksonville, the guy is terrible. No consistency, locks up against any pass rush rather than looking downfield for the open receiver. He also does nothing but dink and dunk. They need to cut him and move on.

  17. he should know when they draft a punter the year after they drafted him that they dont think much of him

  18. You know, if the current QB coach used to coach at Arizona why not just trade for Nick Foles?

    Again, anything is better than Henne or Gabbert!!!

  19. “Countless hours in a day”?

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that someone who can’t count to 24 shouldnt be playing quarterback in the NFL?

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