Hasselbeck “still in shock” after being cut by Titans

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Last week was a strange one for veteran quarterback Matthew Hasselbeck.  Cut by the Titans before being scooped by the Colts, Hasselbeck essentially swapped shades of blue in the AFC South.

“I’m still in shock a little bit.  It happened so fast,” Hasselbeck tells Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.  “But there’s no reason for anyone to feel bad for me; I’ve sort of sensed that at times when I’ve talked to friends and teammates.  It’s unfortunate it went down the way it did, and it’s hard on the kids.  But you have to move on and I have to focus on all the good that came from the experience here in Nashville.”

Hasselbeck explained that he would be willing t0 make a “significant” reduction to his $5.5 million salary, but that after positive talks the Titans dug in at a number to which Hasselbeck wasn’t willing to drop.  That number apparently was $2.75 million.

“There’s no ill will,” Hasselbeck said. “The only ‘Hmmm’ thing I ever had really is when [Ryan] Fitzpatrick’s deal, hours later, was a half-million more than I was ever offered.  Maybe that just meant they had more wiggle room and we never got to that point, I don’t know.”

Still, Hasselbeck will earn $5 million this year to play for a team that made it to the postseason in 2012, and that has an arrow pointing straight up.  That’s money well spent for the Colts, given what Hasselbeck can do to help Luck develop — and given what Hasselbeck learned over the last two years about Titans quarterback Jake Locker.

12 responses to “Hasselbeck “still in shock” after being cut by Titans

  1. To give Fitzpatrick more than you were offering Hasselbeck? Even if he’s past his prime? I don’t know if I would call that smart.

  2. as a Titans fan Im a little concerned about all the knowledge of Jake Locker he takes with him to Indy…

  3. Frankly, I can’t help but wonder if the Titans’ coaching staff was a little intimidated by Hass’ intellect with regard to NFL offenses. Among active NFL players, his mind is likely second only to Peyton Manning’s. Meanwhile, the Titans have a very young aspiring Offensive Coordinator as their actual OC and a head coach who was a fantastic offensive line coach. If I’m not giving all due respect to them, then I apologize. But that’s truly how I feel.

    -Titan’s Fan

  4. P.S. Why would you only give concern to what Hass learned about Jake Locker? Hass knows exactly how the Titans’ defensive coordinator and offensive coordinator think, their coded lingo, and could no doubt re-create their current playbooks from memory.

  5. The shock comes from the realization that you were replaced, as a backup, by Ryan Fitzpatrick. The fact that the Titans negotiated a deal with Fitzpatrick that will pay him more than they could have kept Hasselbeck for is what shocks me. Poor decision making by the front office will continue to render the Titans as also rans.

  6. Matt doesn’t have a ring due to what everyone knows is the worst officiated suberbowl ever – even the refs said that themselves. Steelers will always have that known about their superbowl win, that the refs GAVE it to them. (*)

  7. As a bills fan it is commonly misunderstood that Fitz has a bright football mind because he went to Harvard. Poor move titans, you will regret signing a noodle armed qb with avg football IQ

  8. I wouldn’t say I was necessarily shocked when we released Hass from a cap standpoint, but I was EXTREMELY shocked when we paid Fitz more than what Hass was offered. I love Matt and is a solid player and locker room presence but to pay a guy that did not have anywhere near the success (and IMO brings less to the table than Matt) more money was a kick in the nads. I wish Matt the best, it just sucks we gave a division rival that much insight to our team.

  9. Delusional comments on here galore. Hasselbeck is OLD…past his prime. Just because everyone loves him as a person, doesnt mean his on field play is “solid.” If anyone watched him the last two years he’s been below par to say the least. He has a noodle arm, throws the ball away in seconds, dinks and dunks and brings zero spark to the offense. Fitz and Hass have almost identical stats in 2011 when they both started a whole season. Give me the younger, cheaper player any day, sentimentality aside, this was a smart move by the Titans FO.

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