Raiders to release Tommy Kelly


The Oakland Raiders have spent most of the offseason trying to improve their salary cap situation by releasing or restructuring the contracts of veteran players. That salary purge is expected to continue.

According to Jason La Canfora of, the Raiders are planning to release defensive end Tommy Kelly on Wednesday.

The Raiders had already restructure the contracts of guard Mike Brisiel and safety Tyvon Branch and released wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey, safety Michael Huff and defensive end Dave Tollefson to help lessen the hit to their salary cap. They’ve tried to restructure the deal for quarterback Carson Palmer without much success.

Kelly still had two years left on his deal and has spent his entire nine-year career with the Raiders. Kelly compiled 45 tackles and just one sack for the Raiders last season. He had racked up 14.5 sacks over the previous two seasons and had been named a Pro Bowl alternate in 2010. Kelly is still likely to attract some interest once he officially hits the free agent market.

33 responses to “Raiders to release Tommy Kelly

  1. Maybe Star Louletelei or Sharrif Floyd might be the pick to replace him, or Dee Milliner or a trade down for more picks…so many holes to fill.

  2. Looks like Tommy was not down with a slight “alteration” to his contract.

    He was an Al Davis pet, I’m sure somewhere he is pissed.

    The Raiders will never be the same, but winning changes everything.

    Hopefully they can start sooner than later.

  3. “Offsides. Number 93, Defense. 5 yard penalty. 4th down”

    So glad I won’t have to hear that anymore.

  4. The last chance, washed up scholarship is under way in Oakland headed by that piece of garbage fat slob disgusting fatkenzie!

  5. The last chance, washed up scholarship program is under way in Oakland headed by that piece of garbage, fat, slob,disgusting fatkenzie!

  6. Man! Sad to see him go….wtF is Meckenzie doin.
    1st our best player(ShaneLechler) gets no respect.
    Now our best DT.
    I’ll miss you Tommy Kelly…

  7. Kellys supposed to get cut tomorrow and Tracy Porter is coming in for a visit tomorrow…Lets see what happens.

  8. Kelly is often misunderstood. He doesn’t go looking for trouble but he can’t resist it when he sees it. He’ll always stand up for his teammates.

    His best days are behind him, but he can be a real force at DT in a rotation.

    All the best to Tommy Kelly.

  9. Should get signed pretty fast by someone looking for depth.

    Believe Kelly’s 2012 numbers were crappy because of the HORRIBLE roster decisions (mainly at CB) and a VERY poor coaching effort by both HC and DC…Of course it doesn’t help with an OC like Knapp running the other side of the offense.

    Anyway…What a great 24 hour set for the franchise:

    1) Adam Schefter (who Coach Davis hated) breaks the story that Carson Palmer won’t restructure his 13 MILLION dollar contract for 2013 (of course the organization won’t even leak info to the press).

    2) Raiders bring potential CBs in…And let them go without signing (who is the starting CBs right now…Phillip Adams and Brandon Ross????)

    3) Raiders sign Alex Barron…Penalty machine OT who is so bad he was out of the NFL last year.

    4) Show “interest” in acquiring Matt Flynn…A QB who couldn’t beat out a rookie QB that wasn’t even very highly aclaimmed due to his lack of height.

    5) Lechler tells the media that he didn’t even get a CALL from the Raiders organization…Very professional and classy…Could have at least sat the man down and told him they didn’t want him back AT ANY PRICE. Understand letting him go (too high of salary and too much of a frequency to run his mouth about what he thinks about management decisions), but at least treat him decently as you show him the door.

    6) Let go of Tommy Kelly when the defensive side could sorely use some depth…ANY DEPTH…Of course they leak it out instead of putting out a statement thanking him for his years with the team, but saying the organization “wanted to go in a different direction”.

    Anyway…New motto:

    Commitment to Draft Javon Clownley in 2014!!!!!

    Not impressed with Reggie and Company going into year two…Should have cut Palmer and Kelly in 2012 and gotten it over with instead of dragging it out into this year.

  10. Tommy Kelly the penalty machine.Wont miss him at all.I see what McKenzie is doing and it’s something the Raiders should have done years ago.

  11. Kelly is a very solid starter ANY place on the D line. His play didn’t live up to his pay last season but to cut him seems absurd. McKenzie’s got me kinda concerned. There’s got to be a way to restructure some of these guys to take less…they’re not gonna go get 10+mill a year on the open market

  12. Getting rid of Kelly and Rolondo McLean are no brainers. But it seems like we lost some good players and are adding a bunch of bargin basement guys. A bunch of CBs came in for vivits and we haven’t signed anyone. I hope Reggie has a plan because I’m not happy about the off season so far.

  13. To those who think that Reggie should be restructuring these guys instead of releasing them. Do you really believe he didn’t try?

    If you’re Tommy Kelly, Carson Palmer, DHB or Huff why restructure? The writing is on the wall, the Raiders are rebuilding and moving in a different direction. There’s not much motivation to take less than your current contract when you can hit the open market. Sure you may get the same the Raiders might have offered but you have a chance to play for a team that isn’t rebuilding.

    I’m fine with these moves, they need to be done for the long-term health of the franchise. Al Davis was in bad health and wanted to win before it was too late. He was willing to sacrifice the future for a final winning season. It’s time to correct those mistakes.

    If you’re constantly complaining about these decisions, you’re either stuck in the past or still pissed Hue was fired (anyone who calls Al Davis, “Coach Davis” is obviously a Hue Jackson fan). There are enough other people on here bashing the Raiders, why add to it? It’s fine to be critical but keep that crap off a national message board.

  14. You mean no more of the oft called ‘Offsides, #93, 5 yard penalty automatic 1st down’ calls at the most inconvenient times all season?


    Remember, we’ll still hear the ‘False start, #69, 5 yards’ throughout the season.

  15. Well at least that saves 3 penalties per game along with the ejection and 15 yard personal foul calls for retaliating and getting caught.

  16. you would think with some of these guys we might want to defer this until after June 1st……I guess Reggie just wants to suck it up one more year, and have a clean set of books to work with next year

  17. Raider fans…ask yourself this…would you rather be a 7-9 team picking 15 in next years draft or picking 1 or 2? It’s a simple answer & I will also mention that you will have $50 million to spend next season after trimming the overpaid fat this offseason. Mckenzie is doing the best thing, and if you can’t wrap your brain around that, well then your brain might have other issues

  18. Remember when Gruden came in and got rid of all the bad seeds? I bet we all sat around complaining about “great” players we were losing and how these guys don’t know what they are doing. Yea they were great alright. What were they 2-14? Sorry but if your 4-12, you don’t have many great players on your team. Something had to change.

  19. So If I read correctly, Shane Lechler was the Raiders best player last year as a punter at age 36. Considering he is a punter, Reggie was supposed to sign Lechler to a top dollar contract? The players that are not on the roster anymore, with the exception of Brandon Myers were not worth the contract values. Tommy Kelly fits that description. I’ve posted before about the job Reggie is doing. For 10 years, the Raiders were run in a very dysfunctional manner, especially when it came to contracts, draft picks & trades. Do you really think Reggie can fix all of that in one or two years? if you do, go back to playing madden on your xbox system.

  20. @90210g…
    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that you’re an idiot.

    I’ll go further out on the same limb and guess that you’re one of the idiots who loves to post low IQ ramblings on the IBA Raider blog.

    I’m a 40 year plus Raider fan, but if anyone wants comedy, look up the IBA Inside the Raiders blog. It makes me realize where the Raiders got the reputation for having stupid fans.

  21. To all those calling him “washed-up” and “penalty machine”, I understand your pain and wanting to justify this. It’s a tough time to be a Raiders fan and watching so many good players being let go in necessitated cap cutting.

    The reality is that Kelly is an above average DT in this league but that, like a lot of the Raiders under the Al era, had contacts out of whack with his production. If a player fitting his exact description was being signed from another team for say $3.5M a year Raider nation would be in hardcore celebration mode.

    Kelly was never “The Man” kind of lineman that could take over a game on his own. Unfortunately, Al paid him like one, so all us fans had expectations too high, magnifying his faults in our eyes. But when paired with another high level DL, such as Seymour back before his knee gave out, Kelly could wreak havoc against single blocking. At times last year when Bryant starting playing well, Kelly was getting less attention and showing his near All-Pro form again. If he signs with another team that has decent talent on their DL, we’re going to see him have a solid year or two.

    I like the move from a cap perspective and for no other reason. It does look more like they’ll go DT with the 1st pick, either at #3 or after moving down a few spots. I like the direction for the long haul. I also wish Kelly well in the rest of his career — I just hope it’s not in the AFC West.

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